Salem lays out timeline for merger with Silver Lake process

town-of-salem-sign-webSalem has laid out in a mailing to town addresses a timeline for its proposed merger with Silver Lake.

If all goes as planned, the two should be one by Feb. 14, 2017, the mailer says.

The Salem Town Board and Silver Lake Village Board have both independently passed motions to explore a cooperative boundary agreement as a means to combine the two municipalities as a single village. This would be an efficient and cost effective way for Salem to incorporate and a way for Silver Lake to gain access to greater economies of scale, say supporters of the move.

The next step on the Salem mailer is information forums to be held at Salem Town Hall on June 16 and 21, starting at 7 p.m.

Other timeline points from the mailing:

  • Joint Salem and Silver Lake Public Hearing, July 6.
  • Salem Town Board voteson cooperative boundary agreement, July 27.
  • Cooperative agreement submitted to state, Sept. 6.
  • State approval due by Dec. 5.
  • Salem and Silver Lake become one municipality, Feb. 14, 2017.

Silver Lake village President Bruce Nopenz said his village also is preparing a mailing, but will not be hosting informational forums.

“Mailers in the past worked well and reach everyone in the village,” Nopenz said in email to



  1. Joey Knuckles says:

    Paying up for there Industrial Park Nightmare Thank You !!!!!

  2. Jackie says:

    This should be put to a vote by the people not decided by some narrowly elected bafoons.

  3. Nick says:

    I applaud Salem for keeping the residents of Salem informed on what is going on with Silver Lake. My parents and sister live in Silver Lake and they’ve not heard anything from the board other than rumors and gossip.

  4. Bruce Francart says:

    Jackie, Really? Name calling is unappreciated. And narrowly elected is an outright lie. Nick, I am not on the board of Silver Lake. Yet I know about this. Why? Because I go to the meetings, and hound the board for answers and info. No rumors, no gossip. This merger, boarder agreement, combining of government, (call it what you want) is a good thing for all of us.

  5. Toney stone says:

    What a suprise there are people in silver lake who are not informed about the issues when you have the many faces of the one and only Bernard who am I punsley!!!

  6. Bernard Punsley says:

    @Toney stone: Once again, I would encourage everyone to stick to the FACTS. If you live in Silver Lake and are not “informed”….then crawl out of your cave, smell the roses, and see the light! Speaking of light, I have continued to be a BEACON of Light, Truth, and Guidance for this village, and will CONTINUE to do so, to the delight of many, the chagrin of a few!

  7. Why? says:

    Why is it WEst of the I continues to post Bernard’s insults and lies while others are censored?

  8. Bernard Punsley says:

    @Why? A couple of points here…..#1: I find your post insulting. #2.How would you know what other people are posting, and if there posts are being “censored”(your words,not mine)? And now for the Grand Finale: “Why” do you continue to read my posts?

  9. Toney stone says:

    That’s funny I’ll crawl out of my cave when you rip off the Bernard punsley mask you can call out people but can’t stand being called really week !!!!

  10. Better off says:

    I think all residents in Silver Lake will be much better off when we are one with Salem. For example,, take a look at their new industrial park. Clearly it’s booming with all those new companies moving to Salem and helping lower our taxes. Also, drive down 83 in the middle of “downtown” Salem and look at all the great shops and upscale businesses that line the road. I don’t know about Bernard or the rest of you, but I want to definitely put my trust in the fine folks who have made Salem into what it is today! A dilapidated eyesore who’s only true “plan” for not going bankrupt was to talk a bunch of hillbilly’s from Silver Lake into joining with them so they could buy themselves more time. Hats off to you all!!!!

  11. Sam posey says:

    Bernard why dont u reveal who u are before tell us what u stand for yesterday is history and tomorrow’s a mystery just like you!

  12. Silver Lake Resident says:

    While I agree with Better Off that Salem is booming compared to Silver Lake. Where in the draft agreement do you see where there is going to any planned development in Silver Lake? Look, we managed to get the Kenosha Community Health Clinic in our Village without Salem. Vail bought Wilmot Mtn, you can’t tell me that all of that won’t move down to Silver Lake? Wake Up people!!!! Salem is using us! In a few years, our Village could be booming. Let’s at least hold them to some steep standards that definitely benefit Silver Lake more than Salem in this deal…..

  13. Bernard Punsley says:

    @Better off & Silver Lake Resident: Both of you cite the potential for increased business in Salem and the benefits associated with that. Silver Lake will be a big part of that…..what don’t you undestand? This is a “Win-Win” for everyone!

  14. to Silver Lake Resident says:

    Thank you for taking time to post what you did. I thought I was the only person who couldn’t see why Silver Lake should enter into this deal with Salem. There is almost nothing in it for Silver Lake. The only thing I can see is we might pay a little less in taxes . No really what I would think should be the deciding factor in jumping in bed with a Municipality who has done such a poor job managing their finances they need us to bail them out.

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