State Rep. Kerkman committee leadership positions announced

State Rep. Samantha Kerkman will serve as the Assembly Chair for the Joint Legislative Audit Committee and the Vice-Chair for the Assembly Committee on Health, it was announced last week.

From a news release from Kerkman’s office:

Yesterday, Speaker Vos announced Committee Chair and Vice Chair appointments for the 2017-18 Legislative Session. Representative Samantha Kerkman (R-Salem) was appointed as the Assembly Chair for the Joint Legislative Audit Committee. Rep. Kerkman was also appointed to serve as the Vice-Chair for the Assembly Committee on Health. The Joint Legislative Audit Committee is responsible for tasking the Legislative Audit Bureau (LAB) to conduct audits and evaluations, holding hearings on LAB reports, and introducing legislation relating to recommendations made by the LAB. Representative Kerkman has served on the Joint Legislative Audit committee every session she has served in the legislature; as well, she has been the Assembly Chair since the 2011-12 Legislative Session. Representative Kerkman would like to thank Speaker Vos for his continued confidence in her as the Assembly Chair for the Joint Legislative Audit committee. The Assembly Committee on Health is responsible for dealing with legislation concerned with health care and health insurance. “I am looking forward to serving again as the Assembly Chair of the Joint Legislative Audit Committee for the upcoming session. I am also honored to be chosen as the Vice-Chair of the Assembly Committee on Health. And with the health care discussion coming to the forefront of the nationally, I am excited to be on the frontline for getting the best legislative solutions to the floor to better serve the citizens of Wisconsin ,” said Rep. Kerkman (R-Salem).



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