Silver Lake approves water patrol contract with Salem

The Silver Lake Village Board on Wednesday approved contracting with Salem for water patrol of Silver Lake this summer.

The contract was approved unanimously with President Bruce Nopenz absent.

The cost of the service will be $35/hour with an estimated 15 hours per week for 16 weeks. An exhibit in the contract with Salem estimates a cost of $7,103 to the village after DNR reimbursement and estimated revenue from court violations. The Salem officers will use a patrol boat provided by the village.

The village dissolved its police department in June 2016, but intended to keep a force to patrol Silver Lake. But with only two officers available, the village found it did not have the personnel to do the job.

Shoreline around the lake lies both in the village and in Salem. However, an agreement with no ending date signed by Salem and Silver Lake in 1983 says the village will be responsible for patrolling the waters of Silver Lake.

Here is a copy of the contract as presented at a Salem Town Board meeting late last month.

This is the first year that Salem will be patrolling not only the lakes within its own borders but also in Paddock Lake and Wheatland, through contracts similar to the one with Silver Lake.



  1. Sl Goverment says:

    Who ever sign that agreement in 1983 made a big mistake. It says that SL will be responsible for patrol and the Village of Silver Lake does not own the lake Salem does. There is no ending date. They are holding us to the contract. Just goes to show you when you elect people that have no management skills. You get a lot of mistakes. Thank god we have 7 board members that know what they are doing.

  2. There is a more recent agreement says:

    There is a more recent agreement than in 1983. It supercedes the 1983 version.
    What does that agreement say? WHO signed that one from Silver Lake?
    Has anyone looked for it?

  3. Sl Goverment says:

    Go to the meeting and you will find out it does not supercede 1983. Do your homework.

  4. Management skills? says:

    Wasn’t Pat Dunn on the board when they bought the library building? Great management skills there.

  5. Oh you didn't know says:

    Pat is exempt because he is one of Bernys boys! Who wants a nice library in the village anyway… We don’t want our kids to be educated we rather they hang out on the unpatrolled street corners or the local gas stations were Greg can teach them everything! Let’s not improve the village lets liquidate it to Salem and all follow berny like little lost sheep

  6. Bernard Punsley says:

    @Management skills? Nice try, pal. Pat Dunn was the ONLY board member who QUESTIONED ANYTHING that the previous board did under the “leadership” of the “QUEEN” and her minions. He was the “Lone Ranger”……one man pretty much standing alone against the rest of the board. You have conveniently “forgotten” the circumstances under which the board was led to believe the purchase of the library was a viable option for our village. Once the FACTS came out, Pat stood up to the Gerber/Faber Fiasco as the “White Elephant” became not only an embarrassmet but a financial burden to our taxpayers. What does any of this has to do with the Water Patrol contract that this article explains ? If anything, it shows the fortitude that Mr. Dunn and the rest of our current board have in moving our village forward. Remember, the “whiners and snivellers’ bemoaned the fact that we would not have any Water Patrol coverage on Silver Lake. Now that we do, they are still not satisfied. Once again, folks, let’s try and stick to the FACTS!

  7. Pat Dunn says:

    Management Skills, yes I was on the board at the time the library building was purchased. The same board that told the president to move forward with the intent (not purchase) once all the information was gathered. The information was never passed on to the board. The president and then clerk misrepresented to the board that they were getting the loan figures to present for the purchase at the same time they were misrepresenting to the bank that they had the authority of the board to make the purchase. So, yes, I was on the board but the final approval was not given by the board. It was made by only two individuals….

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