William Hopkins appointed to Salem Lakes Village Board

William Hopkins was appointed Wednesday by the Salem Lakes Village Board to fill a vacant trustee seat.

The appointment was approved 5-1 by a written ballot among the board members.

Hopkins will fill the remainder of the term of Daniel Withers, who resigned in December due to an out of state job assignment. That term expires in April 2018.

The appointment came after three candidates for the position were interviewed by the board at Wednesday’s meeting.

The appointment, one of the first actions by the Village Board at the first meeting since Salem Lakes was created on Feb. 14 by the merger of Salem and Silver Lake, comes after filling the seat was put off for two previous meetings of the Silver Lake Village Board.

Though the appointment came after the merger, only credentials from interested Silver Lake residents were considered because of when the process began.

Hopkins said he has lived in Silver Lake for 28 years. He retired from the U.S. Navy and later worked for a pharmaceutical company. He formerly was a member and president of the Riverview School Board.

During his interview answers, Hopkins said “I think with this merger there is an opportunity to really put a best foot forward.” He said he would aim “to create a community that people are looking to move into, not out of …”





  1. Jeff Albrecht says:

    Bill Hopkins is an excellent choice for the SL board! Quality person who will use his great background to better our community

  2. short term seat warmer says:

    Why not select a past Salem supervisor that has the expertise and credentials for the Salem Lakes board? Bruce Nopenz has been nursing his pups for months now and this is his cream of the crop? Very disapointing

  3. Community Advocate says:

    Couldn’t have appointed a more honest and fair man to the trustee position. This was a great selection by the new Salem Lakes Village board and I hope to see more positive decisions in the future!

  4. Cindy Thommes says:

    I was one of the candidates for the seat this evening and lost. I felt the meeting was ran well however how was it that the other candidates got the questions that were asked by the board and I didnt? Shouldn’t it (the questions) be offered to all of us? I felt that was unfair. You sent a message to remind me of the meeting and I wasaware that there are questions, but if your going to give them to one or two, shouldn’t you give them to all?

  5. in the words of Lt Joe Kendra, My My MY says:

    It is most unfortunate that the Cindy Thommes was not treated equally. Why wouldn’t all the candidates be given the same questions and changes to answer them?

    Smells Fishy. Smells like old Silver Lake. Coupled with the previous actions on tis selection process and the Police and Fire fisaco, It appears that the Silver Lake board is not what we would have hoped for.

    Thank you Cindy, for tossing your hat in the ring. Stay visible. Sprout that seed!

  6. Greg Galich says:

    They made a great choice. Bill Hopkins is the man for the job.

  7. Same old song says:

    Bruce Nopenz continues to pick more friends and neighbors to vote however he tells them to. It wasn’t that long ago Bill Hopkins had a tantrum and quit the Riverview school board. Hopefully he will do a better job on the Salem Lakes board.

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