Silver Lake to discuss resignation of trustee

Dan Withers taking the oath of office. /Earlene Frederick photo

Dan Withers taking the oath of office in 2015. /Earlene Frederick photo

The agenda for Silver Lake’s Village Board meeting on Wednesday includes an item to discuss the resignation of a trustee.

A lengthy agenda includes the following: “Discussion and possible action on the resignation of Trustee Dan Withers.”

An email message sent last week to Withers about his status on the Village Board was not answered. Another sent Monday night also has not been answered yet.

Withers was originally appointed to the board in June 2015 to fill out the term of Chris Willkomm, who resigned in May 2015. Withers was then re-elected in April 2016. His term expires in 2018.

How to fill the seat could have implications for the make-up of the Salem Lakes Village Board after Silver Lake and Salem merge in February. Withers’ seat was not one of the four village board positions set to be decided in the April 2017 election.




  1. could have implications ??? says:

    Could have complications? Why?? Just follow the rules!

    There are rules and procedures in place for taking care of this issue. Replacing a resigning board member is not something new or hard to do. The time line here while interesting, should not have any bearing on what needs to happen and when. Mr. Withers date of resignation is the only thing that matters.

    Follow the rules! Don’t try to delay the process. Do it as it is supposed to happen.

  2. Whats the difference says:

    What’s the difference? Not attending or not being prepared if you do attend and voting with stupidity? We will see if our board acts professionally or like any number of old boards we have been subjected to this Wednesday.

    Do we know? Are the rules of an appointed member who did not sign a GAB1 the same as a Trustee who did?

    The appropriate thing would be to put it to an election. It can be done. Give us the choice. The worst thing of all would be to have this board appoint a person days before an election that will be reminiscent of the Silver Lake we have been so ashamed of for so many years. Let’s start out the new village the right way!

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