Spring Election 2017: Paddock Lake trustee questionnaire answers

Voters in Paddock Lake will have the opportunity to vote in a contested village trustee election on Tuesday, April 4.

There are four candidates for three seats. Voters will be able to vote for three individuals. The candidates with the three highest vote totals will win the seats.

Each candidate was sent the same request for biographical information and a set of questions. Following are their answers:

Kathy Christenson — Age: 53. Education: Some College. Occupation: Head of Circulation at Nippersink Library Richmond IL. Previous elected/appointed public office: Served as Village Of Paddock Lake Trustee from 2009-2011 (took one term off for family medical reason) Re-elected to the board 2013 to present.

Richard W. Fish — Age: 66. Education:  BS Engineering from US Coast Guard Academy. Occupation:  retired engineer. Previous elected/appointed public office: Ran for village president in about 2005, Trustee since 2013.

Gary Kaddatz — Age: 66. Education: High School GED. Occupation: Retired. Previous elected/appointed public office: Paddock Lake Village Trustee – 2 terms.

Chris Kram — Age: 33. Education: High school diploma/Bradford High School . Some college/UW La Crosse. Occupation: Production Coordinator/Dejno’s Inc. Kenosha, WI 10 years. Previous elected/appointed public office: No previous public office experience.

1.) What will be your top priorities if elected to the Paddock Lake Village Board?

Christenson  — My top priority is to do what is in the best interest of our residents and the community we live in.

Fish — Attract and retain growth and development. Complete the TIF update. Conduct an in-depth survey/study of Village Traffic Control and Signage

Kaddatz — To continue to serve the village as I have for the last 4 years and to see the new and upcoming projects move forward.

Kram — My top priorities if I’m elected to the board would be… First and foremost, I want to get the younger generation more involved and enthusiastic about their communities while striving to get more of them out to vote. I would like to close the gap between Pleasant Prairie, Bristol, and Paddock Lake. We have so many great opportunities, both commercial and residential, that I would like to see utilized. Ensuring the abundance of traffic traveling through our village going to and from Lake Geneva stop and spend more time and money in our village. Also, we have two beautiful lakes and numerous great parks. I would like to see more community based events and festivities taking place much like our Octoberfest celebration in September.

2.) Why are you the best choice for Paddock Lake village trustee?

Christenson — I am seeking re-election to continue to serve my community with integrity and hard work while always striving for what is in the best interest of our residents and community. I am proud of the work our current board is doing and would love the honor to continue serving the residents of our community.

Fish — My experience in Public Administration and Public Works as well as seeing the position as a team member makes me an asset to the Village Board.

Kaddatz — Because I have enjoyed being on the Board for the past 4 years and would like to continue to serve the people of Paddock Lake.

Kram —  I am the best choice for Trustee because I believe I can bring fresh and new ideas to the board. I have a daughter currently in school, and one about to start, so therefore I am involved and connected to the schools. I also believe that I have a good understanding of what the communities needs and wants are. I am a devout, honest, smart, hard working individual that is looking forward to the opportunity to grow along with the community.


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