Salem Lakes may be back patrolling Lilly Lake in 2017

Lilly Lake might once again be patrolled by Salem Lakes Public Safety officers in 2017.

The development marks the latest in an on, then off and now apparently on again water patrol relationship between Salem Lakes and Wheatland.

Last summer, Wheatland contracted with Salem (now Salem Lakes) to patrol Lilly Lake. However, at the end of the season, Salem Lakes personnel said patrolling Lilly Lake did not work out well because there was limited activity on the lake and parking and patrol vessel difficulties. Citations were so low that applying to the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources for reimbursement of water patrol activity in Lilly Lake was not practical. In September, the Salem Town Board instructed staff not to include patrol of Lilly Lake in the town budget for 2017

But Salem Lakes Public Safety director David Shortess was at Monday’s Wheatland Town Board meeting following up on a village proposal to again patrol the lake in 2017.

Shortess explained the village recently learned that it could combine Salem Lakes, Paddock Lake and Lilly Lake into one reporting/auditing unit to the DNR, which made patrolling Lilly Lake practical again.

“The circumstances have somewhat changed,” Shortess said.

Last year’s charge to the town was $35 per patrol hour. This year’s proposal is for $45 per patrol hour, however Salem Lakes will now supply the patrol boat and be responsible for all maintenance costs, which the Wheatland Board viewed favorably. Last year, Wheatland supplied a personal water craft to be used for patrol, which Wheatland also had to maintain.

“It looks like a pretty decent deal for us,” said Supervisor Andrew Lois.

Shortess said while Salem Lakes staff has worked out the proposal presented to the Town Board final approval would need to wait until the after the April 4 village election in Salem Lakes, which will seat three trustees and a village president.

“We’re on board if they’re on board,” said town Clerk Sheila Siegler.


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  1. Mike Ullstrup says:

    What is in this for Salem Lakes? Empire building? Job justification?

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