Bristol increases sewer rates for Utility District 1

bristol-vil-signThe Bristol Village Board on Monday approved an increase in sewer rates for customers in Utility District 1.

Users of the system will see an increase of 9 percent for the next three years. The current residential rate is $120. After the three increases the rate will be $153.

This is the first increase in the rate in at least 10 years, village officials said.

The board chose to spread the increase out over three years rather than adjust the rate 27 percent in a single year in an attempt to spread out the impact on those who pay the fee.

Utility District 1 serves the area of the village from Highway 50 and 45 to Lake George.

The village needed to enact an increase to cover operational costs mostly due to the closing of a major industrial user within the district, said village administrator Randy Kerkman. The food processing company accounted for about one third of the district’s sewage flow.

While that company’s building has been purchased by a new company, the operation planned for the facility — ice making — will not come close to matching the former company’s sewer flow, Kerkman said.

The village had used some sewer fund reserves toward operations last year, but cannot continue to do so at the same rate in future years, Kerkman said. However, since the loss revenue is not going to be recaptured in a single year, some of those reserves will need to be used to make up the difference between the rate revenue and operation costs until the third year.


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