Salem School referendum information night is March 16

salem-falcon-webSalem School officials will host a referendum information night at 7 p.m. on March 16 in the large group instruction room at the school.

Voters within the school district will be voting on a $3 million, three-year operational referndum to exceed the state revenue limit. The district is seeking to exceed the revenue limit by $870,000 the first year and $1.07 million the second and third year.

Due to paying off some debt early, the district says the referendum passing will not increase the tax rate.

The referendum information night will begin with a presentation by district administrator David Milz on facts about the referendum.

The program will then be opened to questions, answers and discussion from audience members.



  1. Concerned says:

    hmmm don’t pay off the debt early then. Maybe things should be looked at from the Top down …unlike how it is done now …Bottom – up.
    Would love to see the Charter Schools like Kenosha has – here in the County!

  2. John Nielson says:

    So they are going to borrow money to fund the school’s operational buget for the next three years. So what happens after three years??? I can see another referendum to borrow more money to run the school.

    Here’s a novel idea, cutting your spending!!

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