Units responding to crash in Trevor

Photo by kconnors via morgueFile.com

Photo by kconnors via morgueFile.com

At about 6:57 p.m., Town of Salem Fire/Rescue units and sheriff’s deputies are responding to a crash at Highways 83 and C in Trevor.

Per dispatch: Two vehicles involved. Injuries reported.

UPDATE 7 p.m. — Second ambulance dispatched.

UPDATE 7:03 p.m.– Deputy shutting down Highway 83 traffic at Highway JF. Crash scene is on Highway C south of Highway 83 intersection.

UPDATE 7:17 p.m. — One person who was trapped in a vehicle has been freed, dispatch reports.

UPDATE 7:19 p.m. — Flight for Life medical transport helicopter responding.

UPDATE 7:27 p.m. — Ambulance on the way to landing zone with patient.



  1. West C. Jacobs, MSgt, USAF, Ret. says:

    Again this intersection takes another life. I don’t know how it all happened but since the reconstruction of this intersection it has become worse. Too many blind spots with cars obstructing views. Then add the work rush hour to include the line of cars after a train holds up traffic and you have increased the danger. The state doesn’t think there is a need to do anything more. The county put up a signs that state traffic on 83 doesn’t stop but that isn’t the issue. Putting traffic lights there and correcting the layout of the intersection would. Nothing can totally resolve accidents because of the human factor; I’m sure anyone reading this and has used this intersection has seen the drivers disregard the stop signs, get too impatient and take unnecessary risks trying to make a turn or going forward when a vehicle(s) are blocking their line of sight. A sidebar note, have you ever been out on a rainy night and entered this intersection? it’s extremely hard to see the road markings due to the poor intersection lighting and I have seen close calls with drivers “trying” to find the turn lanes! I have had drivers turn into my lane as they cross the double lines on JF while I am approaching 83. I have also witnessed drivers STOPPING on 83 thinking they needed to! The area is building up with many more homes and businesses’. The Wis. DOT, MUST take a serious look again; as said, one death is one too many.

  2. Terese Frer says:

    West C. Jacobs, I am in no way saying that intersection isn’t dangerous, but I did want to clarify that it wasn’t actually in that intersection. It was just south of it in front of the cemetery. And I know this because I pulled up seconds after it just happened.

  3. Donna Mac says:

    This intersection is very confusing. When taught the rules of the road a car turning left must alway wait for the right of way it never trumps the car turning right except for here and the at H and 50. I’m alway nervous when heading east on Hwy C and making a right turn onto 83 south when I have a green light. I pray that the car behind me will stop. It’s just unnatural. That could be one of the problems with the intersection.

  4. Debi says:

    Really doesn’t matter where it happened all I know is a young lady too young died and left behind a very young baby boy we have a baby boy that is going to be growing up without its mother rest in peace my friend

  5. Just another statistic says:

    I don’t know how any changes in the intersection signaling stops a head on accident in front of the cemetery a couple hundred feet away from the intersection.

    Just another accident that’s going to be attributed to the corner when it’s not on the corner.

  6. Up slope. says:

    I have experienced over the years optical allusions at intersections that have grade increases or decreases. People coming down grade to an intersection look like they’re going slower than they actually are. People pulling out in front of them are surprised at how fast those cars are actually moving. More signage and better lines are sorts of things can be tweaked.

  7. Matt says:

    Everyone who is attributing this to be a part of some intersection, whether it be the 83 & JF intersection, or the 83 & C intersection…It happened at neither. It happened just south of highway C. It was a head on collision…No intersections should be blamed for this. Wait to see what pending toxicology report comes out before jumping to the conclusion alcohol was involved too. Everyone seems quick to blame something. Someone is at fault, but whom is yet to be determined.

  8. Branden Sellers says:

    “Accident” is a vague term, for which, it involves a MVA… We ALL are shocked . Quick to Blame, along with putting our 2 cents worth. on our reconstruction of the scene… Tragic Truth….. our driving Today, has gotten progressively WORSE with distractions, Phone, Radio, Tom Tom, you name it. Multi tasking as a operator of a motor vehicle should NEVER be a cause and effect in a MVA!!!! PERIOD!!! Please Slow Down… focus 100% on you’re driving. absolute NO Text, Phone Call, should distract you from drawing you’re attention away from the road…
    As for the LEO that had his foot run over…. WTH??? you are being directed away from the scene, to give EMS a safe scene to work with.. think of it this way. if you’re loved one was the Patient, you would want to have the EMTs working on that patient to be able to focus everything on, what they are doing BLS/ALS to get that loved one stable enough to transport… not having to worry about their own safety.. nobody should have to lose someone, to bring into light of distractions behind the wheel …KILL

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