Silver Lake seeking letters from people who want to be appointed to vacant trustee seat

silver-lake-VHThe Silver Lake Village Board has decided to seek letters from residents who would like to be appointed to fill out the remainder of a village trustee’s term.

Dan Withers recently resigned his seat due to new out of state work responsibilities. His term expires in April 2018 and the person appointed will serve until then. Salary is $3,000 per year.

Residents of the village of Silver Lake interested in being appointed should submit a letter of interest, says a notice on the village website.  The letter of intent should include two paragraphs stating why the person would like to be a trustee and what their qualifications are to fill the position.

Letters may be submitted in a sealed envelope to the village clerk during normal business hours and no later than 2 p.m. on Wednesday, Jan. 18. If you are unable to submit your letter in person, you are asked to use the secure lock box at the front of the Village Hall.

The letters will be reviewed by the Village Board in closed session at the regular board meeting on Jan. 18.


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  1. Devotees are among us says:

    Yes, Devotees are among us. Month after month, special meeting, regular meeting, there are attendees who are devotees to the NEED TO KNOW and to SEE FOR ONES SELF the goings on of the government where they live. These are the people who know. These are the people who see what is and is not done, who is prepared and is not prepared, who votes on knowledge or votes on friendship. These are the people who are not in a bubble but talk with others and see the needs of those of the village.

    When I first saw that there was to be an opening, I had hoped that the board would put the position to a special election; after the April vote. That not occurring, and the intent to appoint now rather than later, I hope that those who regularly attend, consider their own great value to the Village, write their two paragraphs and toss their names into the ring.

    The duration of the term is one year. There would be no cost other than the trip to the Clerk’s office; and the time to create two paragraphs.

    I would hope that the one chose to fill the vacancy for a year and some months would come from the dedicated group attending each and every meeting. The opportunity is great. There is no politiking involved in this. No official filings. NO expense. Nothing other than a letter. It is a great situation for anyone wanting to volunteer.

    It is great for the individual and great for the village to grab hold of the experience sitting in their midst. For the appointee, it will be a complete process to be involved instead of sitting on the outside looking in. Laws will be created in this coming year. Basic laws. Laws that affect your neighbors. Be part of that.

    The time spent chasing the meeting dates and times, wondering what more is involved in the agenda item than simply stated on the published agenda and being surprised at what is introduced will be replaced by listening to what others have to say about any given issue and meeting information will be given to you rather than chasing it. Being a Trustee will be a very nice bucket list opportunity and achievement.

    To those taking the time reading this, and considering writing, please, yes, create your letter. Write it. Type it. Seal it. Make no comments to others and be available when the board calls to talk to you in person or on the phone. Be yourself.

    If you are a regular audience member, you already have more experience than the majority of the people in the village. Use it. Bring your wisdom to the village and be part of the new village creating process. Be a representative not a political. I think you will find it rewarding. For certain you will be representing the village well.

    There is no better opportunity than this to serve your community. Grab it!

    Linda Valentine

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