Salem approves camp’s revised plans for zipline and bunkhouse; neighbors approve too

The Salem Town Board on Monday recommended approval of a conditional use permit amendment for the expansion of the Camp R. Sol Boy Scout Camp in Wilmot.

The board first considered the request at last week’s regular board meeting but tabled it after opposition to the proposal surfaced from residential neighbors to the west of the camp. Neighbors were concerned about several aspects, including the building of a bunkhouse and a zipline/climbing tower at a location they felt was too close to their properties.

The vote at Monday’s special board meeting was 4-0 with Supervisor Dan Campion absent.

Joseph Behles, an architect representing the camp, said after last Monday’s meeting, the neighbors and camp representatives met and agreed to several changes to the original plan, including:

  • Not expanding a roadway along the west property line, unless requested to do so by emergency services.
  • Not constructing the gravel parking area previously shown near the camp entry.
  • Moving the climbing wall/zip line an additional 125′ east of where it was originally shown, and limit activities to between 8 a.m. and dusk. Only one zip line is to be installed, and that no lights or sound systems will be installed.
  • A bunkhouse/camper cabin will be built approximately 16 feet farther east, so that it is 100 feet east of the west property line.
  • Installation of some landscape buffer planting.
  • Moving a campfire spot further east.

Neighbor Brian Lolmaugh after Monday’s meeting confirmed that the neighbors were satisfied with the changes.

The matter now moves to Kenosha County for approval there.



  1. Like a Good Neighbor says:

    Boy Scouts Are There.

    Good to see not only the town board listen to the residents but the scouts as well. A couple of feet here and a couple of feet there and next thing you know you have happy campers and happy neighbors.

    Good work to all involved!

  2. Bernard Punsley says:

    Just curious…did Mr. Faber check with the Silver Lake board to see if they were OK with this project?

  3. Just Curious.... says:

    There is/was no need to consult with the Silver Lake Board. The contract between the two municipalities covers the period of time between Feb 14th and the April Installation date of the new Village of Salem Lakes Board. It is basically set up to protect us from screwing up a well oiled machine. Until then, there is autonomy. Between now and that time we need to consult with Salem on our operations because we need them to help us. We have very little experience on Planning and Zoning issues because we have had little need for it over the years, don’t you know.

  4. Bernard Punsley says:

    @Just Curious……point well taken. I really was a bit “tongue in cheek”….since Mr. Faber et al took such umbrage with Silver Lake(and our “autonomy”) creating a Police and Fire Commission. Silver Lake had the right to do so, it was a good move, the “run” to the Kenosha News unwarranted.

  5. BP Just Curious says:

    You say that Silver Lake had the right. That is incorrect. You are misleading people. Our tiny village doesn’t meet the level of having to have such a commission. Add to that, we don’t need one because we hire our services. Those companies, in this case, County Sheriff and Town’s Fire and Rescue, are responsible for their employees, not us. As I read on a Facebook page, establishing a Fire and Police Commission for a village that does not yet exist, is like giving out a birth certificate for a baby not yet born. I think we did a poor job of this. It made the Pres and Trustees look as immature and inexperienced as they are. Darts to them. They are not the trustees of the new village and therefore cannot create such a commission for that village, no more than they can create a fire police commission for Burlington or Bristol. They can create a commission for Silver Lake (but why) but not for Salem Lakes. Those statute obligations don’t start until after Feb 14th. This is the kind of finagling that many of us hoped was in our past. This is why many of us thank you for your service of the past that brought us to this point but welcome the candidates of Salem to be on the town board to the new village board. They bring experience. Tested. Not single issue candidates.

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