Silver Lake appoints Police and Fire Commission members

silver-lake-VHThe Silver Lake Village Board took yet another step brought about by its upcoming merger with the town of Salem with the creation of a Police and Fire Commission.

Such a commission is required by state staute for Wisconsin villages with a population of over 5,500. The population of the new combined village of Salem Lakes will be about 15,500.

Police and fire commissions are designed to govern police and fire departments through non-partisan participants.

Appointed at last week’s regular Silver Lake Board meeting were:┬áMike Stark, 1 year term; Tom Robinson, 2 year term; Shirley Boening, 3 year term; Chris Dreyer, 4 year term; Greg Galich, 5 year term. As each member’s term expires, the next person re-appointed or appointed will serve a five-year term.



  1. Bernard Punsley says:

    Congratulations to the new PFC members. They will bring a sense of professionalism to the Commission and having proven themselves to be dedicated members of their respective communities. Another “step forward” for Salem Lakes. Good luck to all of you. Prepare for the “onslaught of criticism” you are about to receive for serving your community!

  2. Concerned resident says:

    I see there is only one Salem resident, I believe that person has a chip against the FD…. 4-1 Salem-Silver Lake. You would have thought Silver Lake would have opened it up to the bigger part of the New Village. Concerning!!

  3. Salem Resident says:

    I believe that Shirley and Tom are both Salem residents so don’t be too Concerned!!

  4. Sl Goverment says:

    Yes Concerned resident. It was open to all residents. Shirley and Tom are both from Salem. Shirley has many years in administration of the Town of Salem and Tom has spent more that 30 years in administration of the fire service in both Wilmot and Great Lakes Fire Department. They are both the best of the best. They will do their job and not be influenced by politics.

  5. Bernard Punsley says:

    Just as I predicted….the “onslaught of criticism” did not take long! ALL of the candidates are HIGHLY QUALIFIED, have proven themselves to be DEDICATED
    to their community and do NOT deserve the heaping of havoc the “whiners and naysayers” will throw at them. The creation of this commission is REQUIRED BY STATE LAW. Apparently, there are STILL a few people “living in caves” who do not understand that Salem and Silver Lake will be under ONE GOVERNING BODY, Village of Salem. There will be no more “us vs. them”…..time to lose that mentality folks.
    “Concerned resident’s” concerns concern me. Apparently, I have NOT been doing a good enough job of keeping residents informed as the “self appointed Voice of the Village”. Back to the drawing board, Bernard!

  6. Bernard Punsley says:

    I stand corrected…”Village of Salem Lakes”. Guess even Bernard needs to get used to saying it!!!!

  7. Dennis Faber says:


    Even thought I have no problem with the individuals selected I do have a major concern that Silver Lake does not have the authority to make these appointments. They do not have the population to make these appointments. They are acting as if they are SALEM LAKES and this has not COME TO FERITION.


  8. Simple Fix says:

    I imagine there is a fine line between having things done immediately versus having things done expeditiously when creating a new village.

    Any of these commissions, appointments, ordinance changes or anything else that needs to be done at the start/creation of a village should be able to be done/approved or re-done in the first couple of board meetings as driven by state statute.

    This is where Casey’s knowledge is going to show itself. We seem to be trusting him with guiding us down this long road. Let’s hope that there are no mistakes made that are going to cost us money.

    P.S. Thank you Mr. Faber for pointing out this small but important detail in the rules of a village. Lest we not forget that any of the current town of Salem supervisors that are not elected to the new village board will serve in a advisory capacity for as long as needed. Hopefully all five will remain in the advisory capacity and the new village will have new blood at least for the immediate future.

    More about those five as the primary gets closer.

    Darren. Will you be doing candidate interviews prior to the primary? Hope so!

  9. Bernard Punsley says:

    @Dennis Faber: Your “major concern” that Silver Lake does not have the authority to make these appointments in not only INCORRECT, but CHAFES you as well. Pretty apparent that you don’t like “those folks” from Silver Lake telling “you folks” from Salem what to do. Attitudes like yours need to be changed if the success of this merger is to succeed to “FERITION”. Kind of surprising that a person in your position on the board would not have all the FACTS before commenting on a public site such as this. Or……..maybe not! THAT should “concern” everyone!

  10. Silver Lake says:

    Dennis Faber is seems that you don’t understand what is going on. It is not them and us anymore. We have merged. We are all one big family now.

  11. Bernard Punsley says:

    Seems Mr. Faber et al have a bug under their bandanna because Silver Lake created a Police and Fire Commission with “discussing it” with Salem. Maybe Mr. Faber could explain why Silver Lake is set to approve the contract with the Salem Town administrator, who will oversee Salem Lakes. Can’t have it both ways, Dennis. The
    “run to the Kenosha News” maneuver was nothing more than a political move to try and cast aspersions on Bruce Nopenz and the rest of the Silver Lake board members who will be running for office. I think it BACKFIRED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Folks are seeking COOPERATION…..not CONFRONTATION!!!

  12. Can't wait to see what the commission does says:

    If the Town of Salem had any vision and foresight they would of had a fire and police commission along time ago. Knowing the ins and out of current events this has been a long time comming

  13. Dan novotny says:

    Punsley or who ever you are you are the master of confrontation so what are you talking about!

  14. Sad But True says:

    It is sad that the Salem Town board went to the papers with false information about the commission. Cant wait is correct. Salem should have had a commission years ago they were big enough and serviced villages which meant by state statues they should have had one. There has been a lot of work done before the two merge. Employee contracts, hundreds of new ordinances, new committees and more. The smart board members are the ones that have everything in place before you merge. Get it done.

  15. Bernard Punsley says:

    @Dan novotny: I AM Bernard Punsley. I DO know what I am talking about. If you would attend Salem and Silver Lake board meetings, read the minutes, stay INFORMED, you would KNOW what I am talking about! You deem me to be the “master of confrontation”(your words, not mine). If so, whatever irked you enough to think you could “confront” me proves to me that you are strictly an amateur. You ain’t in my league, “Dan”.

  16. Dan novotny says:

    Punsley your a small fish in a small pond, I’ll confront you anytime you’re right the fact your in a league of your own no doubt!

  17. Dan novotny says:

    I suppose once inspector punsley claims he’s being confronted he might look into my background which he seems to enjoy, you can ring my doorbell anytime and I’ll be glad to hear your explanation of closed door meetings and missing money maybe if your lucky you can haul my branches away!!!!

  18. Bernard Punsley says:

    @Dan novotny: You may be right, I am a “small fish in a small pond”(your words, not mine), but I am SOON to be a “small fish in a BIG pond”. As we join hands with our sister Salem, the Bernard Punsley Fan Club CONTINUES to grow. Your admission that I am in “a league of my own” earns you the right to be added to the BPFC. Your member’s card is in the mail. WELCOME TO THE CLUB!!!

  19. Dan novotny says:

    I’d rather think your more of in line of the head of the three musketeers, seems like you have looked into my background if your going to mail me something I’d rather you deliver it yourself!!!

  20. Bernard Punsley says:

    @Dan novotny: Sorry, it’s already in the mail. Send it back if you decide you don’t want to belong to the club.

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