2016 Kenosha County Fair Merit Award winners

merit-award-ribbonHere is a list of the 2016 Kenosha County Junior Fair Merit Award Winners:

Animal/Vet Science

  • Samantha Karls, Slades Corners Lucky Clovers, Chart relate to horse project.

Youth Group Scrapbooks

  • Somers Chargers 4-H Club, Club Scrapbook.


  • Shannon Diedrich, Slades Corners Lucky Clovers, Mexican Rice.
  • Colten Greenhill, Salem Pioneers, Peach Cobbler.
  • Grace Lasch, Salem Pioneers, Peppermint Balls.
  • Sophia Pearson, Paris Happy Workers, Weiner Schnitzel.
  • Katelyn Halladay, Brighton Bombers/Explorers, Cherry Pie.
  • Abigail Suiter, Slades Corners Lucky Clovers, Pineapple Salsa.
  • Mark Deutschmann, Salem Pioneers,  Spaghetti.
  • Lauren Foerster, Bristol Strivers, Chocolates.
  • Ben Lasch, Salem Pioneers, Homemade soup.

Food Preservation

  • Elliot Decker, Wheatland Willing Workers, Applesauce.
  • Haley Harpster, Wheatland Willing Workers, Cherry Apple Raspberry Jelly.
  • Travis Harpster, Wheatland Willing Workers, Cranberry Sauce.

Cake Decorating

  • Katelyn Halladay, Brighton Bombers/Explorers, 3 tier cake.
  • Rachel Pofahl, Slades Corners Lucky Clovers, Beach cake.
  • Meadow Loveless, Salem Pioneers, Octopus out of cupcakes.
  • Melissa Balenkowski, Salem Pioneers, Sock Monkey out of cupcakes.


  • Alyssa Harris, Bristol Strivers Ribbon Quilt.


  • Cloe Lois, Wheatland Willing Workers, Dress.
  • Aleah Daniels, Brighton Bombers/Explorers, Dress.
  • Maggie Hillock, Salem Pioneers, Dress.

Fashion Explosion

State Fair

  • Maggie Hillock, Salem Pioneers, PJ’s.
  • Melissa Balenkowski, Salem Pioneers, Dress.

Jr. Winners

  • Charlotte Weaver, Trail Blazers, Skirt.
  • Rachel Pofahl, Slades Corners Lucky Clovers, Poodle skirt.
  • Rebecca Zurek, Bristol Strivers, Dress.
  • Charlotte Balenkowski, Salem Pioneers, Cape.

Archery Shoot

  • Elindor Decker, Most improved.
  • Paul Hallady, Most consistent.
  • Izzy Jones, Most above average.


  • Rebecca Zurik,  Bristol Challenge,  3D Rocket.
  • Charolotte Blastus, Wheatland Willing Workers, Free standing Legos.
  • Haley Harpster, Wheatland Willing Workers, Legos from a kit.
  • Nathan Stalter, Trail Blazers, Scale model.
  • Hunter Becker, Bristol Strivers, Model Rocket.


  • Alexander Dawson, Somers Chargers, Octagon Picnic Table.
  • Margret Gilmore, Bristol Challenge, Dogwood sculpture.
  • Megan Greenhill, Salem Pioneers, Bird house.


  • Alyssa Emerick, Kenosha Klovers, “Sedum.”
  • Kash Loveless, Salem Pioneers, “Pretty.”
  • Veda Gross, Salem Pioneers, “Native Art.”
  • Katelyn Hannah, Bristol Strivers, “Out with the old, in with the new.”
  • Brooke Giannotti, Bristol Strivers, “Cat in winter.”
  • Grace Lasch, Salem Pioneers, “Little bunny foo foo.”
  • Elizabeth Jones, Paris Happy Workers, “Cat nap.”
  • Isabella Montemunvo. Somers Chargers, “Seal surprise.”
  • Shane McNealy, Wheatland Willing Workers, “Field day.”

State Photo Selection

  • Ben Lasch, Salem Pioneers, “Adrift.”
  • Matthew Dahl, Somers Chargers, “Face to Face.”
  • Sarah March, Wheatland Willing Workers, “Simplicity.”


  • Rebecca Zurek, Bristol Challenge, “Cad – Create a design.”
  • Vegetables/House Plants
  • Carolyn Brown, Bristol Strivers, Slicing cucumbers.
  • Chase Meyers, Slades Corners Lucky Clovers, Wax beans.
  • Mason Welter, Bristol Strivers, Mature red onions.
  • Carolyn Brown, Bristol Strivers, Sunflower.
  • Allyson Biel, Salem Pioneers, Hot peppers.
  • Allyson Biel, Salem Pioneers, Egg plant.
  • Alenander Dawson, Somers Chargers, Tree seed exhibit.
  • Mary Catherine Slagle, Bristol Challenge, Herb Garden.

Natural Sciences

  • Jesse Nau, Slades Corners Lucky Clovers, Fish.
  • Gianluca Montemurro, Somers Chargers, Fish.
  • Chase Meyers, Slades Corners Lucky Clovers, “Contents of a tackle box.”

Arts & Crafts

  • Katelyn Boss, Paris Happy Workers, “2016” Drawing.
  • Joseph Brown, Bristol Strivers, Metal work cannon.
  • Aidan Brown, Paris Happy Workers, Owl drawing.
  • Haley Gorsuch, Bristol Strivers, Beauty & the Beast drawing.
  • Brianna Garrett, Slades Corners Lucky Clovers, Hand decorated cards.
  • Cherish Clark,  Kenosha Klovers, Mosaic mirror.
  • Amanda Gorsuch, Bristol Strivers, Flower painting.
  • Carolyn Brown, Bristol Strivers, Woven star basket.
  • Samantha Karls, Slades Corners Lucky Clovers, Scrapbook.
  • Ruby Loecher, Slades Corners Lucky Clovers, Ukrainian eggs.
  • Joseph Harris, Bristol Strivers, Butterfly sculpture.
  • Sarah March, Wheatland Willing Workers, Chicken picture.
  • Jessica Sheen, Salem Pioneers, “Smile” wood burning.
  • Cherish Clark, Kenosha Klovers, Peter Pan Photo Story.
  • Kate Husenica, Mustangs, Stress Poster.
  • Heidi Overly, Somers Chargers, Dragon drawing.

State Youth Conference Art

  • Emily Springer, Brighton Bomber/Exploreres, State of Wisconsin – String Art.
  • Carolyn Brown, Bristol Strivers, “Paris” decoupage.

Home Environment

  • Grace Suiter, Slades Corners Lucky Clovers, Jewelry holder.
  • Child Development
  • Abigail Suiter, Slades Corners Lucky Clovers, Tic Tac toe.


  • Rebecca Burkhalter, Bristol Challenge, Scarf.


  • Grace Hipper, Bristol Challenge, Open Obedience.
  • Makayla Zydeck, Salem Pioneers, Pre-novice Obedience.
  • Christian Jasiak, Salem Pioneers, Beginner Obedience.
  • Christian Jasiak, Slades Corners Lucky Clovers, Agility.
  • Julisa Sand, Salem Pioneers, Agility.
  • Makayla Zydek, Salem Pioneers, Agility.
  • Makayla Zydek, Salem Pioneers, Showmanship.
  • Kate Husenica, Mustangs, Showmanship.
  • Kate Husenica, Mustangs, CGC.
  • Molly Jackson, Salem Pioneers, CGC.
  • Kasper Hodgson, Salem Pioneers, Rally.
  • Elizabeth Squier, Salem Pioneers, Rally.

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