Salem Lakes board meeting to move to Salem Town Hall for next meeting

The next Salem Lakes Village Board meeting on March 15 will take place at Salem Town Hall, 9814 Antioch Rd, Salem.

The board meetings since the Feb. 14 merger of Salem and Silver Lake as the village of Salem Lakes have been held at Silver Lake Village Hall.

Village President Bruce Nopenz said the meeting will be held in Salem on March 15 and then back at Silver Lake Village Hall on April 5, the day after the new village’s first spring election.

After that, it is anticipated that Village Board meetings will be held at the Salem building going forward.

“We will take the show on the road,” Nopenz said of the March 15 meeting.

The announcement of the venue switch was announced at the Village Board meeting Wednesday evening in Silver Lake.

Nopenz said what to do with the Silver Lake building after the Salem building becomes village hall has not been finalized. Some possibilities being considered include housing the municipal court or serving as a sub-station for sheriff’s deputies, he said.

Eventually renovating the building to accommodate living quarters for on-duty firefighters also has been proposed.




  1. Salem lakes resident says:

    In my opinion the silver lake village hall be used as a fire station living/training quarters as the current silver lake station is just a pole barn that houses fire trucks. Silver lake rescue should get on board and be part of the Salems lakes fire and rescue dept and be housed under one roof and then the SLRS building can be used as a sherries substation.

  2. SL Goverment says:

    Not a bad idea Salem Lakes Resident. Your thinking is right on the money. The problem is that when Silver Lake Rescue was asked to do that. They told the Village to stick it. They are not will to contribute to the community. They also have other commitments with Randall and Twin lakes. They do not want to give that up or upgrade to paramedic service. They just don’t want to fit into the program. We have to move on without them.

  3. Playhouse talk continues.... says:

    Asking taxpayers to pay for “living/training” quarters for VOUNTEER fire fighters is ridiculous! If the VOLUNTEER fire fighters want to have their own clubhouse let them pay for it themselves. My taxes are already going up with the merger of Salem Lakes, how about we close the Silver Lake fire department and let Salem handle all calls? We could sell the building, trucks, extra equipment, etc and not have to worry about all this nonsense.

  4. Re: Playhouse talk continues.... says:

    TSFR took over Silver Lake Fire Department January 2016. If you think that the volunteer fireman want a “clubhouse” you are surely mistaken. Having the fireman sleep in the station and have them ready in case of an emergency makes the community safer. Thoughts like yours is why other communities stay in the stone age.

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