Paris Town Board recall organizers to appeal decision rejecting recall election

The organizers of a recall of the Paris Town Board say they will challenge the decision of town Clerk Beverly McCumber that the petitions calling for a recall of the Town Board were insufficient.

Said recall leader Joseph Kolnik via a Facebook post:

Elections are the method in which an elector’s voice is heard. This action denies that voice. Why are they refusing to let the people have a voice?”

McCumber found that the number of signatures collected were sufficient, but rejected the petition as insufficient because of statements in the recall petition that she said could have misinformed signers. From the certificate of insufficiency:

The misleading statements that the officeholder did not follow the law in carrying out his official responsibilities in the reasons for recall could have induced a person to sign the petition who would not have otherwise signed the petition. I find that the misleading and untrue statements make the petition insufficient.”

A written sworn complaint about the finding of insufficiency may be made to the Wisconsin Elections Commission within 10 days of the Aug. 5 finding. A spokesman for the recall group said Tuesday that the group does intend to file a complaint.

Petitions asking for a recall were filed by Kolnik, Paul Terry and Robert Fliess on July 6. The incumbents each filed a challenge to the recall on July 15.

The recall organizers were mobilized by the board’s handling and approval of an intergovernmental agreement with Somers, which includes the mass transfer of 2,500 acres from Paris to Somers.

Town officials say the agreement will help the town secure its boarders while sharing in revenue from development along I-94.

Opponents object to what they see as a forced relocation that will diminish the value of their property.



  1. Ronald Kammerzelt logic says:

    Ask Ron these questions:
    Do we need Somers to build “residential” (i.e. not industrial and some commercial)?
    Do we need to allocate $10MM to Somers to help spur residential development?

    Ron Kammerzelt: “The whole thing is I think a lot of people don’t understand yet what we’re trying to do … The city of Kenosha is interested in growing in Paris mostly for industrial and some commercial, but not residential … ”

  2. Somers doesn't add value to the equation says:

    Somers can’t forcibly take Paris land because Somers can’t offer sewer and water.

    Paris residents will not voluntarily annex into Somers because Somers has higher taxes and no value to offer.

    Therefore, I’m confused why Paris is negotiating a deal with SOMERS.

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