Appointment of Silver Lake trustee delayed until Feb. 15

silver-lake-VHThe Silver Lake Village Board on Wednesday again tabled the appointment of a replacement for its open trustee seat.

The board was prepared to meet in closed session at the regular board meeting to discuss the credentials of the six people who have applied for the position.

However, state statutes do not allow discussions regarding the appointment of a public official to be held in closed session, village President Bruce Nopenz explained. Because any discussion of applicants and their background would need to take place in public, Nopenz said he wanted to contact the individuals and see if that was OK with them or if they would want to withdraw.

The vote to table the matter until the Feb. 15 meeting was approved unanimously by the board.

That date is the first meeting after the merger with the town of Salem and the reconstitution of the village as Salem Lakes. But Nopenz said no new applicants will be considered. So while the appointment will come after Salem Lakes is official, the person selected for the seat will be from the pool of Silver Lake residents who have already applied.

The vacancy was created by the resignation of Trustee Dan Withers, who cited an out of state job as his reason for resigning (though he remains a village resident). The person appointed to fill the vacancy will serve until April 2018.

On Jan. 18, the board tabled filling Withers’ seat because there was only one applicant. Nopenz said then he would like to have more people to choose from.



  1. Supreme Court Pick says:

    Like the Republicans did with the court seat, so is the village president. Holding the seat for losers of the primary. While not illegal, definitely not ethical. Games are being played by certain members of both boards. This is fact. Do your research and vote smart! The village of Silver Lake had it’s last meeting ever tonite.

  2. Bad decisions of long ago says:

    The decision, a bad decision at that, to remain with named streets rather than the numbered streets that give anyone an idea of coordinates was made long ago by officers of our village. Paddock found a way to progress. The Town didn’t really have a choice as they were a town under the control of the County. The price would have been smaller back then but now, the decision will affect many of us with home businesses, businesses on the street and of course, there are more full time residents n the community. People then had to pay the price. We might have to do it now as well. Personally, I think it should wait until the Post Office closes the Silver Lake office and we are forced to a different zip code – do it all at once. Our new village can wait on this till then.

  3. Bernard Punsley says:

    @Supreme Court Pick: I’m confused by your assertion that the board is “holding the seat for the losers of the primary”. Your words, not mine. The board is to pick a new member at the Feb. 15th meeting. The primary is February 21st. If they make the selection on the 15th, how is that “holding the seat” ?? “Fake News”??

  4. Call it like it is says:

    Why not call the trustee seat by what it is,,,, “The Pat Dunn, I just lost the election so please help me stay on the board”, seat!

  5. Supreme Court Pick says:

    Bernie, Cheers bud! This seat has been empty now going on 2.5 months. Each meeting there is to be someone chosen, but then Nopenz always puts it off to the next meeting. I’ll bet ya, on the 15th he comes up with another reason to put the selection off. See ya in the hood friend! Salem Lakes here we come!

  6. Leadership? says:

    I want somebody who follows the rules. And for that matter, knows the rules.

    The first person who submitted their application was on time and followed the original rules and met a deadline. This is the kind of person I want to represent me. Politics aside, following rules and meeting deadlines do carry weight in evaluating people.

    Mr. Nopenz failed to follow his own rules and failed to meet a self-imposed deadline. He should’ve move forward at that time and learn from his mistake for the next time it happens. Instead he has shown lack of leadership and humility in doing his job not to mention knowing about the point of discussing in open session versus close session the applicants.

    This simple procedure failed has shown me whom I should not give my vote to come April though the second choice is not a lot better.

  7. Bernard Punsley says:

    @Leadership: Sounds like you are in a quandry as to whom you are going to vote for(or not) for Village of Salem Lakes president. You did a pretty fair job of slamming Bruce Nopenz, then threw in Diane Tesar as well. By your own admission, Nopenz is your first choice, and Tesar your second. Read your posting!@ In reality, both Mr. Nopenz and Mrs. Tesar have done an OUTSTANDING job of leading their respective communities. Without their leadership and foresight, and that of both Town of Salem and Village of Silver Lake board members, this proposed merger would never have taken place. I must chuckle that “Leadership?” cites “politics aside”. Nothing like trying to sway the voters one way or the other. I would urge voters to seek out all the facts and backgrounds of the candidates, and vote accordingly. Leave the “politics” to folks like “Leadership?”

  8. The Bernard Game says:

    I have a fun game we can all play. Everybody give your best answers to the following question.

    What will Bernard do once all his Silver Lake pals fail to win a seat on the new Salem Lakes Board?

    My Answer: Spend more time learning how to build and maintain an ice rink

  9. Bernard Punsley says:

    @The Bernard Game”…..sorry pal, folks like you have already tried playing the
    “Let’s Try and Spin Bernard Around” and consistently LOST!!! Remember, folks like you did not WANT to merge with Salem. Folks like you did not WANT Professional Police or Paramedic level service in our village. Folks like you continued to play the “GOOD OL BOYS” game. til folks like me took your game board and wiped it clean@!
    Folks like you didn’t want to see the ice rink built(that REALLY bothers you folks, doesn’t it)……and lost another round of “Bernard Jeopardy” when we built it and acquired a Zamboni machine(behind door #3!). Whatever candidates from either Silver Lake or Salem are elected, I have complete CONFIDENCE they will have the BEST INTERESTS of the citizens of Salem Lakes, even those folks like you who continue to play “The Blame Game”. Hey Al, “come on down”

  10. Playing with Bernie says:

    The Silver Lake Ice rink was full tonite. The board is coming up with great ideas to keep the kids in our surrounding communities busy. If Nopenz wins he will keep Silver Lake, and the rest of the hamlets improving. If he doesn’t win, maybe he can become a trustee. Hold on to your seat, just like we are in Silver Lake . Salem Lakes here we come!

  11. From 'Leadership?' above says:

    Thank you for responding, Bernard

    Trying to get a debate going on here is like pulling teeth. I thank you for biting on this apple.

    First off, the “politics aside” comment was for Bruce. He made the bed …….. so he should have put his ‘politics aside’ and appointed the sole applicant.

    As for Bruce or Diane, I’m from Salem so I don’t know much about Bruce other than he seems to have lead Silver Lake out of the wilderness and to the promised land of lower taxes. It remains to be seen if the residents of Silver Lake will like and support the changes in services or will the people demand more services over time. Nothing, I repeat, nothing is free! Everything you want out of and from government comes at a price.

    And so speaking of a price, it needs to be said that Salem has already paid a price for the leadership that they have, or for that matter, don’t have.

    If we can go back to last year and remember that not only did Diane not know what was going on in Salem’s’ public safety department but she also wasn’t told by her administrator what he was doing on a daily or even weekly basis.

    The public safety chief with help from that town administrator applied for a grant and then started using that money to patrol highway 50. It has been reported that Michael Ventura was “off duty” and “acting on his own” when he crashed a Town of Salem vehicle and subsequently died. For me it’s not a far stretch to link the Public Safety Grant to his being in the wrong place at the wrong time doing the wrong thing.
    This dig also goes to the balance of the town board. They all had an opportunity to shut down what the safety department was doing but failed to act. They too should hold accountability for this incident.

    Could anyone have foreseen what did happened? Probably not. But I think that if the town administrator had been required to give a monthly report of his activities, (as all department heads should do) the patrolling of highway 50 might have not been allowed in the first place.

    May 27th 2016

    June 20th 2016

    July 8th 2016

    July 11th 2016

    August 8th 2016

    August 15th 2016

    Finally as we all know the new Village Board will get a raise. Supposedly because things are bigger now and will demand more from them. But whether your paid a lot or a little, when you run for a leadership role in the community we expect you to lead! Each and every one of the five Salem board members failed in that role when the grant application and use of it became known to them. While they voiced their surprise with being told about it none of them lead to stop the implication of it either at the time they became aware or shortly thereafter.

    So, who am I going to vote for?? I will wait to see and read the interview Darren will hopefully do on each and every candidate. And I will vote!

    A Salem resident

  12. SL Goverment says:

    Nice job Leadership from above. Plenty of warning was given and the can was kicked down the road. I am waiting for you next post.

  13. Dan novotny says:

    Hey blame game I hope punsley is never in charge of building an ice rink you couldn’t get the zamboni on there unless it has wings I think he should join the boys in the white cruiser and try and locate people’s parcels if that’s the case do worry we are all safe !

  14. to: Playing with Bernie says:

    Do you really think Nopenz is qualified to be a Trustee? Clearly he refuses to follow the rules and subscribes to the “good old boy” politics that Salem has tried to get rid of for years. Just look what he’s done with the empty trustee seat. Maybe after the election he and Bernard can do what they both seem to do best, nothing.

  15. Not Diane says:

    I agree with leadership above. Diane has admitted in a conversation that she has been bullied by the administrator and some town heads. I know she won’t get my vote because I want a leader that leads not bullied by dept heads.

  16. Still waiting Bernard says:

    Still waiting for you to defend Diane or Bruce or both for that matter.

    Yes they both deserve accolades for their roles in the creation of the Village of Salem Lakes. But one good deed does not undo …….

    Or did you get distracted by some high school kids?

  17. Better with Bernie says:

    There are plenty of really good comments above and as usual Bernard makes a lot of sense.
    As for the election of Salem Lakes Village President and Trustees there are plenty of choices. Some good, some acceptable and only one that I personally would not vote for.
    I do know all of the incumbents for trustee from both the town and village. I do know that Mr. Faber has had his had issues getting along and seems to have a quick trigger – so he is out for me. Cullat is fine but Dan Campion, Erik Ericksen and Pat Dunn are proven leaders with impeccable background experience.
    As for President, Diane would certainly be acceptable but doesn’t seem to tackle the tough issues such as the Town’s Public Safety Department which she should have come out against long ago. Keeping that group together is not in the village’s best interest and kicking the can down the road is not what we residents need. Plus she has been in office for a very long time – too long for some.
    Nopenz is not perfect but seems like a quality person, diligent, honest and thinks outside the box which might be good for a new village. He seems solutions based which leads to results.
    Whomever is elected there will certainly be good things happening for the citizens of Salem Lakes. It is an exciting change, refreshing as it is beneficial.
    Your vote matters. Please study the candidates, ask questions, get involved (rather than just complaining) and become an involved citizen of our new village. Make your informed decision and VOTE!
    I know I will.
    See you at the polls and the meetings!

  18. Raise? says:

    The board does not need a raise. They have an administrator. He receives the money they should otherwise have been given if they were to do roles other than sit at a table and make decisions. The Town of Salem Supervisors and Chair were all overpaid since the hiring of an administrator.

    Agreed that the town board, public safety and town administrator created the stage for the death of Officer Ventura. In their orientation, they clearly did not create a scenario that an officer is not above the law and should practice what they are enforcing.

    Certainly, the on time applicant should have been appointed. There were not exclusionary points noted that I saw in the instructions and if the statutes were met, then the job was his/hers. The one who applied knows they were the only one. They should speak up.

    What does Nopenz envision? Do you know? What does Tesar envision? Do you know her stance on anything? It would be good if Darren did an in depth with each. Personally, I’d like to see a bit of a debate. I’d like to hear of a platform. But, I doubt it will happen. The town candidates all like to be quiet. The idea of the voters being maneuvered like cattle to the same old, same old is really not professional or ‘growing’.

    Raise? It really should be left the same as in the Village. The idea of having the old town wages for supervisors is a holdover that should go – $15 thousand and $7,500 is a bit much for 6 or 7 votes a meeting.

  19. Bernard Punsley says:

    @Still waiting Bernard: 1. Neither Mr. Nopenz nor Mrs. Tesar need ME to “defend” them. I have already STATED that they have served their respective communities well, apparently, you either cannot read, or cannot comprehend too well. Read my previous post AGAIN. Given the CRITICAL JUNCTURE Silver Lake and Salem are at in their history with this merger, I think it’s a SHAME that BOTH Mr. Nopenz and Mrs. Tesar can’t serve on the new board together(both are running for the president position, only 1 can win.) Their combined experience and DEDICATION to their constituents(that would be you, “waiting”) would be a PLUS for the new village of Salem Lakes. I think “Better with Bernie” said it pretty well. Make an INFORMED decision and VOTE! See you at the polls. ps….if you think a posting maintaining that high school students should be able to access porn at school any time they want and have taxpayers pay for it is “distracting” to me, I AM able to focus on 2 “issues” at once, to the delight of many, the chagrin of a few, yourself included!

  20. A little help here? says:

    Bernard. Since you are anonymous to most and seem to be the most informed of just about anybody, what is your preferred slate of candidates?

    Some people still look to find a person or personality they like and trust to help them pick and choose whom to vote for. Don’t be shy.

    Yes both president candidates are qualified and it would be good to see them both serve. But regrettably they both can’t. So what say you?

  21. Still waiting 2.0 says:

    They don’t need you to defend them? Of course not! But you seem to be talking up their good deeds, or should I say deed ( singular). And I don’t see them jumping on here to defend themselves.

    They both have shortcomings that need an explanation if not defending. Sure I could go ask them each about these previously stated questions but this is a good forum for that right here that many read and want and need the answer. I could wait until the interviews but I want to hear You talk your way out of these questions.

    So let’s hear it!

    Or is there no defense?

  22. Bernard Punsley says:

    @Everyone Wanting Bernard to Endorse a Candidate: my postings,..I don’t think that I have “endorsed” a single candidate to date. For all of you folks bashing both Mr. Nopenz and Mrs. Tesar…..well, I guess you are NOT going to VOTE!!!
    They are the only 2 candidates on the ballot for the president’s position. I’ve already stated I think they are both HIGHLY QUALIFIED and DEDICATED to their constituents. I think BOTH of them would enhance the merger of the new Salem Lakes. I’m still a little bit confused as to what they are supposed to “defend ” themselves from?????????????????? For those of you reading this post that think neither candidate deserves to be the new president of Salem Lakes, the DON’T vote for EITHER ONE! Vote for ME instead!!!!!!! Folks, ya just CAN’T make this stuff up! I would AGAIN,(as I have previously stated!) encourage ALL VOTERS to check out the candidates, learn what the issues are, go to the polls as an INFORMED voter. If you are not registered, DO SO. If you are relying on me to
    tell you how to vote,…..STAY HOME on election day.

  23. Supreme Court Pick says:

    Let’s go thru some facts. Silver Lake and Town of Salem merger was all done in secret. It was hidden from the rest of the boards on both sides. Kept to 3 members each, so it wouldn’t have to be posted. That’s one for Nopenz, and one for Diann.

    Nopenz elemented Silver Lake Police, and Silver Lake Fire. He then brings Public Saftey back, which will be the prelude to yet another small police department with a big budget. Diann took Public Saftey off traffic patrol. That’s one for Diann, -2 for Nopenz.

    Nopenz promised a public works job for one, but at the last minute refused to hire him. Even after it was suggested to hire both applicants, therefore elimanting some local strife. That’s another 0 for Nopenz

    Dainn got us the big business park, already with one building going up, with more to follow. One for Diann.

    Nopenz is holding on to the resigned trustee seat. Been all of two months already.
    0 for him.

    Nopenz got rid of full time village clerk and combined, and cut back the office hours. One for the termination, 0 for office hours cut back.

    Diann has been a leader for 18 years and more. 1 for her.
    In my view,Diann is leading.

    I go to meetings, I learn, I follow, I share.

  24. Confused?? says:

    Nopenz for not filling the seat! Why the heck not??

    Tesar for not knowing what’s going on just down the hall from the board room!

    We get informed by asking questions. Anybody can answer. Do I have to go down to the town hall on Monday and ask all my questions? What if I forget one? Do I call them up at home?

    You know Bernard, some people talk a lot, but when you add all the words up, there’s really nothing there.

  25. Bernard Punsley says:

    @Confused?? Your insight is RIVETTING!

  26. Dan novotny says:

    Right Bruce what was accomplished by eliminating our police who knew this town and then hit us with this public safety department which in reality another police department, are they donating there time?

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