Rep. Kerkman sponsoring bill to eliminate daylight saving time in Wisconsin

State Rep. Samantha Kerkman (R-Salem) is working on spreading a little daylight.

No she is not looking to make cloudy days illegal in Wisconsin, but she is, along with state Rep. Michael Schraa (R-Oshkosh) circulating a bill for co-sponsorship that would eliminate daylight saving time here.

From a press release announcing the initiative released Friday:

“As we look forward to the warmer weather in spring, many of us also dread the loss of an hour of sleep and every year people beg the question, why do we continue to do this?” Kerkman commented.  Wisconsin would not be the first state to choose to not recognize daylight saving time as both Arizona and Hawaii do not. Wisconsin would also not be the first state to introduce a bill to eliminate it. Currently, the States of Iowa and Michigan have bills in their legislatures that would eliminate daylight saving time and in 2015 Minnesota introduced a similar bill. Reasons abound for the elimination of daylight saving time. It is said to have been done to save energy in war time, and help agriculture practices, but has resulted in kids walking to school in the dark and much confusion. Furthermore, a cardiology fellow at the University of Colorado in Denver studied sleep patterns through the year and found that the Monday following the switch to daylight saving time the risk of having a heart attack rose 25% compared to other Mondays. Another study done in Indiana found that following Indiana’s switch to observing daylight saving time in 2006 the state saw a 1% overall rise in residential electricity use which was equal to roughly an extra $9 million. This is attributed to an increase in energy use during summer evenings and spring and fall mornings. Daylight Saving Time was originally adopted by Wisconsin in the 1959-1960 biennium following a 1957 statewide advisory referendum. Voters at that time approved the measure 54% to 46%. However, it wasn’t until 1966 when daylight saving time was added in to federal law with the “Uniform Time Act.”

Most of Western Kenosha County is in Kerkman’s legislative district, except for Wheatland.

The measure, if passed, could be a mixed bag for residents of Kenosha County, which borders Illinois. Many locals work in Illinois, where there is no similar initiative underway. So while they might sleep in a non daylight savings time state, locals who work south of the border might still have to adhere to a daylight savings time schedule in the a.m., at least on work days.



  1. Matt says:

    I agree 100%!

  2. robert says:

    why cant all you politicians stop trying to be the person who made that happen and leave things alone

  3. Z says:

    This is what our elected officials are doing?

    What a waste of time and money. Get to work on real issues!

  4. Z says:

    I don’t know if the moderator allows links in their comments, but here is the contact info for Kerkman. Maybe if it is not allowed, they could put a contact link in their article?

    Either way, tell them that this is a foolish waste of time and to get working on issues that actually matter!

  5. Mike says:

    So say say goodbye to getting in a run or some yard work after work. Great idea.

  6. Z says:

    So West of the I censors appropriate posts now?

    All I did was post a link to Kerkman contact info and politely asked if links weren’t allowed, could it please be posted in the article. I voted for this Rep, as did other WotI readers I’m sure. This bill is nonsense and a waste. Contact her office and tell them to get back to the real work.

    1. Not so Z. Just a little behind on approvng comments. Sorry about that. — Darren

  7. Donna says:

    Great idea Samantha! It’s so annoying and unnecessary

  8. Pattie Soliday says:

    Please reconsider and DROP this bill! There are many families who live in WI and yet work in MN (or vise versa). Dropping DST from WI would be a hardship and nightmare for them. These families have 1 or 2 working parents who dont get home til 6pm. After dinner, dishes, homework when school is in session, it’s now DARK out. WHEN is family time supposed to happen? If you wish to address DST Nationally- that’s OK. But DON’T push it on us, when there are SO many against it- especially those that live/work in Superior, Hudson, etc and work/live in MSP/St.Paul & Duluth.MN.

    If you’re NOT convinced to DROP this effort- get it on a ballot- you will then SEE how the citizens of WI feel about this and what WE want.

  9. John says:

    Unbelievable, does she not realize where she lives and the people she represents. As mentioned, what about us that work in IL? How am I supposed to get my son on the bus in the morning and make it to work on time if there is an UNNECESSARY 1 hour difference between states??!!

  10. Minnesota? says:

    If Wisconsin goes this way, Minnesota may well follow.
    Personally, I am tired of hearing Minnesota and their woes.
    Talk with yhour liberal government and deal with the problems.
    YOU put it on the ballot in MINNESOTA and YOU get it changed and then you wont have a problem with what Wisconsin does.

    Peeps in Wisconsin already PAY thru the nose for MINNESOTA issues with GARBAGE… the 3 times jump in fees all based on issue that MINNESOTA/WISCONSIN border towns had..

    Minnesota’s Duluth is a sanctuary city. In Wisconsin we are not too thrilled with that concept of openly breaking the law.

    Regarding the timeline, peeps in the UP deal with Fast time and Slow time all the time… They have no problem with it.

    Personally, I would prefer the effort be made to make ENGLISH the Official language of the state and to keep English as the first language, not the second language.

  11. Mike Ullstrup says:

    With all the problems in this state, she comes up with this? Looks like another muffin coming from Sam!

  12. Kurt says:

    Thank you for proposing this! I love being able to get up and get my run in before work on the trails in our area. Part of my brother’s state doesn’t have it and they get along without it just fine.

  13. No Time says:

    This is not an issue that individual states should be considering it is a national issue. There are a lot of people that travel to work out of state either by driving or flying. Family time will be shortened or non existent. No thanks. There are no other pressing matters in Wisconsin, how about working on the road budget!

  14. Cathy Swenson says:

    Please do NOT push this bill!! It is not necessary! You will cause a lot of confusion. We are bordered by four states and many people work back and forth! WE are perfectly capable of switching our clocks twice!!! Most people like the light in the evenings for kids activities, recreation, travel and just plain relaxing in the evening! I really think Wisconsin has MANY more issues you can place your focus!

  15. Mike says:

    If WI stays on standard time all year how will this effect Prime time TV because the DST Nationally will still happen. Will the Prime time run 6-9 pm during DST & the nightly News start at 9:00pm.

  16. J. Hauser says:

    Work on the real issues politicians! My husband works all day and comes home and farms. He would be in the fields well after dark if the clocks not moved back. Also true for working parents having time to spend outside with their children in the evening. Kids go to school in the dark all winter… how is going to school in the dark in the spring so confusing???

  17. J. Hauser says:

    I meant clocks moved back to daylight savings.

  18. S Senn says:

    Stupid idea.
    The summer gives me a lot of yard work, and I need the evening daylight to complete it.
    There is no reason to change it, other than the so called inconvenience of changing the clock twice per year.
    Keep daylight savings time.

  19. C Boushon says:

    I agree there are other issues our state should loo at, however, I lived in states that don’t change and loved it. If I had to choose between when a TV show is on or cow get fed, I vote for the cow. How bout we add English as states one and only official language along with this bill.

  20. S Foster says:

    This is a ridiculous proposal. Can we all agree that there are a limited number of hours of daylight on any given day? That being irrefutable, does it matter if we call those hours 4am-7pm or 5am-8pm on a summer day? I say it does matter!

    There are no little league games, family picnics or kids riding bikes from 4-5am when it will have daylight. Oddly, 7pm-8pm seems like prime times to do any or all of these activities in addition to many others.

    Down south, where the length of daylight is more consistent, this is not as big of an issue. Here, in Wisconsin, however, our summers are limited here and we need to be able to capitalize on the hours of daylight that we have.

    Our society has already been driven indoors enough. Please don’t do more to further encourage that.

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