Bristol pursuing tree grant for conservation park

A plan for the proposed park from 2009. Click image for a larger view.

A plan for the proposed park from 2009. Click image for a larger view.

Bristol is pursuing a grant to fund 125 trees for the planned conservation park at Highways 45 and 50.

The Village Board on Monday unanimously approved applying for the Urban Forestry Grant from the Wisconsin Department of Transportation.

The $25,000 grant, if received, will require the village to pay a match of $12,500, said village administrator Randy Kerkman.

The park is designed to be a passive use, natural area type park, Kerkman said.

“The whole goal of that park was to bring it back to where it was before man messed it up,” Kerkman said

Plans call for the trees to be planted along an elevated ridge on the southeast end of the 30-acre property, which is adjacent to the Bristol Bay residential development.

Kerkman said he feels the village stands a good chance of receiving the grant due to the amount of planning that has been done for this park.

“We’ve been waiting to get this park going for 15 years,” Kerkman said.

Other work to be done on the property includes getting rid of invasive species and building trails. The trail work might prompt seeking another grant, Kerkman said.

Once sufficient work has been done on the site to allow it to be used by the public, Kerkman said, he hopes those using the park will get interested in helping to finish the park, perhaps through groups such as Scouts.

In a separate action, the board on Monday also unanimously approved applying for a grant from American Transmission Co. that would be used for tress to be planted along 194th Avenue in the existing industrial park.


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