Status of Paris recall election still undecided

The fate of a recall election for the Paris Town Board is still working its way through a state commission.

A total of three complaints filed by Joe Kolnik against Paris town Clerk Beverly McCumber were received Aug. 10 and Aug. 12 – one against each decision to find insufficiency of the petition for recall for the current office holders, said Reid Magney, public information officer for the Wisconsin Elections Commission.

McCumber had until Aug. 24 to file a response, which she did. Now Kolnik has until Sept. 7 to file a reply, Magney explained.

A decision will follow, but Magney did not give a firm date. After the decision, McCumber has 30 days to appeal to circuit court, if she chooses.

The recall organizers were mobilized by the board’s handling and approval of an intergovernmental agreement with Somers, which includes the mass transfer of 2,500 acres from Paris to Somers.

Town officials say the agreement will help the town secure its boarders while sharing in revenue from development along I-94.

Opponents object to what they see as a forced relocation that will diminish the value of their property and which was handled without public participation, such as discussion at open meetings.

Recall petitions for each member of the Town Board were filed on July 6. The board members each filed a challenge to the recall petitions on July 15.

On Aug. 5, McCumber found the petitions insufficient, in part saying:

The misleading statements that the officeholder did not follow the law in carrying out his official responsibilities in the reasons for recall could have induced a person to sign the petition who would not have otherwise signed the petition. I find that the misleading and untrue statements make the petition insufficient.”




  1. Affected Resident says:

    More closed doors and secrecy. Maybe the board should discuss their proposal with residents first.

    I guess I’ll just have to wait to see how much they will try and screw me this time.

  2. Northwestern Mike says:

    Dear ‘Affected Resident,’

    Negotiations are done in closed session. That is the way public business is conducted. Go read the Open Meetings law. It is allowed.

  3. Affected Resident says:


    I didn’t say they violated any laws.

    No reason they can’t share their proposal with residents before sending it to Kenosha. I’m not asking to know every detail of their negotiating strategy.

    It just feels like the somers-paris iga all over again. it was a done deal in the eyes of the board before the public hearing even took place.

  4. Affected Resident says:


    I wonder how your tone will change if your property becomes a sacrificial lamb.

    If I were Kenosha, I would want to include your property to make a nice square with strawberry creek. But at least a deal with Kenosha, if it’s like any other, will give you 30 years to join Kenosha.

  5. Northwestern Mike says:

    Dear ‘Affected Resident,’

    As I have said, what is best for the whole town not individual property owners.

    You must have pulled out your crystal ball again. You must be assuming the town does a boundary agreement with Kenosha.

  6. Affected Resident says:

    Such a utilitarian philosophy you have.

    Kenosha is only going to sign if they get something in return. Either a boundary agreement or large sum of money. Or what else can Paris or Somers give?

  7. Affected Resident says:

    This is what I would like to see:

    Stop negotiating with Somers.

    Form a 50 year boundary agreement with Kenosha for hwy 142 to Strawberry Creek (may require some sum of money as well). Paris retains hwy 142 to KR frontage to I-94 with the agreement that Kenosha will provide water/sewer. Then Paris can develop their own land and keep 100% of the profits. If Paris needs TIF money, they can work on becoming a village in the next 50 years.

  8. Paris Pundit says:

    @Northwestern Mike: Boundary agreement with Paris & Kenosha is imminent….one of those “closed door negotiations” you so earnestly defend. You won’t be happy…but I suspect most folks will. Stay tuned!!!

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