Paddock Lake considering timing of water system work along Highway 50

Paddock Lake plans to put in a new water main along Highway 50 in 2018 to connect the east side water system to the west side water system that will serve yet to be developed areas southwest of Brass Ball Corners (Highway 50 and 83) and the Highway 50 corridor.

Recently the timing of when to start work on water line laterals that will connect customers along Highway 50 has been a topic of discussion.

Originally the village planned to have the lateral work done in 2026, when Highway 50 through the village was scheduled for reconstruction by the Wisconsin Department of Transportation. That was for potential cost savings of doing the work while the road was already torn up and to defer the connection to lessen “push back” by business owners and residents along Highway 50, village officials say.

“It just was to the benefit of all parties concerned,” said village President Terry Burns.

That thinking has been disrupted by WisDOT notifying the village that instead of full reconstruction in 2026, the state now plans to just resurface Highway 50 in Paddock Lake in 2022.

The result is that without reconstruction there is little advantage to coordinating with the state project, village engineer Mark Kolsczaski of Baxter& Woodman said.

At a committee of the whole meeting on March 14, board members discussed the options of coordinating the lateral work with the water main installation or the resurfacing.

The village would obtain a loan to cover the cost of the laterals — the pipe between the main and an individual building — and then recover the cost through a special assessment on the property. Lateral project cost is estimated to be $450,000.

Board members did not arrive at a consensus on when to construct the laterals. They did ask village staff to research two questions:

  • Can the lateral project financing be rolled into a USDA loan the village has already in process to cover the cost of the water main and related work?
  • What can the term be for the special assessment repayment? Kolsczaski said five years is pretty typical, but village officials have heard of other municipalities being able to set longer repayment terms such as 10, 15 or 20 years.


  1. Conerned Salem Lake Resident. says:

    Its happening now. The business practices of Diane Tesar are now showing. She sold hundreds of acres of the Village of Salem Lakes to Paddock Lake. These folks are going to get wacked by the high tax rate in Paddock Lake. They will get a special assessment from Paddock Lake and then they will see a higher tax rate on top of that. 3.77 per thousand is what they pay now. They will go to 6.00 or more when this hits. It starts at Highway K and goes through the Town of Salem to the Silver Lake Park and Highway 50 to bumper to bumper. Ask her questions and vote Bruce Nopenz for the new President of the Village of Salem Lakes.

  2. Not alone says:

    Diann Tesar was not alone in this mistake. Denny Faber was on board with it too and carried it a bit further, thinking that it was a contract that would end in 2025 and the town properties would come back to the town. Guess again. He didn’t read the contract or didn’t understand what he read. The other old town board members can read and understand. Vote for them. Though the ill thought contract with Paddock Lake is standing, it was part of Diann’s watch that created the new Public Works building which is now doing a lot of work for the whole of the new village, including a top notch fire and rescue service that the village of Silver Lake could not do without. Nopenz hasn’t got the experience except for dissolving. He wasn’t able to see that his village had over 2 million in the bank. I would suggest voting for Tesar rather than Nopenz on this 2 million fact alone.

  3. Vote with knowledge says:

    Elections are such measuring points in history.

  4. SL Goverment says:

    To not alone. You do make some good points. The 2 million dollars that you talk about was found on Nopenz’s watch. It was the board before him that did not know it was there and said that we were broke. It was bad accounting practices that he found and fixed that the previous board messed up. I asked board members of 4 years ago if they knew it was there and they said no. In any case back then Silver Lakes tax rate was 5.52 per thousand. It is now 3.77 per thousand.

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