Silver Lake returning to two regular meetings per month

silver-lake-VHThe Silver Lake Village Board will be returning to having two regular meetings per month.

Since December 2014, the board had been having a committee of the whole meeting on the first Wednesday at which items could be discussed but not voted on. Then a regular board meeting — at which action can be taken — was held on the third Wednesday.

The move to a committee of the whole was touted at the time by former village President Sue Gerber as promoting more discussion and as a money saver, since trustees are paid more for regular meetings than committee meetings.

But on Wednesday, current village President Bruce Nopenz said he has found the single action meeting a month to be problematic. He said special meetings to take timely action have had to be called about five times in the last year as a consequence.

The change was approved unanimously.



  1. Greg Galich says:

    It is the right thing to do. There is a lot of work to be done and you cant complete it with one meeting a month. Good job.

  2. Of course they are..... says:

    Because there isn’t enough time in just one meeting to take care of their friends/family members , and pat themselves on the backs for dissolving Silver Lake.

  3. Bruce Francart says:

    ^^OF course the are…Taking care of their friends? Here we go again with the small minded comment. The last board was all about taking care of their friends, their family’s. Look at the past history of this village. This board is all about doing what’s best for this village, not what’s best for their friends. Your small minded comment shows you why we want your type of mindset out of our government. Stay tuned for a modern, and honest government.

  4. Pot meet Kettle? says:

    Bruce would like everyone to believe how he was against the last board being all about taking care of their friends and families. But I guess he’s ok with putting up a bunch of money to pay for signs and flyers to make sure his daughter and his FRIENDS won the election. funny how some people will sell their souls to save a couple dollars on their taxes. Shameful.

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