Will the sun ever shine again?

Photo by Agata Urbaniak via stock.exchng

Photo by Agata Urbaniak via stock.exchng

When I monitor the weather to see if there’s something appropriate for a post here, I generally am looking for certain conditions. Snow in the winter and rain in the warm months. High winds. Fog. Bitter cold or extreme heat. And storms of course.

But over the last couple of weeks I have been looking for something else — sun.

If you have felt like it’s been a while since we have seen the sun around here you are not imagining things. The National Weather Service says we have been on an extended streak of cloudy days — 14 through Sunday. The record is 17 days, set from Dec 24, 2005-Jan 9, 2006. A cloudy day is official with greater than 75 percent cloud cover on average for the day.

The good news is there are some mostly sunny days in this week’s NWS forecast.

We could see some sun as soon as early Monday in fact. But that sun will give way to clouds and snow as the day develops. Snow is expected to start early this after noon and continue through 6 a.m.  Tuesday. Total accumulation of about 1.5 inches is expected. Monday’s high is expected to reach 29.

Tuesday should be cloudy again, but the forecast for Wednesday through Saturday calls for mostly sunny skies. Temps will be getting colder through that stretch, with highs in the 20s and upper teens and maybe some lows in single digits.


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