Snowmobile trail pass regulations to be enforced this year

snowmobile-generic-sxc-M.-A.-Makky-crop-webState regulations regarding the display of a trail pass for snowmobiling will be more strictly enforced in Kenosha County this season, says a representative of the Kenosha County Snowmobile Alliance.

The passes actually were required last season, but local law enforcement was lenient in enforcing the regulations here because the requirement was new, said Terry Burns, treasurer and law enforcement liaison for the alliance.

But this year, enforcement is expected to be more strict, Burns said.

To educate snowmobilers about the passes, signs have been posted at some area municipal buildings and also will be displayed at strategic locations along the county trail system, Burns said.

Trail passes can be obtained online from the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources or at a discount for members of a snowmobile club. A resident pass costs $30 per sled or $10 to a club member. A non-resident pass costs $50 per sled.

The trail system is important because it establishes areas where snowmobilers can ride with permission from landowners.

“Without the trail system, they legally have no¬†place to except along the side of the road,” Burns said.

To stay in the good graces of landowners who have allowed the trail system to cross their land, Burns asked those using the trails to be respectful of the private property and stay on the designated trail.

More information about the local trail system and local clubs can be found at the Kenosha County Snowmobile Alliance website.


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  1. Nothing new in Paris says:

    Please stay on the trails. Don’t tear up the ground when the snow is minimal. Please stay informed and stay off the trails when they are closed.
    We get so little snow here that it is important to take care of what we have.
    Don’t drink and ride.

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