Silver Lake tables appointment to vacant trustee seat

silver-lake-VHThe Silver Lake Village Board on Wednesday tabled the appointment of someone to their vacant trustee seat.

The opening was created by the resignation of Trustee Dan Withers, who cited new out of state job responsibilities as the reason for his resignation. Withers’ term expires in April 2018

The board had intended to take letters from people interested in being appointed to fill out Withers term and then consider them and make a decision Wednesday.

But as of the start of the meeting Wednesday only one letter had been received. Village President Bruce Nopenz said he would like to have more people to choose from.

The board will continue to accept letters from people interested in filling the post up to the next regular meeting, Feb. 1

Letters of intent should include two paragraphs stating why the person would like to be a trustee and what their qualifications are to fill the position.

Letters may be submitted in a sealed envelope to the village clerk during normal business hours



  1. Interesting says:

    Let me guess, Nopenz couldn’t get any more neighbors or buddies Into running and didn’t like the one person who submitted a letter? More good old boys politics.

  2. What a Crock says:

    You put out the rules to follow, “Submit your letter by 2 pm today.”

    Then when people don’t give you what you want you cheat the one person who did “Followed the Rules” out of his or her position.

    Don’t like the way the games going, change the rules.
    Not a very good way to end your end of the “Border Agreement” SL.

    And not fair to the person who did submit.

    I submit you back track and except this person.

    If not, Shame on you SL.

  3. Inexperience says:

    When rules are established, they should be followed. I agree with the W-A-C above. If only one person is interested in the seat and did what was followed, then appoint the person.
    If the board didn’t establish the rules as to who would not be accepted – like those that a person has to follow if filling out a GAB1, then ooops on Bruce and Jeff for not establishing those criteria as part of the rules. If the board is discounting the individual because of who they are related to, who they know, what side of the dissolving they were on or what entity they work for or used to work for then oops on Bruce and Jeff again. As long as the individual is following the criteria of statute and the GAB1 as to acceptable candidates. filled out the paperwork and presented themselves, then oh well, the ONE gets it!

    Inexperience in office is the issue here. Not knowing and being too alooft to ask is the second issue. Relying on people who think they know is the third issue. We should remember this at election time. One of the reasons we like the idea of Salem coming here is because they know what they are doing. They have proven it and they are ‘big enough’ to provide services to us as professionals. It has saved us money and protected us. Our new village needs more of this and the great experience they have at the helm, not someone who has attended 20 or so official meetings and a board who doesn’t hold their president to the rules as they were set. Any one of our trustees could have made the motion to proceed. They didn’t. That is demonstrated inexperience. Our village and our new village does not need this kind of inexperience. Kudos for the things they have done in the past but the future is what we need, a good future.

  4. daryl says:

    I have been watching the good ol boys politics go on for years. My opinion is clean house,new start, new name, new people. This town has been run into the ground by these good ol boy politics,am I the only one that remembers what a cool town it used to be ? You have to change with the times, you can’t run the town for your own personal gain and agenda. Time to let go good ol boys, let the town develop into something great not a bunch of empty buildings and what could be good business and revenue from new people and businesses instead of people being afraid to try because of negatively from the good ol boys.

  5. Lost my vote. Maybe? says:

    To the existing Silver Lake board members that are running for reelection. You’re trying my patience here on not being responsible and following your own criteria. You’re losing my confidence in your leadership and integrity.

    You need to fix this.

    Appoint the person that submitted the sole letter and move on. If you don’t fix this you are showing indecisiveness and favoritism of which neither can be part of your elected positions.

  6. Had enough says:

    I won’t be voting for any of the 3 from Silver Lakes. Clean house is correct. We want professional, honest government!

  7. Bruce Francart says:

    Laura Francart was not in attendance at lasts night meeting. The rest of the board went into closed session for the discussion of the open position, and land sale. They did not fill it. The fact that this seat is still empty is in my mind is reason enough to be suspect. They are throwing away their votes for sure. You know me, I am Bruce Francart

  8. Concerned says:

    If this can wait until the election why not take the next highest vote getter after the normal seats are filled by the election?
    This would give all the people a say in who represents us.

    Or is this just a way to keep Dunn in by appointing him a position after he loses in the election? Not a fan of Dunn but if he was the next highest vote getter I would gladly accept him.

  9. Closed session rules? says:

    Is it legal for a board to enter into closed session to discuss whether or not to accept somone? I thought that closed session was for personnel discussions?

  10. Had enough says:

    To Concerned. I think you got it. Hold the seat for either one of the two that loses. Is that fair? Not at all. This seat should of been filled weeks ago. In fact I personally know of one who asked for this seat twice. He was turned down both times. Ckean house. They don’t want our votes. Vote Diann Tesar for Village President, Ted Komic, and..

  11. WHOA! says:

    WHOA! LAND SALE!!! ? Selling an asset which was part of the overall evaluation of this as a good deal for both parties?
    That would be like the common person buying a property and the garage being moved off the parcel the night before the closing!
    And, where is the report on this?

  12. Follow the process. says:

    Holding this open is not the process.

    Giving it to the next guy in line after the primary while on its face seems reasonable the fact is that they put out for anyone that was interested and one person was interested.

    ( any of the announce candidates could’ve applied for this free seat )

    With multiple applicants the board could have picked their ” favorite ” but with one sole applicant they were obligated to appoint!

    Again. Silver Lake board needs to backtrack and appoint this person.

  13. Ollie says:

    So what happens to things like the tree branch chipping that Silver Lake has provided as a service to its residents for years? Put branches by the road and the village maintenance crew comes around and chips them up and takes it away.
    Salem Township does not have a similar service.
    When we combine seem to me either everybody gets this service or nobody gets it. Providing to everyone has a cost. Manpower, chipper machine, etc.
    Wondering if this is an area where current Silver Lake residents will see a reduction in service provided.

  14. Where is Bernard ? says:

    Illegal meetings, not following the rules and appointing someone, this is right up Blow-hard Bernard’s alley. They want to keep the seat open to appoint the ultimate puppet, Pat Dunn.

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