A word from our sponsors: Smartphone or computer bidding for Twin Lakes Area Charity Corp annual charity gala silent auction items is now open

Note: Twin Lakes Area Charity Corp is a westofthei.com sponsor. This is a paid announcement. — DH

Twin Lakes Area Charity Corp is excited to announce that all bidding for silent auction items at this year’s charity gala event is done through smartphone or computer. You can bid from anywhere, anytime and the BIDDING STARTS NOW!!!!

1. Go to http://TwinLakes.gesture.com to register.

2. Receive your confirmation text from Gesture.com.

3. You can either bid from your smartphone or computer.

4. Click on View Items.

5. Scroll through the auction items and click on an item to learn more about it.

6. Once you want to place a bid you click on that specific item and be prompted to add your credit card to put on file. You can do this by clicking on Add Credit Card.

7. Enter the amount you would like to bid and click Place Bid.

8. You will receive a text message anytime you have been outbid.

9. Start bidding, good luck and have fun!

Sorry, Silent Auction only. You have to be at the event to bid on the loud auction items.

The Twin Lakes Area Charity Corp. is a 501(C)3 public charity  that is allowed to receive tax deductible donations. Funds benefit Twin Lakes Area Food Pantry, The Sharing Center, Suicide Prevention & Education through the Twin Lakes Area Charity Corp.


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