Units responding for crash in Salem

Photo by kconnors via morgueFile.com

Photo by kconnors via morgueFile.com

At about 6:39 p.m., Town of Salem Fire/Rescue units and sheriff’s deputies are responding to a crash at Highways c and 83 in Salem.

UPDATE 6:43 p.m. — Deputy on scene requests tow truck for a vehicle that is off the road in the northwest sector of the intersection.

UPDATE 6:44 p.m. — A deputy requests a tow truck for another vehicle. A light or traffic signal pole is down.

UPDATE 6:55 p.m. — Deputy reports that traffic signal pole has been removed from the roadway.



  1. Roundy Roundabout says:

    Hope there are no injuries.

    83 & C, you mean there was ANOTHER accident at 83 & C one of the most dangerous intersections in southeastern Wisconsin says the DOT, makes you wonder if a safety upgrade would help? Maybe a “Roundabout”?

    “Oh” forgot, some people don’t like roundabouts and say the DOT lied about all the accidents here just so they could spend a couple hundred thousand dollars at no cost to Salem or the County.

    Can you imagine, spend all that money just to make people who don’t like driving slow in a circle goofy! THEY SURE HAVE A LOT OF NERVE DON’T THEY?

  2. Try millions of dollars. says:

    What the state won’t do is add left turn signals at this intersection. If you go just a little bit south over the state line to North Avenue and 83 and look at the configuration of that intersection the amount of lanes already in place is the same as Highway 83 & C.

    All we (the people who oppose the roundabout) are asking for is for them to put left turn signal’s lights above and see if that will help the situation. The State will not do that as they are set on a roundabout as the only upgrade available.

    The argument they have about the hill and the sightlines are debatable as that whole intersection was lowered a few years back. ( by the state) Why they can’t just put some new lights up and cut some wires into the road and give that a shot, I don’t know.

  3. american taxpayer says:

    10/26/2016 ANOTHER accident at Highways 83 and C. The street light is still on the northwest side of the intersection.
    People continue to speed up through a yellow light and drive right through red lights causing injury and even deaths.
    Round-about force everyone to slow down no matter what.
    In many cases vehicles don’t even have to stop, unlike stop lights making roundabout a quicker option.
    West of 45 Citizen you are WRONG. As a semi-driver I have no issues getting through a roundabout. I do however have problems making turns at stop lights when people do not stop at the painted stop bar during a red light.

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