Silver Lake Village Hall hours reduced

silver-lake-VHThe Silver Lake Village Board has reduced Village Hall hours starting Monday.

The new hours will be 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. Monday through Friday. Clerk/Treasurer Vicki Galich said she also will be willing to conduct village business by appointment outside of those regular hours.

President Bruce Nopenz said the change was to allow the reduced staff in the office to staff the office during public hours and get work done without interruptions.

“Right now we’re under pressure with really only one person in the office,” Nopenz said.

Nopenz said he has long questioned why the office needed to be open to the public 40 hours a week, given the size of the village.

Reducing hours seemed to be supported by most of the board members who spoke, but resident Bruce Francart in the audience sounded critical of the move.

“You’re cutting off village hall to the working public,” Francart said. “If nobody comes in, why do you need shorter hours?”

But Galich said she felt with the flexibility of scheduling appointments and better utilization of the drop box for payments that good public service could be delivered with the shorter hours.

“I think we can manage shorter hours and still serve the public,” Nopenz said.

Extending hours for periods like when tax payments are due and absentee voting — maybe even on Saturdays — were discussed. (Note: This paragraph added to original version of story — DH)

The change in hours was approved unanimously.



  1. When will working people have a chance to get their business done? What about absentee voting? Is this another attempt to stop the public in having a say in running the village and voting? The prior Clerk/Treasure was getting the work done before she was removed because of a vendetta!

    1. There was discussion of extending hours, maybe even into Saturdays, for certain busy periods, such as tax time or when early voting is taking place. I probably should have included that in the original story. I added it now.

  2. Bruce Francart says:

    Eldon, The hours will be adjusted during voting periods. Also if you need something after hours call and make an appointment. There will be someone there for you. Staff has been reduce, so the ladies have to focus on getting their work done. This decreases interruptions in their day. Stay tuned for the better government to come…

  3. Really? says:

    Isn’t it funny how Bruce Francart and Greg Galich didn’t have the guts to run for office, yet they feel like they are the official Village spokesmen ?

  4. Bernard Punsley says:

    @Really?…….Mr. Francart & Mr. Galich have both the guts to put their names on their posts(unlike you) and the ability to keep citizens informed, to the delight of many, the chagin of a few.

  5. Greg Galich says:

    Really come forward and help. There is a lot to do. My name is on my post. That is guts and what about you.

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