Freight train makes emergency stop

A freight train traveling trough Silver Lake blocked every intersection in Silver Lake, stopping short of Maple Rd. For about 3 1/2 hours Saturday night, the train sat while fire and train personnel checked everything out.

They think one of the rail car hoppers opened up, and grabbed the heater for the switch and pulled it apart. As it damaged the car and that sent a signal to the engineer that something bad had happened, causing the emergency stop. The heaters keep the rail switches thawed out in the cold weather. This is the switch leading to a siding.

The call came out at 10:11 p.m. as a car fire, to which Town of Salem Fire/Rescue units responded. Fortunately there was no fire and the contents of the rail cars was not an issue.

Checking out the rail cars.

Checking out the rail cars. /Earlene Frederick photo

Checking out where the heater was ripped out.

Checking out where the heater was ripped out. /Earlene Frederick photo


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  1. Dan novotny says:

    Glad all ended well just wish punsley would have left with the train!!!!

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