President Bruce Nopenz comments at first Salem Lakes Village Board meeting (VIDEO)

The first Salem Lakes Village Board meeting was held Wednesday evening.

Salem Lakes is the new village created through the merger of the town of Salem and the village of Silver Lake.  That merger took effect Feb. 14.

At the beginning of the meeting, village President Bruce Nopenz delivered the following comments:

On its surface, the meeting looked a lot like a Silver Lake Village Board meeting. The meeting was held in Silver Lake Village Hall. The current members of the new village board are the members of the Silver Lake Village Board, though that could change for four of the seven positions after the April 4 elections for Salem Lakes president and trustee.

One thing that was different: Board members were dressed in formal business attire, substantially more upscale than the typical attire at Silver Lake Village Board meetings. Asked about it before the meeting, Nopenz said the board did not want to be out done by the similar attire worn by the Town of Salem Board members at its last meeting on Monday.



  1. Salem Lakes Resident says:

    Very nice opening speech by the New Village’s President.

  2. Short and sweet says:

    Mr. Nopenz and the rest of those who sold their souls to Salem will be gone soon. Did anyone pay attention to the primary race for trustee? Silver Lake’s two trustees lost by over 200 votes to the 4th place Salem candidate!

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