Paris passes resolution regarding new IGA with Somers and Kenosha

The Paris Town Board unanimously passed a resolution regarding a new intergovernmental agreement between Paris, Somers and Kenosha regarding development along I-94 and boundaries.

The approval was expected as a tentative memo of understanding regarding the resolution was approved earlier by all three entities. The action came at the board’s regular monthly meeting Tuesday

The resolution sets in motion the development of a formal agreement that will govern the creation of growth areas for Somers and Kenosha within current Paris territory. Paris residents in those growth areas will have 50 years to annex into Somers or Kenosha.

“We’re agreeing in principal to move forward with an agreement that will freeze Paris boundaries,” said Supervisor Ron Kammerzelt.

The IGA between Paris and Somers that passed in April immediately turned over 2,500 acres from Paris to Somers. Kenosha was not a party to that deal, a key point as Kenosha has the water and sewer service that would be needed for commercial development along I-94. The agreement also would have land-locked Kenosha from growing territory and the city as well as some affected Paris residents filed lawsuits to stop the Paris-Somers IGA. The city’s lawsuit is now expected to be dropped.

“I believe that’s a much better deal than the first IGA we put together,” Kammerzelt said. “We’ve all come together and we have worked hard. Although it’s not perfect for everybody, its a much better document.”

Said town Chairman Virgil Gentz: “It’s better that we can all work together … as we all work together I think there will be some positive things.”

Earlier in the meeting during citizens comments, Joseph Kolnik, who is running against Gentz in a Nov. 22 recall election spurred by the Somers-Paris IGA, said he had been advised by the Wisconsin Election Commission that political comments regarding the recall should not be part of Town Board meetings. Kammerzelt then was the next commenter, coming out from the front table and standing in the audience, where he said he was speaking as a private citizen not a board member. Kammerzelt challenged Kolnik and the other recall challengers to a debate before Nov. 22. Kolnik challenged Kammerzelt on the basis of his debate c omment being political content, but Kammerzelt replied he was acting as a private citizen at that time.



  1. Northwestern Mike says:

    To all Paris Residents NOT ‘Paris Resident’,

    I have been told a debate is being scheduled for November 10 in the Paris School gymnasium. They are looking for a moderator.

    I guess will we find out which challengers will debate by who shows up.

    Look for more news early next week.

  2. Northwestern Mike says:

    I have also been told that the Boundary Agreement Statue Bristol used to become a village required that the Village of Bristol sign a boundary agreement with Paris. Not sure if it was a 10 or 20 year agreement.

  3. Northwestern Mike says:

    I was also told that a township could prevent a property owner from annexing to another county but not within a county.

  4. Just Some Thoughts says:

    Enough already,

    Maybe you should read the article before you post it. Kolnik and Terry said they would think about a debate. Those are the words coming from your posted story. Monson and Gents said they would, IF they were available at the time of the debate.

  5. Paris Pundit says:

    @enough already: The ISSUES raised by Northwestern Mike were: 1. the Town board called for the debate. 1 board member (Ron K) tried to bully the challengers into having a debate. They did not “take the bait”… NW asserts they are “AFRAID”(his words, not mine). The other 2 supervisors stated they would participate in a debate if they were available on the selected date. Nothing “wishy washy” there!
    So I STAND by my contention that the entire board DID NOT call for a debate and that there is NO PROOF that the challengers are “AFRAID”. I’ll ask again “WHERE”S THE BEEF”?

  6. Nothing new in Paris says:

    enough already, Monson and Gentz said, “If they were available.” Gee what a great way to have an excuse not to debate but look like you are open to it. If you know this board at all, you would know that at least one of the two would not be able to be there. And even if the chairman showed up, he would say a whole lot of nothing. Remember, he earned a BS in History.

  7. State your Secret Logic now or step aside says:

    If Reckless Ron has secret reasons that justify his actions, then state them now.

    There is no need to wait for a meeting at a school house to honor us with your insight.

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