Paris recall organizers, one board member share views on recall

A week ago, petitions calling for a recall of all Paris Town Board members were submitted to the Paris town clerk.

The clerk will have 31 days to decided if the petitions were sufficient to schedule an election, based on the requirements of state statutes.

The recall is being spearheaded by a group of residents who oppose the town’s intergovernmental agreement with Somers that would see some 2,500 acres of Paris land along I-94 transferred to Somers in exchange for a secure boundary for the town. Paris and Somers in the IGA agree to share revenue from development in the 2,500 acres. Paris also agrees to pay Somers $1.25 million and fund two revolving loan funds designed to spur development. Those in the transfer area object to being moved into Somers against their will and because they fear it will hurt their property value if by being in Somers, city of Kenosha water and sewer service is not available for development, as it would be if the property were annexed from Paris into Kenosha.

The agreement was approved by both the Somers and Paris boards, but litigation has halted its implementation. However, Somers has recently sent out a communication to the Paris residents in the transfer area — headlined “Welcome new Somers residents” — as if the agreement moved forward.

If the election goes forward, the current board members will automatically be on the ballot. Other people interested in being on the ballot can go through a nomination process.

Here are some views on the recall by three of the people who organized the petition gathering — and are likely going to be candidates in any recall election — and one of the Town Board members.

The challengers

Here are comments included in a press release about the recall from each of the three likely candidates:

Paul Terry: “The response to the petition that we have received on the doorsteps has been phenomenal. At first we thought that only those living within the land being annexed into Village of Somers would want to sign, but hundreds more have been in touch with us because they feel ignored and don’t want their taxpayer money handed over to Village of Somers, either.”

Bob Fliess: “What the town should have done is explain their proposal before it was agreed, and to allow residents to have a vote on it. When the Paris Town Board arrogantly threw out the referendum petition it was a real shock to everyone. Now they are even writing letters to everyone at our expense to try and re-write history and pretend they didn’t act like a bunch of authoritarians over a done deal.”

Joe Kolnik: “Paul, Bob, and I have agreed that we will stand against the three Board Members on a platform of throwing out the agreement and making the Town Board more accountable. Paris isn’t a kingdom for three kings – it’s a community for three elected Paris Board Members who will listen to the people. This isn’t just about stopping the tax rise that everyone in Paris will get, it’s about less arrogance and more democracy and transparency. Why weren’t the people of Paris asked before the town board signed the agreement, and why did the board fail to act on so many requests for information for months? Their time ruling, rather than running, Paris is up.”

The incumbents

All three Town Board members — Chairman Virgil Gentz, Supervisor Ken Monson and Supervisor Ron Kammerzelt were contacted by via the telephone number listed under their contact info on the town website. Messages were left asking for comment at all three numbers. Responses received are printed below:

Ron Kammerzelt: “The whole thing is I think a lot of people don’t understand yet what we’re trying to do … The city of Kenosha is interested in growing in Paris mostly for industrial and some commercial, but not residential … The board is trying to do the best thing they can for people in the I-94 corridor and for Paris as a whole so we can plan.” Regarding transparency, Kammerzelt said the board properly noticed any full board meeting, and did more than required by holding office hours about the agreement before the public hearing and meeting where the IGA was approved.



  1. Northwestern Mike says:

    To all the challengers,
    I believe the discussion of the IGA could have been handled better.

    The question I have for you all is how would you block Kenosha from gobbling up Paris without sharing revenue with us? What kind of boundary agreement would you negotiate with Kenosha? Yes I know land owners have to petition to be annexed by Kenosha. Yes I know the issues and I know you are pissed. What would you do?

  2. GET READY TO VOTE says:

    Get ready to vote folks. Looks like Tuesday Sept 13th will be the big day. Please clear some time to have your voice heard.

  3. Sue them Mike says:

    First Sue Kenosha for not wanting to negotiate with you. They don’t have to negotiate but that doesn’t mean they should just ‘steal’ the land from you.

    Second, Sue the state to change the rules preventing you from becoming a Village. You may not qualify with density of residents but you sure as hell do with potential land value increasing that is all about being in the right place at the right time!

    You are being penalized for being land rich and people poor.

  4. GET READY TO VOTE says:

    Looks like Tuesday Sept 13th we all get a chance to decide the future of Paris. Thanks again for making that possible.

  5. Perplexed in Paris says:

    @Northwestern Mike: Just curious….our current board conveniently painted the portrait of the city of Kenosha as the “big bad wolf”….just sitting and waiting to gobble up Paris. While “looking to the east”, has anyone considered we are surrounded by Bristol, Salem, and Union Grove. What is stopping them from “gobbling” us up? Kenosha has a pretty decent track record of developing Intergovernmental Agreements with their surrounding neighbors. While admittedly, they hold a major edge in negotiations since they can provide sewer and water, those surrounding communities indeed COVET that sewer and water! Please explain how the new Uline project got approved. If there are serious objections to that happening, I have not heard any. What would I do? 1.Kenosha needs to be part of the discussion. 2.REJECT the “ransom money”($1.25 million) that we are “donating” to Somers. 3.REJECT the “loans” we are providing to Somers. 4.Add Bristol, Salem, Union Grove to the discussion, develop a long term “Regional Master Plan” that all involved communities can agree upon. That would include involving the county executives from Kenosha and Racine. This would include such items as regional police, fire, EMS, public works, school districts, libraries, etc. Some type of “Regional Planning Committee”. Are these “pie in the sky” type suggestions? Maybe. I think it beats what’s going on currently.
    Be interested to hear your suggestions, NM.

  6. Northwestern Mike says:

    Perplexed in Paris,

    Shame on me but I will assume you are one on the challengers so that I can ascertain whether the township would be better off with you than who you want to recall.

    Kenosha, the “big bad wolf” as you refer to them, is the only local municipality that has land in Paris Township. The other communities do not.

    What did Paris community get out of the IGA with Kenosha? Land was annexed to Kenosha with no revenue sharing to the community and land owners got a windfall while others in the area began to see dollar signs. The school district will benefit but the town lost land and revenue. The town through negotiations was promised $500K upon completion of an activity controlled by the payee. This was not very bright because Kenosha refused to pay. It shows what a good neighbor Kenosha will be.

    The town secretly negotiated with Kenosha over the Uline property and there were few howls of protest. Are these the same type of negotiation now everyone is up in arms about?

    Yes, the city of Kenosha has water and sewer and now they will have to sell it to their neighbors or will the city of Kenosha through their control of water and sewer be the only one allowed to benefit from development along the interstate? I don’t believe so.

    From the sources I have talked to and from what I have read the “ransom” to form a boundary agreement with Kenosha would start at $10 million. The “ransom” money to Somers is a fraction of that and the loans are just that. What I know about loans is that they are to be paid back and in most cases with interest.

    There already is a master plan called SEWRPC and the Kenosha Executive supports the Paris-Somers IGA.

    I do not have any suggestions because I am not running for election and I do not support the recall. I think the three guys in charge need to do a better job of including community members in the design of a solution instead of trying to sell a solution to residents, but I sincerely believe they are trying to do what is best for the entire town not just a few.

  7. Gail Gentz says:

    Thank you Northwestern Mike for your response to perplexed. You have given a very accurate account of what transpired. Contract negotiations are impossible to share with the public. You elect your town officials to represent all Paris residents and negotiate in the best interest of all town residents. That is what this board has done. To represent that these negotiations were done any differently is not true. The representations that Mr. Kolnik, Mr. Fliess and Mr. Terry have made to the contrary are not true. Mr. Kolnik and Mr. Fliess are looking out for their own interests not the interests of all residents who live in the Town of Paris. This Board has used the revenues for this town wisely. They have continued to manage all town services, i.e. fire and rescue service and administrative offices at no cost to any town residents. They have been able to pay 75 percent of taxes that residents owe to Kenosha County. Even after this, they have been able to maintain a healthy reserve to be used for future development in this town. I am not sure what else is expected of any elected official.

  8. Perplexed in Paris says:

    @Northwestern Mike: Petty bold assumption that I am one of the “challengers”. I am NOT! Please explain how Kenosha has land “in Paris”. You assert “the town secretly negotiated with Kenosha over the Uline property. Really Mike? Why the big need for “secrecy”. You CONVENIENTLY LEFT OUT THE FACT that the owner of the property that Uline purchased WANTED IT THAT WAY!!! Nice try Mike, keep promoting your “divide and conquer” approach.

  9. Northwestern Mike says:

    Mr. Fliess,

    The Paris Town board did not arrogantly throw out the referendum petition.

    Beverly Mc Cumber is a stand up woman and did nothing wrong. I support her 100 percent. We are lucky to have her after the mess she was left with. She based her decision on a recent Government Accountability Board ruling. There was precedent to reject this referendum and she did.

    I for one believe it affects the whole and the whole town should vote. Maybe the town board should have put it up for a referendum vote to begin with.

    Let’s play what if. Assume the Recall succeeds and the new board members nullify the Paris-Somers IGA. Land owners petition to be annexed by Kenosha and Kenosha gets all the land along the interstate and all the way to Route 45. Happy? Where does Paris get revenue to run the town? Does the rural character of the town change and we become an extension of Kenosha? For me the answer is NO THANKS.

    I want a boundary agreement to stop Kenosha. Period. I like Paris the way it is. I don’t want traffic lights and congestion. Just come up with a reasonable plan and I will listen to you.

    Otherwise I am happy with the bird in the hand not the two in the bush.

  10. Thank you NW Mike says:

    Principles of the Recall Election:

    1) Investing money in Paris is right.

    * Investing nearly $10 million in Somers or some hybrid of Somers and Paris is wrong.

    2) Kicking residents out of Paris is not the solution to a problem with Kenosha.

    *Bristol, Somers and Pleasant Prairie all negotiated with Kenosha. Why can’t this board?

    3) Educating the public before making decisions.

    *Signing an agreement on April 7th and publishing an “Answers to Common Questions” on April 9th doesn’t meet the “before” standard:

    *Educating the public means talking to them and getting their buy in (for instance, a signature):

    *See how Salem and Silver Lake are doing it:

    4) Having the public vote on big changes.

    *This isn’t a dictatorship.

  11. Nothing new in Paris says:

    It looks like Salem and Silver Lake know how to work together. This was all done with a too little too late approach. This board failed the entire town by not protecting it’s boundaries. It took someone actually asking to be annexed to make them take action. It’s not fair at all to anyone in the “wall”. It will fail anyway. Time to spend more money and start over the proper way.


    Even though I don’t give any money to Paris (no municipal tax), Paris pays 75% of my county real estate taxes. I’m only a liability to Paris and that’s why I built here.
    •As land is annexed into another community, Paris no longer subsidizes that parcel.

    Thanks to Uline, ~240 acres are no longer on Paris subsidy list. As Town dump revenues are diminished, I’m hopeful we see more land owners follow suit.
    •I’m willing to lose control over land fronting the interstate when I think about the savings to the town.

    Don’t force them into Somers, let them voluntarily go wherever they want AS LONG AS THEY GO.

  13. Twisted logic says:

    NW Mike, that’s some twisted logic there! If you believe everyone in Paris should have their say, how do you defend denying people to have a vote on it and throwing out the referendum?!

    Paris certainly doesn’t get revenue by giving away 2,500 acres of land to Somers all at once!

  14. Affected Paris resident says:

    What is interesting to note here is that a few comments have mentioned about Kenosha taking over Paris. Let’s not forget that this I GA is only good for 10 years. Who’s to say that 10 years from now, Somers decides to take over Paris. Ron states that we probably still don’t understand what they are trying to do. Nobody understands what they are trying to do. Maybe if this board was more transparent, honest and willing to work with the residents we wouldn’t be in this situation.

  15. Northwestern Mike says:

    Perplexed in Paris,

    Oh well, sorry about the assumption. Paris’ original boundaries are from County K to County KR and the Interstate to approximately 216th Avenue. Uline is within those boundaries. Negotiation are done is secret. It is allowed by law.

    I am well aware the property owners of the Uline property asked to be annexed into the city of Kenosha.

    What is your point? Who is trying to divide and conquer?

  16. Northwestern Mike says:

    Dear thank you,

    Investing in a boundary agreement is investing in Paris. Paris gets half the revenue from any development along the interstate. Good move. How much did Paris get from the Uline deal? Zero.

    Sorry about getting kicked out of Paris. It is better than paying Kenosha taxes.

    I was at two question and answer session during the election for two hours. All my questions were answered.

    I agree with getting buy in first. This is what I fault Paris board members for. I also agree a referendum should have been held. Now it will be. Salem and Silver Lake are more equals than a city verse a town.

  17. Northwestern Mike says:

    Thanks for annexing,

    I had never considered this but you are correct. Annexation saves Paris money.

    The town needs the revenue sharing from the interstate development.

  18. Northwestern Mike says:

    Twisted Logic,

    I defend throwing out the first referendum because it does not involve the whole town. I am not in the affected area and I would like to vote on it.

    After expenses Paris gets half the revenue of any land that is developed.

    Affected Paris resident,

    How could this board be more transparent when they don’t understand what another board is trying to do? They have tried to include residents.

  19. Gail Gentz says:

    Paris town board negotiated an agreement with Uline and the City of Kenosha. The result of that negotiation was a payment of $500,000 from the City of Kenosha to offset some of the loss of revenues to the Town of Paris. The agreement also put any further annexation from the City of Kenosha for five years except for certain areas that were contiguous to Uline. None of this was done in secret. The contents of the agreement were reported in the newspaper and I believe on West of the I. The $500,000 payment from the City was reniged on by the City because the City would not issue the permits to Uline by the designated date that was in the agreement. The City couldn’t give any good reasons why the permits were not issued by the specific date. Uline said they had completed all of the paperwork on there end. This is now part of the lawsuit with the City.

  20. Dear MY TAX BILL THANKS YOU says:

    For those residents forced by agreement into Somers, the Paris Town Board promised to pay those county taxes for 10 years (in the contract).

    If residents go to Kenosha, we don’t have to pay their county taxes.

    So, good they go but better they go to Kenosha or Somers voluntarily.

    I agree with your sentiment but we have to over turn agreement forcing them into Somers because I want the real estate tax savings immediately – not in year 11.

    I’m for over turning agreement with Somers, even if it means Recalling board to accomplish that goal.

  21. Just Some Thoughts says:

    Supervisor Kammerzelt’s comments puzzle me. He wants to do what’s best for the people in the I-94 corridor and the Town as a whole. So the people in the corridor either become Somers residents OR as NW Mike believes they may want to annex to the City of Kenosha and become City residents until their land gets developed. So either way those people in the corridor are not going to be Paris residents. Right? How is Mr. Mammerzelt doing what’s best for the people in the corridor?

    This is getting redundant and absurd. Change is coming, and people need to wake up and see that. In 10 years what’s going to happen? Is Somers going to want more land if all this land is developed? Why wouldn’t they? And after 10 years is the revenue, actually POSSIBLE REVENUE, still going to be split between Somers and Paris??

  22. Resident says:

    NW Mike – I believe YOU were the person that was jumping all over the school board for spending money. Well….. once the money is gone from the dump, then we can all start paying Town tax – yes, Town tax. Right now, the town has a budget of almost one million dollars (if you subtract the county tax payment). Just what do you think your tax bill will be??? And, almost one-fourth of that million dollars is budgeted for legal fees – remember, they just added 200,000.00 to that budget for those legal fees. I don’t know how long you’ve live in the Town, but, after living here for 65 years – I’ve already paid town tax and county tax; and it was a breath of fresh air to have the town pick up the tab for those two items when the dump started paying. I don’t necessarily like the idea of starting to pay those taxes again, especially when the cost to run the Town is about 700,000.00 more than what it used to be. You have to remember who makes up the population of this town – retired people and farmers – we don’t have the retirement/pension that you may have. And believe me – we’re not complaining about that – but, why should we start paying when we don’t have to? I’m not really sure what these three new people will be bringing to the table, but, I would hope that they will bring it to an open table. And, I don’t think anyone has blamed the Town clerk for anything, so I don’t think it’s right that you accuse anyone of blaming her. She is simply doing her job. And I agree – we don’t want to change the rural character of the Town – so what’s wrong with status quo? I didn’t think Mars was wanting to annex to either Kenosha OR Somers – why make them go? As a matter of fact, I’m not sure I’ve ever known any of the people that are being forced out, ask to be annexed anywhere.

  23. Wondering says:

    To Mrs. Getz,

    You condemn Mr. Fliess and Mr. Kolnik for only looking out for themselves. How dare anyone in the Town accuse someone else for only looking out for their own interest? If all this money is being given away now, in 10, 20, or 30 years from now when our children and grandchildren are living in the Town of Paris and having to pay ALL their own tax bill, then didn’t we all right here and now only look out for ourselves?

  24. Northwestern Mike says:

    Dear resident,

    For spending money foolishly but we won’t go there. I am confused by most of your ramblings.


    The money is not all being given away. Around 10% is being invested in a boundary agreement and the rest is a loan to be paid back. In 10, 20, or 30 years from now that return on investment should be providing revenue to pay for the town’s expenses. Maybe there will be a town tax maybe there will not. Maybe in that time the country will be bankrupt.

    Invest now and benefit later. Is that not why people invest in 401Ks and IRA’s? I did.

    I consider it looking out for everyone to benefit everyone.

  25. Northwestern Mike says:

    Dear my tax bill thanks you and just some thoughts,

    This is all about putting a boundary in place so what would you put in place for a boundary agreement?

    Supervisor Kammerzelt is doing what is best for the whole town which might not be what is best for those along the interstate. Those along the interstate do not make up a majority of the town residents.

    I do not believe people may want to annex to the city of Kenosha. Who would want to pay Kenosha taxes?

    Change IS coming.

  26. Just Some Thoughts says:

    To NW Mike,

    You are proving my point for me. People don’t want to pay taxes at City rates as you just stated. So the people along the corridor have to petition to the City to get annexed, and the City MAY or MAY NOT accept them. But who along the corridor is wanting to get annexed?? It appears very few or none of them do. So why is Paris wasting the time and money with Somers?

    And talk about investing. Why doesn’t the Town deal with Kenosha? Somers BUYS sewer and water from Kenosha. If the Town thinks there is going to be development along the I why couldn’t it do the same as Somers?

    I read people condemning others for not wanting he agreement and asking well what would you do for an agreement. First off, what is the purpose of it to begin with? Change is coming so why worry except it and move along.

  27. Perplexed in Paris says:

    @Northwestern Mike….is the Uline property in Kenosha or Paris? Don’t think it can be both. You maintain it is in Paris. If Uline decided they wanted to purchase the drag strip land and annex into Union Grove, what’s stopping them? Why are the owners of property in the “Twilight Zone” being denied the same opportunity the property owners who sold their land to Uline were afforded(you know, those “secret negotiations you mentioned!) Last time I checked, Somers tax rates were not much less than Kenosha’s! You state that you want a boundary agreement to “stop Kenosha”. I don’t necessarily disagree with you. But the “end around” this IGA tried to pull off was woefully inadequete. This project is pretty much “dead in the water”
    WITHOUT SEWER AND WATER. Anyone thinking Kenosha would just “sell” Paris water without any additional benefits to the city truly does not understand how the political process works. Divide and conquer? Ask the folks whose land is being “annexed” how they feel about your actions.

  28. Northwestern Mike says:

    Just some thoughts,

    The buyer of the land for Uline asked to be annexed to Kenosha, but did not pay the higher taxes. Paris would like to earn revenue on any land sold for development along the interstate. That will not happen with the Uline deal, but with the agreement with Somers revenue will be shared.

    The town tried to deal with Kenosha and the starting price tag was $10 million. Along with the refusal to pay $500K for the Uline deal why continue beating a dead horse. Paris could get a better deal with Somers and also share revenue.

    Maybe I missed it, but I don’t see any condemnation of others for not wanting the agreement. Yes I do expect someone who is campaigning to replace the existing board to explain what they would do differently.

  29. Perplexed in Paris says:

    @Northwestern Mike……you’re pretty good with the “smoke and mirrors”….but you cleverly avoid answering questions asked of you. You are a master at the “bait and switch”…….you are quite happy that the town clerk based her “decision” on a Government Accountability Board ruling, the same GAB that the Republicans in Madison just DISBANDED, for trying to hold the governor ACCOUNTABLE!!! It remains to be seen how the COURTS will rule on the issue….. we KNOW our board just INCREASED the attorney fee budget by $200,000. You continue to maintain Paris “could get a better deal with Somers”. Is Somers providing Sewer and Water for the deal? And PLEASE explain “better deal” to those folks living in the “Twilight Zone”, who basically have had the value of their land taken away in a kind of reverse “Eminent Domain” deal that our town fathers forced upon them. Divide & Conquer at it’s finest!

  30. Wasnt it SOMERS who paid says:

    Wasnt it Somers that paid a jazzilion dollars to keep Kenosha City at bay for a few years? How did Somers LIKE being held hostage for that payoff? SOmers has had taxpayers paying that off for years so continuing with Kenosha City for whatever Kenosha City is wiling and able to charge Somers will be accepted. Paris/Somers should keep their funds, build their own sewer and drill their own muni water wells and be done with Kenosha. Put your money on a REAL property and not into the coffers of Kenosha City as a renter. Besides, the towers will be beautiful in the sky and will be great billboards for the community. Kenosha City is already as big as it needs to be. Stop them now or they will just get larger and larger and more arrogant. just sayin….

  31. Northwestern Mike says:

    Dear Perplexed in Paris,

    I will repeat it for you. Paris’ original boundaries were from County K to County KR and the Interstate to approximately 216th Avenue. Uline is within those boundaries. Kenosha has now annexed land beyond Paris’ original boundaries; therefore a boundary agreement is needed. Does that clarify it?

    I believe the owners in the “twilight zone” still have the same opportunities to have their land developed but it now will be done through Somers with revenue sharing for Paris.

    I don’t see the IGA as inadequate just very unpleasant for some.

    I will repeat again. Yes, the city of Kenosha has water and sewer and now they will have to sell it to their neighbors or will the city of Kenosha through their control of water and sewer be the only one allowed to benefit from development along the interstate? I don’t believe so.

    What is this divide and conquer all about? Democrats and Republicans disagree all the time. There is no divide and conquer. Not that is matters, but I am a Republican.

    I’m not sure what actions you are speaking about. If it is exercising my First Amendment rights it should be very clear just by speaking up that I don’t care if they disagree with my opinion. It is called democracy. I do feel sorry that they have to pay higher taxes.

  32. Northwestern Mike says:

    Dear Perplexed in Paris,

    I thought I answered your questions, but let me try again.

    “is the Uline property in Kenosha or Paris?”

    It is in the original boundaries of Paris which Kenosha has now annexed. It is now considered Kenosha.

    “If Uline decided they wanted to purchase the drag strip land and annex into Union Grove, what’s stopping them? “

    The fact that the drag strip is in Kenosha County and Union Grove is in Racine county.

    “Why are the owners of property in the “Twilight Zone” being denied the same opportunity the property owners who sold their land to Uline were afforded”

    I believe the owners in the “twilight zone” still have the same opportunities to have their land developed but it now will be done through Somers with revenue sharing for Paris.

    “Is Somers providing Sewer and Water for the deal?”

    According to the IGA, Somers will provide Sewer and Water thru their agreement with Kenosha.

    Divide and conquer? Bait and Switch????

    No. I don’t see how asking and answering questions is “dividing and conquering” or “bait and switch” or “smoke and mirrors.”

    And PLEASE explain “better deal”

    Not my job but I will try. It is a better deal for a majority of Paris residents who happen to not live in the “twilight zone”. They get a boundary agreement that blocks Kenosha from being able to annex land and there is a revenue sharing agreement with Somers of any land that is developed along the interstate.

    I agree the courts will decide.

    I hope this helps.

  33. Just Some Thoughts says:

    To NW Mike,

    Wouldn’t it be wiser to think other than sewer and water what did Kenosha offer to Uline? I don’t see why the Town can not buy and re-sell the water and sewer to possible development along the corridor. Somers wants to do that, the Village of Pleasant Prairie DOES it, and they seem to have success. Why couldn’t the Town? Give the developers a deal on something like tax breaks that would draw them to remain in the Town instead of annexing and Paris wins big. Not only does the boundary stay the same but more tax revenue for the Town. Kind of simple 2+2 math. There is no answers for these questions because our current outstanding board just narrow mindedly went behind the backs of residents and tried to make a absurd deal.

  34. Nothing new in Paris says:

    Plus, Under this agreement, Kenosha said it would NOT give sewer and water to Somers. Period. So the people in the wall would have property where no one wants to live and no value to sell the land to developers. Sounds like a well thought out plan. Sorry but no thanks.

  35. Another Paris Resident says:

    My weigh in – to start I agree with Northwestern Mike’s position and take on this. I had asked in another post about what qualifications the challengers have to run a township government because I don’t see any. Be careful what you ask for Paris residents………

  36. Nothing new in Paris says:

    Regardless of the recall outcome, this agreement must be redone. The judge WILL throw it out and then it will have been a huge waste of money. If they would have been truthful about the rezoning this could have all been done above board, with all the residents having input as to the Towns boundary agreements and TOWN funds.

  37. Just Some Thoughts says:

    To another Paris resident,

    Simple question, what qualifications did the current board have before they were elected? Simple answer. None. Chairman, a retired teacher, supervisors, one is or was an HVAC technician and the other worked for Pleasant Prairie Utility department after his family farm was developed. It is now a little place you may know called MENARDS.

    The Towns elections are based on simple things if you don’t frequent the local church or tavern your name is not noticed there for people don’t vote for you. This has been going on for years. What good has the current town board done? Answer again… nothing except blow money. For having the highest paid town chairman and supervisors in the area they need attorneys to answer for them?

    A few years ago this grand old board had millions and millions sitting in a bank and couldn’t get a fraction of interest on it. A few years before that at least 1 of these board members spent almost $100,000 for landscaping behind the Town hall for possible baseball diamonds. This is all public record so Another Paris Resident maybe you should dog a little deeper than just scratching the surface, before you praise this current Town board.

  38. Northwestern Mike says:

    Nothing new in Paris said “Kenosha said it would NOT give sewer and water to Somers.”

    ((Legislation was added to Wisconsin’s state budget prohibiting the city of Kenosha from disapproving requests from Somers for water and sewer extensions to development projects.

    Kreuser said he proposed the legislation change to stop what he called “border fights” and “political boundary lines.”

    “I try to break up the barriers that stop development,” Kreuser said.

    “Developers want to get things done, and if they want to do business just north of Amazon and they were having difficulty because of the back and forth between Somers and the city of Kenosha, now the barrier is removed.

    The city rejected a connection request from Somers in the fall after Somers refused to annex the Tunkieicz property into the city as a condition. ))

    Kreuser defends development deal involving chief of staff
    Kenosha News July 15, 2015

    Kenosha sure sounds like they are playing very heavy handed. Annex to Kenosha or no water connections.

    Let’s extrapolate a little. Annex all Paris property along the interstate to Kenosha or no water. NO THANKS

    I wonder how a judge would feel about that.

    Somers could always buy water from Racine.

  39. Just Some Thoughts says:

    NW Mike,

    Do you realize what the cost would be to get water from Racine? In what fantasyland are you living in?

    Over the next 10 years how much development do you REALLY think is going to happen along the interstate? Even better question, how much on the WEST side of the interstate? If Paris lends this money to Somers and they decide to use it to help developed the EAST side what share of revenue will Paris get?? Oh yes that’s right…. none!

    So when this agreement is up, how much more will the Town have to pay Somers for the next agreement?? How many more hundreds of thousands in lawyer fees will it cost to write up new contracts and agreements? All simple questions that you or the Town board can’t answer.

    The saddest part is these are all common sense questions that you so highly educated people can not answer.

    Also I wouldn’t quote a career politician who has never had a job outside of politics. Politics lead to greed and corruption which has caused a great deal of problems in the world.

  40. Somers can NOT be trusted says:

    Somers can NOT be trusted because they find ways to circumvent written contracts they signed. Somers used the Wisconsin State budget to supersede the written contract they have with Kenosha.

    What will Somers do to Paris when they have a monopoly on annexation? By surrounding ourselves with Somers, we are giving Somers the keys to the castle.

    Kenosha has agreed in writing to provide sewer and water to “parts of Somers” (not all of Somers). Wal-Mart on Hwy 31 and other parts of Somers to the east are being served by Kenosha water per this contract. The latest agreement was signed March 10, 2005 but prior agreements had been signed in 1974, 1985, 1989 and 1993.

    The Wisconsin state budget was amended to require “any cities bordering both Lake Michigan and Illinois” to give water to adjoining municipalities “wherever and whenever” such municipalities wanted it. As there is only one community in the entire state that borders both Illinois and Lake Michigan, this provision was specifically aimed at Kenosha.

    Somers used the Wisconsin State budget to supersede the written contract they have with Kenosha. And this is how Somers got water and sewer service west of Hwy 31 (Hwy S & Hwy H).

    *In comparison, per the Kenosha/Somers contract, Gordman Foods, Affiliated Foods, Rust-Oleum, and Amazon had to be annexed from Somers into the City of Kenosha to get water and sewer (all these properties are west of Hwy 31).

    Since the sale of the Tunkieicz farm in Somers, the City of Kenosha elected not to be subject to the relevant provision added in the Wisconsin budget and therefore, no further areas of Somers will receive water unless it’s already written in the current agreement (that Somers signed in 2005) OR Somers finds another way to circumvent a contract they signed.

  41. Northwestern Mike says:

    Just some thoughts,

    Cost to get water from Racine or Kenosha would be paid out from the development expenses.

    Over the next ten years the development decisions will be made by the intergovernmental committee set up by the IGA.

    The Town will not have to pay any extra money to Somers. Any expenses will be part of the development expenses.

    I quoted the liberal Kenosha News who happened to quote a politician who explained why a state law was passed to force Kenosha to sell water to its neighbors.

    Do you have something against educated people or politicians?

    Somers can Not be trusted,

    You show a State water law requiring water sharing overrules a written contract that prevents water sharing. A precedent has been established that shows Kenosha must provide water to Paris-Somers development west of the interstate.

    Further Somers annexation will be prevented by the poison pills added to the IGA to prevent that.

    WATER SERVICE CONTRACTS as you show are modified over time with area development. The latest agreement was signed in 2005 and it is now 2016. Past Water Service Contracts by your data were changed after 10 years, 4 years and 4 years. It has been 11 years since the last change and it is due for a revision.

    “Somers used the Wisconsin State budget to supersede the written contract they have with Kenosha. And this is how Somers got water and sewer service west of Hwy 31 (Hwy S & Hwy H).” A state law supersedes a written contract. Kenosha said to “Somers annex property into the city or no water.” I would also have used the state law to tell Kenosha “go scratch.”

    Are you implying the city of Kenosha is above the state law and can decide on their own not to follow it?

    Your writings have provided further proof that I would rather have Somers as a partner than the city of Kenosha.

  42. Just Some Thoughts says:

    What developer would agree to having to pay for water and sewer to be brought to them? Kind of defeats the purpose of what Somers is bringing to the table then right?

    You or no one else can really answer the questions, what if Somers uses the money we loan to developed the East side of the I? How will Paris benefit from that? And how much will the next agreement cost the Town? Again question you avoid to answer because you can not answer neither can anyone else.

    As far as having something against educated people? No I do not. But if they do not realize and see facts in front of them, yet make absurd comments to simple unanswerable questions then I have to laugh at them.

    Politicians though, I do. Greed and corruption has clouded their minds. After a while they only look out for themselves and, what and how they will benefit from their actions.

  43. Nothing new in Paris says:

    I for one will be looking to vote Kerkman out as I have been told, she is the one pushing this whole deal to keep Kenosha out. Also some changes need to be made at the county level as well. Please keep this mess and waste of money on your minds and get to the polls.

  44. Northwestern Mike says:

    Just Some Thoughts,

    You don’t think the Uline developer paid to hook up to Kenosha and develop the road. Really? That is also the purpose of a TID.

    You do understand an independent financial advisor shall be retained to prepare the necessary loan documents and obtain the necessary loan approvals, and assist at closing of the loans. So if the loan is used for the wrong area it is fraud and someone can be prosecuted for that.

    No matter how this question is answered you won’t be happy with the answer.

    I don’t think the Town Board can predict the future any better than you can, but they do have protections in place. There were a lot of smart people that tried to make the best deal possible and maybe what you see as facts are really something very different. Laugh or cry all you want.

    After reading and studying the IGA I think the town board, the planning commission and the lawyers did a great job for the majority of the Paris residents.

    Maybe if those in the “twilight zone” were to acknowledge what the town board was trying to accomplish and suggest valid amendments to improve the IGA instead of suing, maybe things may have gone smoother.

    Stop looking for dollars signs for yourself, nothing for the town, and thinking the town is out to screw you. Stop believing everything Kenosha tells you.

  45. Northwestern Mike says:

    Go Ryan and Kerkman

  46. Northwestern Mike says:

    Just Some Thoughts,

    You asked “And how much will the next agreement cost the Town?”

    “If, prior to the termination of this Agreement, the Parties do not approve a new agreement to take effect upon the termination of this Agreement (“Subsequent Agreement”), reimbursement shall be made in accordance with provisions of Section VII below.”

    Section VII g.

    Reimburse the Town in the sum of $1,250,000.00 plus compounded interest… at the rate of 7%.

    Reimburse the Town for sums paid by the Town for those non-TID expenses… plus compound interest… at the rate of 7%…

    The village shall pay to the town the net present value of twenty years worth of revenue sharing payments projected for the town.

    Etc. Poison pills

    It seems the town won’t be paying if the agreement is not renewed after ten years. Somers will be and big time. Some smart people set this up.

  47. Northwestern Mike says:


    It is my turn for questions.

    What makes these three candidates more qualified than the present three board members?

    I want to see a resume of each of these candidates.

    Questions for each candidate:

    Does Kenosha need to be blocked from honoring annexation requests from Paris land owners?

    If they do need to be blocked how would you do? Realize an answer was given already and shot down.

    Was Uline annexation by Kenosha a good deal for the Town?

    Assume the courts approve the IGA and getting rid of it is not an option how would you improve the current Paris-Somers IGA?

    If you are not a candidate I don’t want to hear from you.

  48. Twilight Zone Resident says:


    The Town is out to screw the Twilight Zone residents. They are kicking us out of town after years and years in Paris. And the biggest kicker is our taxes go up 5% to pay the village of Somers tax (roughly $1,000 on a $200k home) this year if the court doesn’t stop it. If the board would have made us whole for ten years – many of us would not be so against this agreement. If this is so great for Paris financially, why not make us whole for 10 years? Another kicker is that Paris wasn’t going to pay 75% of our county taxes under the initial draft. How is that looking out for the best interests of the affected residents?

    By the way, there are no developers knocking on my door. Nor do I forsee any developers knocking anytime soon. So water/sewer doesn’t matter to many of the affected residents – look at the houses on UE, houses north of hwy E. Do you really think a Developer is going to come to these houses anytime soon? Kenosha only has Uline lined up. Kenosha hasn’t even found anyone for the rest of the former Drissel land.

    There are no earmarks on the money and loans to Somers – they can spend it however they want. It makes no sense for Somers to spend it west of the I. They can develop east of the i and keep 100% of the revenues. East of the I has plenty of undeveloped land and water/sewer agreement already in place with Kenosha. So no litigation.

    The bottom line is the board doesn’t want development and this guarantees no development. And financially hurts the affected residents by making us pay higher taxes with no benefit.

  49. Ron Kammerzelt says:

    Ron Kammerzelt,
    Life long Kenosha County resident.
    Schools – Tremper High School, Gateway Tech, University of Wisconsin Madison.
    United States Marine Corps Vietnam Combat Veteran.
    Owner-Partner Kammerzelt Produce Farms.
    President-Kammerzelt properties Inc.-Developer.
    Village of Pleasant Prairie Superintendent of Utilities. (Sewer and Water). Certified Public Manager.
    Various Boards and Commissions. Vice President Wis. Towns Association Kenosha County.
    WHO’s Next?

  50. Northwestern Mike says:

    Twilight Zone Resident,

    The Town is not trying to screw the Twilight Zone residents. It may not be in the best interest of the affected residents, but it is for the rest of the town.

    Petition the Town to keep the Paris-Somers IGA and make the residents whole for ten years in exchange for dropping the lawsuits. In addition as an incentive for Somers to develop the land west of the interstate they do not get the village tax revenue on the I-94 Planning Area until the land is developed.

    When developers come knocking they look at the land and location not the house. The house on the Drissel farm was a tear down. I would rather they come to Somers or the I-94 Planning Area than Kenosha.

    You are correct the $5 million loan Somers can spend as they deem appropriate and necessary. The $3 million loan is to be used for the development of the I-94 Planning Area.

    You present a strong argument for Somers to develop east of the interstate. However, this agreement with the built in poison pills spans a longer horizon than 10 years. It provides for future revenue sharing and blocks Kenosha from which the Town would get nothing. I would like to see an amendment to the IGA to create an incentive for Somers to develop the I-94 Planning Area.

    I disagree with your conclusion. The only future revenue for the Town is from the I-94 Planning Area.

    I cannot abide by “annex to Kenosha or no water and sewer.”

    Nothing new in Paris,

    I am not running to replace the existing Town board members and I do not live in the Somers gift zone.

    I would be more inclined to amend the IGA so that the Town wins and the affected area resident are not hurt.

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