Paddock Lake water system low pressure glitch rectified quickly

/Photo by bruno rebelo via

/Photo by bruno rebelo via

Issuing a boil order for low water pressure was avoided on the Paddock Lake municipal water system Sunday, due to swift detection of a problem and action by village employees.

At about 1:15 p.m., Sunday, an auto dialer system notified village officials that system pressure had dipped as low as 29 psi. By 1:25 p.m., the cause of the problem was identified and temporarily corrected by 1:40 p.m, said village administrator Tim Popanda.

A more permanent repair was set to be made Monday.

The municipal water system serves just under 300 customers on the east side of the village. The rest of the village is served by private wells.

“The cause was from a strange series of events that occurred,” Popanda explained in an email message. “The small plastic chlorine pump line leaked and sprayed chemical on to the power cords that power the weights and measure scales, causing the surge protector and the 9 volt power supply cord to start on fire and in return kicked out the power to the control panel.”

Popanda credited an auto dialer purchased two years ago with board approval for delivering the emergency notice promptly so the problem could be addressed before pressure dropped too low.

Without the early notice, “on Super bowl Sunday we would have been ordering a water boil order,” Popanda said. “We likely would have had some upset residents.


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