UPDATE: Woman dies in Highway C crash

A Salem woman died in a crash on Highway C Wednesday.

Identities of the people involved in the crash including the person who died are not being shared yet by the Kenosha County Sheriff’s Department pending notifications.

From a Sheriff’s Department media release:

On June 15th, 2016, at approximately 1637 hours, the Kenosha County Sheriff’s Department responded to a two-vehicle, head on crash, in the 20900 block of CTH C/Wilmot Road, in the Village of Bristol, Kenosha County, WI.   Kenosha County Sheriff’s Deputies responded to the scene along with Fire and Rescue units from Bristol and Salem. The investigation revealed that a Gray Chevrolet HHR, being operated westbound on CTH C, lost control in a curve in the roadway, exited the roadway   onto the north shoulder then over corrected back onto the roadway.  The Chevy HHR drove into the path of an eastbound tan Mercury Villager van. The operator of the Chevy HHR, a 38-year old woman, of Salem, WI, was fully ejected upon impact.    She was pronounced deceased at the scene by the Kenosha County Medical Examiner’s Office.  A 23-month old child was also in the HHR and suffered non-life threatening injuries and was transported by ambulance to an area hospital. The operator and sole occupant of the Mercury van, a 32-year old man, of Antioch, IL received significant injuries and was transported by ambulance to an area hospital as well, before being transported to Froedtert Hospital for further treatment. The cause of the accident is under investigation.  Further information and the identities of those involved pending notifications.

Our original reporting on this incident is here.



  1. Jake says:

    For the “YEARS” that I have lived out in this county that small section of road has seen many accidents major and minor. I do hope that West of the I, will find out and publish the cause; I have my gut feelings and if it is what I believe is the cause I do hope we, us, the community puts something together and reach out to “all”. That said, I am so sorry and my heart goes out to the family and especially the little one that will not know its mother.

  2. Neighbor says:

    That section of Hwy C is a slight “S” curve which is easy to navigate. The problem is with the speeds that people travel along that area and inattentive driving. Generally they are traveling 60 – 65+ mph. Many are multitasking while driving… texting, doing makeup, eating, etc. and not paying attention to the fact that the road suddenly curves. The multitude of memorials set up along the road might remind them of the danger of not paying attention, but they are probably going too fast to see them.

    I live near this area. I have experienced many a driver crossing the center lane or not quite navigating the curves properly. Slow down! Pay attention! The time to text your friends, look at Facebook, eat your breakfast, reach for your cigarettes, put on makeup or tend to your child is NOT while driving. If you need to do something, PULL OVER in a safe area. If you are late to work and desperate to pass everyone in front of you…. knock it off… you should have planned ahead and left earlier. If you want a speedier route, head over to Hwy 50.

    Future plans are in place to widen and expand Highway C. This will probably make these problems much worse. More traffic, more reckless behavior, more distraction, and more memorials.

  3. Human says:

    Dear “neighbor”,
    your level of insensitivity is appalling. Maybe one day we can all be as perfect as you.

  4. Neighbor says:

    “Human”…. until people realistically look at the causes of these many accidents, they will not correct their actions. And I will continue to see more and more memorial crosses posted along the road on my drive home. The crashes need to stop. And it will only happen if people stop pretending that these are just accidents. There is always a cause… and knowing those causes will help to educate people. Then the number of crashes can be reduced.

    NOT trying to stop these distracted drivers is insensitive to those who are killed by distracted drivers. No one should have to die because of a Facebook update or random text. That is reality. Don’t sugarcoat or ignore it.

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