Spring election 2017: Three of four positions in Paris have challenges

Ballot BoxThree of the four town positions up for election in Paris in the spring 2017 election will have contests on the ballot.

Filing candidacy papers as of Tuesday’s deadline are:

  • Supervisor 1: Incumbent Ron Kammerzelt and challenger Joe Kolnik. Kolnik ran against Chairman Virgil Gentz in the Nov, 22 recall election.
  • Supervisor 2: Incumbent Ken Monson and challenger Scott Kirschner.
  • Clerk-Treasurer: Incumbent Beverly McCumber and challenger Nikki Collins.

For chairman, only incumbent Virgil Gentz filed candidacy papers.

The spring election will be April 4.



  1. Nothing new in Paris says:

    This is good news. It’s time to be held accountable. Too bad nobody ran against Virgil. I bet he even wished somebody would have. He has served his time, good with the bad, but it’s time to move on.

  2. Northwestern Mike says:

    I wonder what the challengers are going to run on this time. They will lose again if they run on the same reasons they did for the recall election.

  3. Nothing new in Paris says:

    Interesting to see all the effort by the current board members. Once again, I believe they are nervous.
    If only the entire town was on the internet, etc. they could see what is really going on. Oh wait… The Town only publishes what they want you to see, so that may not help but at least it would be a start…
    Just one example….No minutes posted since last September. That’s a disgrace and a disrespect to the entire town. Nothing new! This board is incompetent. I’ll take some farmers with little or no experience over these wanna politicians.

  4. It's not incompetence says:

    The current board is willfully not publishing meeting minutes on the Paris website to keep people in the dark.

    When we requested they post meeting minutes on the website they said it would cost too much. We have $23 million in the bank but they won’t spend $10/month so that town people know what’s going on.

    That’s not incompetence, that’s strategy by the town board – they’d rather you didn’t know what’s going on.

  5. Positive Change says:

    Looks like they are finally listening to the electors.

    The Town of Paris has finally posted Meeting Minutes on their website going back to 2011 – welcome to the 21st century.


    Thank you!!!

  6. June 2012 - When People had courage says:


    This is my favorite meeting to review. Here is a meeting where people showed up, made solid suggestions.

    Look at the list of people who spoke:

    *Mike Cavalenes
    *Judy Sommers
    *Nadina Janis
    *Mary Neuhaus
    *Clyde Fillmore
    *Aaron Frederic
    *Jeff Gumm
    *Richard Frederick
    *Terry Tower
    *Donna Thate- Zimmerma
    *Randy Henning
    *Richard Daly
    *Beth Frederick
    *Bob Emery
    *Sue Oliver
    *Claire St. George
    *Henry Billingsley
    *Bill Neuhaus
    *Anita Wallig
    *Bob LaBel
    *Mark Edquist
    *Ken Carlson
    *Judy Sommers

  7. I remember that meeting says:

    That’s the meeting where the Town Board convinced us they had to reduce the amount of County taxes they paid for us from 100% to 75%.

    We only had $16 million in the bank in 2011: “Virgil Gentz answered there is $16 million invested with an expected return of roughly $400,000.”

    Now we have $23 million in the bank.

    *Why did we need to reduce the payments from 100% to 75%?
    *So they could increase the savings from $16 million to $23 million?

    *When will it be enough?
    *When can we pay that money out to current residents?

  8. I always liked Bob's suggestion says:


    Bob Emery asked if it was possible to have one percentage rate for out of state parcels and another percentage rate for parcels with a residence.

    Bob’s idea was shot down by the “Attorney” whose answer was all over the board for why we shouldn’t differentiate between residents and out of state folks (none of the attorney’s answers were truthful).

    Bob’s idea was the same thing the State of Wisconsin does with the Wisconsin Lottery Credit:

    Who qualifies for the Lottery and Gaming Credit?

    To qualify for the Lottery and Gaming Credit, you must be a Wisconsin resident, own a dwelling and use it as your primary residence as of the January 1 certification date of the year the property taxes are levied.

    BOOM: Bob got it, why didn’t the attorney?

  9. Annual Meeting says:

    Do a search for “Annual Meeting” on the Paris website.


    Notice that 2016 isn’t available.

    Why would they not upload the most recent? we have 2013, 2014 and 2015.

    Must just be an honest oversight.

  10. Minutes? says:

    Annual meeting minutes are not on the site – only the notices. In November before the recall election, voters got a letter signed by Ron, Ken and Virgil telling us that they would keep us informed about the Somers/Kenosha/paris deal. We have heard nothing. It’s odd that 2 weeks before another election, the clerk is doing what she has been asked to do for years. After this election, will we go back to the dark ages? Time for new faces.

  11. Nothing New in Paris says:

    They have an tremendous amount of things to hide! Vote for change. Anything is better than hidden agendas and lies.

  12. Nothing New in Paris says:

    No oversights. They are extremely calculating. Well… as able as they can be

  13. Kenosha County Tax Levy to be revisted every year says:


    *Sue Oliver asked how this will work in the future. Will the percentage be fixed or varied? Will this always be tied to the landfill?

    Virgil Gentz answered it will be variable and adjusted each year.

    *Claire St. George asked if this could be revisited on a regular basis?

    Virgil Gentz answered the board will revisit this every year at the budget hearing.

    *Anita Wallig asked if the landfill income increases, will the decision be reversed?

    Virgil Gentz answered. It is very possible the decision will be reversed if the landfill income improves.

  14. Why haven't we increased the % back to 100%? says:

    Paris Town Board (Gentz, Kammerzelt and Monson) must have revisited the percentage each year “as promised” over the last six and determined it was better to keep taking money from residents.

    Town Board convinced us they had to reduce the amount of County taxes they paid for us from 100% to 75%.
    “Virgil Gentz answered there is $16 million invested…”

    “Beginning Fund Balance Jan 1st 2016: “$21,650,839”

    Virgil said it was “very possible the decision will be reversed if landfill income improves” (see above comment) but he never said how much it would have to improve.

  15. You were right Randy says:

    Randy Henning stated the Town has millions. Why do they need to protect us? From What? Now is a rainy day. The Board should help maintain our standard of living – not raise taxes. Use the money to keep our taxes down. Landfill is doing poorly now but will do better in the future. Watch what happens. Use the money for the people today – not tomorrow.


  16. Town Board took money out of our pockets so they'd have a war chest says:


    For 4 years the Town Board worked behind the scenes to use your money to “Secure the Borders”.

    *Ron Kammerzelt added: WE HAVE to look to the future and SECURE OUR BORDERS.

    *Virgil Gentz: WE ARE TRYING TO SECURE OUR BORDERS, attract businesses and keep money in the bank.

    *Henry Billingsley asked if the Town spends money to SECURE THE BORDERS, will we be back here next year to get more money. Virgil Gentz replied that depends. It is unknown at this time.

  17. Does a secure border make YOU feel better says:

    To answer my own question, I do NOT feel better.

    The “Secure Border” agreement took money out of my pocket for the last 5 years.

    I want my money back.

  18. $5 Million they've taken from us ($21 million minus $16 million) says:

    The Town Board “believes”:
    1) Paris Residents will voluntarily annex into Somers.
    2) A development will generate revenue for Somers which Somers will share (after expenses) with Paris.

    I share the same hope but not the same belief. It’s already cost us $5 million.
    *How much more will we spend for this hope?

  19. Nothing New in Paris says:

    Same old thing in Paris. Not sure what it will take to get the general public to see how they are being taken advantage of. Kind of sad….

  20. Northwestern Mike says:

    The public is not being taken advantage of. The residents voting for the incumbents proves that.

  21. Nothing New in Paris says:

    Really Mike? That proves nothing. The residents have fight for every bit of information that can get. And don’t say that talking to the board members is a way of getting information. That is like saying that you can believe everything a politician says. Do you believe EVERYTHING that Trump and Clinton say???? I didn’t think so.

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