Randall passes new water use ordinance

There are new rules on the lakes in Randall, after the Town Board last week passed an updated water use ordinance, often refereed to as Chapter 20.

The new ordinance passed 4-0, with Supervisor Lauren Fox absent.

The ordinance governs what you can and cannot do on Powers Lake, Lake Benedict and Lake Tombeau.

Jurisdiction on those lakes is shared with Bloomfield, which developed the ordinance in conjunction with Randall and already approved the ordinance.

A joint hearing on the ordinance was held in December, with Bloomfield.

One provision added after the hearing calls for a a pier head limit of 100 feet from the adjacent shore for Powers Lake and Lake Benedict.

The ordinance was then submitted to the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources for its review. The DNR has ultimate jurisdiction on waterways within the state.

The DNR accepted the draft, setting up the municipalities to approve the ordinance.

“It looks like we are finally good to go,” said Chairman Bob Stoll at the meeting. “It’s been a long hall.”

Here is a copy of the final draft of the ordinance.


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