2016 Silver Lake Memorial Day Parade and Ceremony coverage (PHOTOS & VIDEO)

sl-memorial-day-parade-2016-2Silver Lake remembered those who died while serving in the US military at the annual Memorial Day Parade and Ceremony Monday morning.

The parade and ceremony are organized by Schultz-Hahn American Legion Post #293 in Silver Lake.

The events were blessed with warm, sunny and dry weather this year.

The parade included units from local Scout groups, local law enforcement, school bands, local businesses, village and county elected officials and a large fleet of fire department equipment from around the area.

After the parade, there was a ceremony at the American Legion Hall. Here is video of some of the highlights:

Here is video of the bands that played in the parade:

Here are some more photos from the parade and ceremony:





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  1. Greg Galich says:

    First time ever all the Village Board members walked together in the parade. Another change for the better. Silver Lake is going to get much bigger.

  2. Bigger isn't always better says:

    Saving a couple dollars on your taxes by becoming “bigger” is not worth all the things we will lose. PS. I did laugh out loud and the board walking next to their prized Zamboni. I wonder if they knew people are laughing at them and not with them ?

  3. Greg Galich says:

    Bigger is better. Village services are cheaper if they are share with 12,000 folks vs just 2400 folks. Nice try use your name if you believe in what you say.

  4. Nick says:

    Interesting post Greg. Using your logic, I’m confused about a couple things. Why did you decide to live in Silver Lake? After all, you worked in Kenosha, wouldn’t “services” be cheaper in such a large city? Why didn’t you have your kids attend Kenosha Unified? You claim bigger is better as a reason to dissolve Silver Lake, but when given the opportunity you chose to live and raise your children in a small village. Do as I say, not as I do eh?

  5. Bernard Punsley says:

    Yeahg..I’m with Mr. Galich on this one….it was a beautiful parade….it WAS refreshing to see ALL of our board members walking TOGETHER, UNITED for the good of our ENTIRE community! The positive impact that joining Salem and Silver Lake together will benefit everyone…..to the delight of most, the chagrin of a few! I look forward to it!~

  6. Bruce Francart says:

    Bigger isn’t bad. Eliminating one government is good. Combining all costs of two into one will be a huge savings. Redundancy is on the way out. The combining of governments is going to happen more as the costs keep going up. Laugh all you want “Bigger isn’t always better”. We laughed more at you!

  7. To Bruce: says:

    So let me get this straight, Combing all costs of two into one will be a huge savings? Interesting I keep hearing you say this, but you have yet to provide any facts to back this statement up. What “costs” are we eliminating? Fire…. NOPE……Rescue……. NOPE…… please share with the rest of the class what costs you are speaking of. All we’ve heard from you and your buddies is the same old regurgitated information and some cute buzz words. “bigger is better” “combining all cost of two into one”, blah blah blah. I don’t know what’s funnier, you, that Zamboni, a father paying for his grown daughter to run for the Village board, or the other “wannabe” biker riding around town. I’ll wait patiently for your response.

  8. Hey Nick, says:

    Congrats Nick, you may be my new favorite person on this site! I’ve asked a couple different people how much we will save by becoming part of Salem. the only answer I receive is our Mill rate will go down and we will pay less in taxes. Not quite the “HUGE” savings Mr. Francart and Bernie keep talking about.

  9. Bernard Punsley says:

    @Hey Nick………..well…I must admit I am a tad disappointed, being replaced as your favorite person on this site by “Nick”. And..FOR THE RECORD……Silver Lake is NOT becoming “part of Salem”(your words, “Hey Nick”,not mine!). Silver Lake will annex Salem! I usually try to encourage folks to stick with the “FACTS”….sometimes I succeed, sometimes I fail! But my pal “Greggy” will help me keep “spreading the gospel”….to the delight of most, the chagrin of a few….

  10. Greg Galich says:

    The answers are easy to get. Go to the meetings. Call a trustee and ask. Nick you have never done this. You and your friends just want to cry the blues. Most people get it. I understand that some folks are just a little slower. Someday you may catch up to the other 90% of Silver Lake and join us.

  11. Still no FACTS? says:

    All these posts and yet still no facts on what all these “HUGE” savings will come from???? Why won’t you share with he rest of us Greg and Bernard? Sorry Greggy, I have asked a trustee about these proposed savings he couldn’t answer my question.

  12. Whoa, Whoa, Whoa! says:

    You mean to tell me that Silver Lake is going to “Annex” Salem? That Salem will be no more?? I thought the boundary agreement was just to save Salem the estimated $ 1/2 Million that they might spend trying to become a Village on their own? That by combining the two communities the end result was what things are drifting to becoming anyways? But NO ?

    So let’s see if I got this right. Silver Lake will annex Salem. “Salem” will cease to exist. The Silver Lake board will take over all of the administration of the new whole community. Silver Lake will buy back the old unused library building and move all of Salem’s office files and whatever personnel needed into it. They will then sell the existing building that Salem now uses to whomever wants to buy it. OK?

    Then come election time there will be a vote for a new larger board with all of the old and possibly new (here’s your chance Bruce F.) officers running for election to run the new mammoth Village of Silver Lake.

    Sounds like a plan to me!

    ( Just Kidding.) Or maybe not !

    Hey, it might be the only chance to vote out that gun toting Faber! I’m in!

    Salem res.

  13. Bruce Francart says:

    An increase of the tax base by both communities joining as one. Elimination of one government. The elimination of a what’s in it for me and my friends government. The expansion of voters choices in candidates. The elimantion of duplicated services. The list goes on, and on. Think with an open mind. Better governing is on it’s way. Thanks to the current Silver Lake and Town Of Salem boards. All 12 voted yes for this. I attend the meetings.

  14. Greg Galich says:

    Whoa Whoa is just trying to cause problems. They are not interested in solving problems only making them. Bruce you are spot on. We have to just move on without some of the trouble makers. Whoa Whoa cant figure out that the municipalities don’t own the library or run it. He she who ever has no clue.

  15. I need to get a clue ? says:

    Greg. You need to open up your sense of humor.

    My tongue was planted firmly in my cheek when I wrote Whoa whoa whoa. And no I’m not trying to cause trouble, just trying to get answers.
    I am interested in where the location of the “new” village hall will be ?

    SL is too small and some might say Salems is too far. (Especially since SL will be the government of record at that point.) Others will want to keep both but that goes against “cost savings” doesn’t it?

    So there is a legitimate question in there that you or someone needs to answer. Even if you say you can’t yet, speculation at this point is totally appropriate.

    What say you?

  16. Typical a spin job says:

    Why not provide some facts ? I mean , since Bruce Francart doesn’t seem to be able to, and you know so much. Please enlighten everyone with real numbers…..we won’t hold our breath.

  17. Bruce Francart says:

    To, “Typical a spin job”, And as usual, here you are with your negative comments. Also as always, too afraid to put your name with it. I can guess who you are by the tone of yours and the other negative one’s written words. You are all the reason we are where we are!…To, “Whoa, Whoa, Whoa!”, The new village hall will be the one the town of Salem uses now. It is much bigger and better than Silver Lake’s. There may be a satellite office in Silver Lake for this side of the new village. … The Town of Salem sent out a post card yesterday to their residents. It is posted on MSLF. You want facts, come to the meeting and learn. Instead of tossing darts, come with an open mind. This is a great thing happening for our community!

  18. to Bruce says:

    Bruce, In your previous posts you state that there are facts available at meetings and on MSLF.

    For those of us who can’t get to board meetings due to work hours, and for those who don’t know what MSLF is, can you please outline the facts as you know them?

    Also, from looking through your posts you made some statements regarding savings. Can you please answer elaborate?

    For example, how much will the average Silver Lake resident pay in taxes once we are one? How much will the average Salem resident pay when we are one?

    What duplicated services will be eliminated? What will the savings be by eliminating one government? What redundancies will be eliminated?
    thank you

  19. Why I don't sign my name says:

    This story and comments are why I don’t sign my name, (most of the time).

    I mention, sarcastically, that Silver Lake will have to buy the old ‘white elephant’ potential library building to house the ‘New’ town hall and Greg Galich thinks I’m causing trouble and how I don’t understand how the library system of building ownership and administration work. Just where did you get that out of my post Greg??

    Anybody with a sense of humor and a concept of what has happened over the last few years in Silver Lake knows full and well how the library runs, how the building fiasco went down and where we are today on all of that. ( Inserting another sarcastic comment here) Randall is really going to be mad now because we will have five library board members.

    Greg, you need to read the words written and answer the questions asked, not just take every comment or slight sarcastic criticism as a threat to you and your movement, which by the way I am in complete support of !

    I was just trying to ask a question that needs an answer. Sure I could of guessed that it would be foolish to think that going anyplace other that the current Salem town hall for the ‘New’ village hall would be a step in the wrong direction but, we here in Salem are admittedly coming to you over there with our collective hats in our hands asking you to save us hundreds of thousands of dollars and make us a Village. Call it whatever you want, a boundary agreement, annexation, merging, we are following the laws of the state trying to accomplish what most of the people (by most, that means more than 50% of Silver Lakes voters and a good majority of the people who have taken the time to speak up at the Salem town meetings going back many years) want. Home rule and control of our boundaries. Being a Village.

    There are still people who are mad at the boundary agreement from 2007 with Paddock Lake that will change their addresses in another ten years who wished we could have gotten this done then. But no, it didn’t happen.

    Funny how Paddock Lake with No Post Office, Fire Department or Police Department will take over land that will do nothing for them other than increase their tax base so that they can then just give the money right back to Salem and the county for the services they have to buy because they won’t build their own. (Except for the Fire Hydrants they built which are to this day still covered with garbage bags)
    Funny how that works out.

    Anybody out there remember way back on how long it took for Trevor and Wilmot to combine their Schools? It was the will or should I say the lack of will of the boards there that kept it from happening for close to 50 years from what I remember hearing about.

    So maybe after this Boundary Agreement is done the new improved Salem can try to Re-Negotiate the one with Paddock Lake and bring them into the fold and save their residents money on their tax bills just like it will happen with Silver Lake!

    By the way Bruce, just where and when was it decided and said that Salem will keep its town hall and Silver Lake will close theirs up? I didn’t read it on westoftheI or in the incorporation study that was submitted.

    Signed ……………………….. maybe next time.

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