Girl Scout Troop builds buddy bench for Trevor-Wilmot School

/Submitted photo

/Submitted photo

A local Girl Scout Troop has built a piece of furniture for Trevor-Wilmot School that they hope will help students who need a friend.

Girl Scout Troop 9338 took on the project of building  a buddy bench for Trevor-Wilmot as part of the troop’s quest to qualify for a Bronze Award.

What’s a buddy bench? Troop member Mariah Morin explained it this way:

At recess kids might need someone to play with. For example, if they are new to the school they can go to the buddy bench, so someone can come to the buddy bench and ask the person sitting on the bench if they want to play. The buddy bench is also for kids who are having a hard time in their life or just need someone to talk. They will sit on the bench. Someone will eventually come up to the buddy bench and talk to the person sitting on bench. The idea is that kids will not feel left out or feel alone, like they have no one to talk to or that no one cares. This will help kids feel safe instead of bullied at school …  Bullying is a problem at many schools and we don’t want that to happen at our school. “

The bench project will count as a required community service aspect of the Bronze Award process.

Mariah called the bench “a gift that lasts and is for everyone.”


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