Salem and Twin Lakes in special traffic enforcement deployment

Photo by elvis santana via stock.xchng

Photo by elvis santana via stock.xchng

Salem has released the following statement regarding an increased traffic enforcement initiative in Salem and Twin Lakes:

The Town of Salem Public Safety Office in conjunction with Twin Lakes Police Department will in their own jurisdictions be participating in a special traffic enforcement deployment. This concentrated effort of traffic enforcement will begin May 23 rd and run through June 5 th 2016. This is a national and state wide program funded by WISE GRANTS to enforce both traffic speed laws and seat belt violations. It is the hope by law enforcement that all individuals will voluntarily comply with speed regulations and seat belt use to reduce serious car crashes and injuries.


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  1. TS Huffine says:

    I hope it has a better out come than the current speed enforcement especially on highway 50. There are way too may reckless drivers texting, weaving on and out of traffic and speeding in excess of 70 plus miles an hour including through Paddock Lake.

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