Paddock Lake addling eggs to hold down nusiance Canada geese population

/Contributed photo

/Contributed photo

Paddock Lake has been conducting a nuisance geese egg addling project this spring.

The village received a permit from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife agency and the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources to perform the activity, said village administrator Tim Popanda.

As opposed to being physically moved, eggs this year were sprayed with corn oil, which prevents the egg from hatching. By the time the mother goose realizes she will not have a brood, it is too late in the season to start an additional nest, Popanda explained.

The program is aimed at reducing the number of geese who do not migrate out of the area. Such resident geese are a nuisance through their droppings on land and boat docks as well as potentially contributing to higher bacteria levels in lakes.

With egg addling, not only are the numbers controlled for this year, but the nuisance geese are likely not to return to the same lake in subsequent years, Popanda said.

This method of nuisance geese mitigation is preferred by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife opposed to the alternative of capturing and euthanizing adult geese, Popanda said. Egg addling is also significantly less expensive.


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  1. Thank you for your enlightened and humane response to the issue!

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