Vicki Galich hired as new Silver Lake village clerk/treasurer

silver-lake-VHVicki Galich has been hired as the new Silver Lake village clerk/treasurer.

Galich replaces Terry Faber, who left the position as of March 4. Faber had held the position for 11 years.

Galich has previous governmental experience, having worked for Kenosha County for 30 years in several positions, said village President Bruce Nopenz.

Galich’s appointment was made at a special Village Board meeting held April 14. Despite a regular meeting being scheduled for April 20, the special meeting was needed “because office (staff) needed help, since they received no cross training,” Nopenz said.

When Faber’s separation agreement was announced, Nopenz said he was considering having a smaller office staff, but no announcement of other personnel changes within┬áthe office staff have been made.

The village is required by state statute to have a clerk and a treasurer, which can be the same person or separate individuals.



  1. The new Cronies of Silver Lake says:

    Well there you have it folks, the new Silver Lake World Order has taken over and is in complete control. Only a month or two ago they got rid of Terry Faber saying that the position was not needed because they eliminated the Police Department and Fire Department and they had other people in the office that would take over the work load.

    Funny how in a meeting, while they were still trying to get rid of Terry, Vicki’s name came up as the replacement for Terry. This was the plan from the get-go. They spent thousands of dollars on attorney fee’s to try and get rid of Bob Williams, and now they got rid of Terry and replaced both of these positions with their own Cronies. Vicki Galich for Terry Faber and Paul Snellen for Bob Williams.

    This is only the beginning folks. Stay tuned, now you will begin to see all inter-governmental agreements with Salem. Soon the Village of Silver Lake will be no more!

    If I pretend to be your friend, can I get a $35 dollar and hour job in the village too?

  2. Ding ding ding..... says:

    We have a winner. Nice post! How long will it take until the rest of the residents wake up? I’ve been listening to Gossiping Greggy talk at the gas station the past week and heard him bragging that everything is falling into place. Bruce Nopenz and the others on the board and realize they are merely puppets.

  3. Welcome to The New Age says:

    Vicki has been hired as part time I believe. The last board spent thousands on their lawyer, wasted 250 grand on an unneeded library building, just to name a few of their wasteful spending. Silver Lake is here to stay. But you, like your cronies, are not able to figure that out. What an exciting time to be live in this village. Hop aboard the train, or get out of the way.

  4. Luke Hamilton says:

    You just might be able to get a job in the village, ma’am.

    But that would require you to put your name on the application, something you seem afraid of doing.

    Why are there so many people in Silver Lake who refuse to stand behind their comments with an actual name? What’s there to be afraid of?

  5. Bernard Punsley says:

    I welcome Vicki Galich and wish her well in her new job. We will all benefit from her years of experience and background. Let’s not “kill the messenger” here folks. Let’s welcome Vicki and support her.

  6. Nepotism? says:

    Simple and plain, Vickie was handed the position. A position I remind you, that the current board said we didn’t need.

  7. Bernard Punsley says:

    “Nepotism” is defined in the dictionary as ” favoritism shown or patronage granted to relatives”. Not aware of our new clerk/treasurer being related to anyone on our current board. We CERTAINLY know her predecessor was! I could understand some folks being upset if her name was “Vickie Punsley”. As our village continues to move forward, the expertise and experience folks like Ms. Galich bring to the table will benefit all of us, including her detractors. I welcome her to the new village team, to the delight of many, the chagrin of a few. You GO, girl!

  8. No application needed says:

    It’s not what you know. It’s who you know. They play their game so well that they didn’t even post the job! Isn’t there an application process?! I heard that group talking years ago it should be an elected position. I feel sorry for the residents of the village. Good luck.

  9. to Bernard: says:

    I thought Silver Lake didn’t need a clerk/treasure and was eliminating or combing this position? What happened to change this? Did our population grow suddenly where we needed to fill this position? For someone who cried the loudest about “good old boys politics” here in town, you sure like it now that your pals are in office eh? How long until this board finds a reason to start paying Greggy to teach us all boat safety????

  10. Bernard Punsley says:

    @to Bernard…..well, there you go again with the “half truths”….tell us exactly who said we did not need a clerk/treasurer position? The FULL TIME position was downgraded to a PART TIME position. Not sure if they “combed” the position, I believe hair appearance was not a qualifying factor on the application. The job WAS posted, and applications WERE accepted. The BEST QUALIFIED person was chosen for the job. According to you, we don’t need the position….read your post again. LUDICROUS! As for my “pals” being in office, last time I checked, I only had 1 vote per candidate. Seems to me, “my pals” were OVERWHELMINGLY ELECTED by the MAJORITY of Silver Lake residents who voted. As for my pal “Greggy”, the last time I saw him, he was walking across the top of Silver Lake. And it wasn’t frozen! The man is a MESSIAH!!!!!

  11. Bernard Punsley says:

    The “naysayers” have “conveniently” left out the FACT that state law REQUIRES the village to have a clerk AND a treasurer, who can act in both capacities if needed. CLEARLY those who post that we didn’t need this position or were going to get rid of it really don’t know the FACTS. Don’t believe me? Read some of their postings again, decide for yourself. Our board made a prudent decision to not only save the taxpayers some money, but to enhance the experience and expertise of the position with the hiring of a highly qualified individual. Let’s try and stick to the FACTS, FOLKS!!

  12. George Galich says:

    Bernard is right stick with the facts. We all have opinions (definition: a person belief or judgment that is not founded on proof or certainty). Opinions can get a person in trouble. Slander (definition: words falsely spoken that damage the reputation of another). Please lets not falsely damage peoples reputations. My wife has lived here all her life and loves this town, all she wants to do is help!
    And yes I did use my real name.

  13. Jim says:

    Not sure why you are so mad George. Nobody is attacking your wife, people are just curious on why the board has gone from eliminating the position, to hand picking someone without a true application process.

  14. Greg Galich says:

    To many people don’t tell the truth. They hind behind a fake name. I will put it out there again. You know me call me. I will meet you face to face and talk about the issues. To date no one has called me to talk about the issues. Its been about 3 years now I have been asking those that don’t understand to call me.

  15. George Galich says:

    “The facts: the job was posted, applications were accepted through March 11th and there was an interview with village officials. ” Please speak to the Village Board they will give you the facts. The job was not handed to her.

  16. to Greg says:

    Maybe nobody calls to talk to you because they believe no matter what they say, you will do what you always have done, look out for yourself and friends . Sad that the sense of community and serving others is something no longer practiced.

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