Military jets seen, heard over Western Kenosha County

/Kelly Mickelsen photo

/Kelly Mickelsen photo

Western Kenosha County was circled a few times this afternoon by what appeared to be military fighter type jets.

I saw two over Paddock Lake, we have a photo of four and some other people have reported as many as six.

We’re trying to find out what was up. Looking at other similar media reporters from other areas on other days, it seems likely it was some kind of training. We will let you know what we find out.

UPDATE 5:37 p.m. — The 115th Fighter Wing Facebook Page reports the following:

Thanks to Deanna Marie Rossi for the tip. — DH

Note: Thanks to Kelly Mickelsen for the above photo, taken as the planes circled above Silver Lake. Did you get a photo too? Send it to and we will post it. — DH



  1. Rachel says:

    There we holding for the fly over

  2. Audra Pedersen says:

    Was a fly over for a WW2 fighter pilots funeral in Waterford. Earl Steinke,died on Memorial Day… How fitting… Very decorated Veteran ???

  3. Audra Pedersen says:

    Corrected email

  4. Mark Martin says:

    I saw 4 F-16 flying over downtown Kenosha the other day when I was fishing. They were low enough to see the bottoms of the Jets but no visual armament of any type

  5. Darren Lube says:

    I saw a fighter jet over Hartford wisconsin. It appeared to be chasing our following it at a high rate of speed. The object it was following appeared to oval shaped and kind of cloud looking hard to make out what it was! The jet appeared to be only a few feet behind it. I never saw anything like that before!How cool is that.

  6. John Dumke says:

    Neighbors were out of their homes to see 5 helicopters flying at low altitude apprx (1 1/2) hrs ago from north to south over Sunnyside school……a lot of sirens heard as well. No one knows

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