Deaths Sept. 10, 2016: Donna Ruth Barhyte

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The following deaths of local residents and those with local connections are being reported by funeral homes today. Click on name to see obituary/service information:

Donna Ruth Barhyte, 84, of Trevor, died Sept. 9, 2016. (Note: Link now corrected — DH)

This post sponsored by Westosha Floral.


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  1. Goodbye, Teacher Barhyte says:

    Goodbye, Teacher Barhyte ~ Mrs Barhyte was a LADY. Like the kind of lady we read about in the older novels. The person of the family that all look up to. She brought that presence with her wherever she went. She taught the ‘children’ not the ‘kids’ thru many years in many schools and touched them in ways that today they still remember. She was a teacher’s teacher. She taught children to be good adlts and to see how to teach children. She was a wonderful person and always had a smile and a softness to her that embraced you. Church, school, neighborhood, clubs and special events – you could count on her to be there. This all said, I don’t think that I can ever drive past her home without remembering the basket of pears – FREE FOR THE TAKING or the MUSIC LESSONS sign in the window. Goodbye Teacher Barhyte, we will miss you….

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