Spring Primary Election 2017: Salem Lakes trustee results

Salem Lakes voters, in their first election as a municipality, favored experience on municipal boards over newcomers in Tuesday’s primary election for village trustee.

In addition, voters in the new municipality that resulted from the merger of Salem and Silver Lake greatly favored the candidates from the Salem Town Board over the Silver Lake incumbents.

Unofficial results with three polls of three reporting are:

  • Ted Kmiec 649 (24%).
  • Mike Culat 486 (18%).
  • Dennis Faber 483 (18%).
  • Dan Campion 417 (15%).
  • Pat Dunn 213 (8%).
  • Eric Ericksen 203 (7%).
  • John McEntegart 145 (5%).
  • Joe Wade 124 (5%).

Kmiec, Culat, Faber and Campion were sitting members of the Salem Town Board when it went out of existence last week. Dunn and Ericksen are sitting members of the Salem Lakes Village Board by virtue of being previously elected to the Silver Lake Village Board, which became the de facto Salem Lakes Village Board as of the merger on Feb. 14 through the April 4 election.

McEntegart and Wade also live in the former Salem.

Kmiec, Culat, Faber, Campion, Dunn and Ericksen will appear on the April 4 spring election ballot. The top three vote getters will assume the seats.


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  1. Voices will be silenced says:

    From the looks of the primary Silver Lake residents will quickly be losing any say on how the new Village will be ran. It’s a pitty that some chose to lie and twist facts rather than be honest with their neighbors. What else will we find once Dunn, Erickson, and Nopenz are voted out? Who will help Greg Galich build his new “play house”, I mean 24 hour firehouse? So many questions and not a peep from Bernard.

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