Tax incremental district and multi-family housing development advance in Paddock Lake


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Plans for a tax incremental financing district and a multi-family complex within that district in Paddock Lake moved forward last week with several actions taken by the Village Board.

The board unanimously approved:

  • The project plan and the boundaries for Tax Increment No. 2.
  • Village staff to sign memorandum of understanding with Bear Development for the proposed development of Whitetail Ridge.
  • Approve the selection of Bear Development as developer satisfying the terms and the recent request for qualifying process.
  • Assign Village of Paddock Lake’s option to purchase and site control to Bear Development for the area of Whitetail Ridge.

The new TID is on the far southwest side of the village. The bulk of the area lies south and west of Brass Ball Corner at Highways 83/75 and Highway 50. Some of the TID is also along Highway 50 at the northwest and northeast corners of the same intersection.

The Whitetail Ridge development will be located along Highway F south of Highway 50. Representatives of Bear Development at a December Village Board meeting described it as consisting of commercial development along Highway 50, with multi-family housing south of that and single-family lots south of that. Bear sees a mix of multi-family housing and single family housing for the first phase of development. Initial plans call for 65 multi-family building units and 28 single family lots.

In December, the multi-family aspect of the property was presented as having a portion designated for affordable family housing units. This was in order to get tax credits that will make the project more viable for the developer, Bear officials said.

“This is not a subsidy, this is not Section 8,” Bear Development President SR Mills said in December. “Everyone has to have income. Everyone has to pay their rent.”

Somewhere in the process of pursuing the tax credits, the multi-family housing was switched from affordable family to affordable senior housing.

Village administrator Tim Popanda said it is his understanding that the Wisconsin Housing and Economic Development Authority– which grants the tax credits — felt there was a need in Western Kenosha County for affordable senior housing. He was not sure if the switch came at the request of Bear or WHEDA.

“The village has always preferred senior housing” for the development, Popanda said.

WHEDA has not yet awarded the tax credits to Bear for Whitetail Ridge. Bear will be submitting its application to WHEDA this week.

Development in the new TID area is key to the village getting customers for a west side water system, that has wells drilled, but has never been completed since development in the area stalled.

While the residential development of Whitetail Ridge is for now the only project formally underway Popanda said he expects other commercial development in the district within the next two years.

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  1. Existing Fire Hydrants ?? says:

    Please clarify?

    Are there water mains and fire hydrants already in that development area along 50 & 75 ?

    I see fire hydrants along that area covered with garbage bags. So, is there a small section of infrastructure already in the ground?

  2. Don says:

    Rendering done with #2 pencil and box of crayons? Hardly legible.

  3. Tim Popanda says:

    In response to Fire Hydrant question. Yes water distribution lines with hydrants exists within the VPL west side growth area. The system consist of two wells and distribution. During the economic down turn of 2008 the water system construction was stopped primarily due to foreclosures of four of the five platted single family housing developments.

    Tim Popanda
    Village of Paddock Lake

  4. Tim Popanda says:

    In response to Don, if interested we have new digital maps as well as the entire TID No. 2 plan available for review at the Village hall. I can be reached at the Village hall for discussion.

    Tim Popanda
    Village of Paddock Lake

  5. Salem Sue says:

    NOBODY wants low income housing here..we moved away from Kenosha..due to crime..we don’t need it here too. Single family was to be there…65 apartment buildings??? you have got to be joking..This MUST BE STOPPED

  6. Andy J says:

    This is the same exact type of project that this company tried getting going in Kenosha, but got shut down. While they claim “this isn’t section 8”, you’ll be getting just that .. enjoy your increased crime rates.

  7. Don says:

    Thank you for the information Tim. But I see the same thing happening that sue and Andy mentioned. Which is the same reason I moved west.

  8. Mindy Norton says:

    I really think ALL THOSE THAT ARE SPEAKING NEGATIVELY and being judgemental against “low income housing , or “Section 8 housing” really need to get educated. First and foremost…. those who are on housing CANT BE CRIMINALS or they lose their housing. I know, because I am low income. Im really disappointed to hear that this is what PEOPLE think… but its obviously got no validity to it…

    There are decent human beings that are simply trying to raise thier children in a respectable community… but unfortunately its attitudes like this that make it nearly impossible for the “low income” to have a decent area to live in….

    OPEN YOUR EYES…. not every low income person is a criminal… THOSE with housing have ALOT TO LOSE….

  9. Just me says:

    Not all low income people are criminals. There are plenty of people in the county on section 8 VOUCHERS out here. Way to be christians.

  10. Citizen says:

    Why the big push for low income housing? Why not just develop into standard housing or business? Higher density housing complexes could mean more kids in our schools without adequate tax dollars to support.

  11. Details, Details, Details says:

    Do I have to go to the meetings or call Tim to get the details on the TIF?

    How many years? How much money per year? Details Please?

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