7 year old thwarts attempted child enticement in Silver Lake

A 7 year old walking home from school Tuesday afternoon in Silver Lake thwarted an attempt by a person in a car to entice the child to get in the vehicle, says a Kenosha County Sheriff’s Department spokesman.

The boy was approached by a man in a “beat up four door white car” asking the child if he needed a ride home, opening the driver’s side door as this was asked, said Sgt. Dan Ruth, Sheriff’s Department spokesman. The incident occurred near the intersection of School Street and Edgewood Drive, near Riverview School.

The child said no and ran home telling his father of the incident, Ruth said.  The father called the Sheriff’s Department and a report was completed.

The child described the man as a black male, thin, no facial hair and no glasses and a tattoo on his right forearm with possible skull and cross bones.

Jon Schleusner, district administrator for Silver Lake-Salem Jt. 1 School District (Riverview School), said school officials were notified of the incident Wednesday morning by the Sheriff’s Department. The school then sent out an automated message to school families from principal Andrea Zackery that said the following:

Riverview Families,

It was reported to me by the police this morning that one of our students was approached on School Street on the way home yesterday by a black male in a vehicle (older model, white).  The student was asked if they needed a ride home.  The student said no and immediately ran home and reported the incident to his parents.  I have alerted the staff and required that each homeroom teacher have a discussion today with students about safety.  The police will also be patrolling the area before and after school.  Please reinforce safety procedures with your children.  If you have any further questions or concerns, please contact the school. — Mrs. Zackery

“The safety of our students is our primary concern and we wanted to get this information out to parents as soon as possible,” Schleusner said. “We appreciate the assistance from the Sheriff”s Department and we will have extra staff outside before and after school.”

Ruth praised the child’s reaction and offered the following general advice to parents and students walking home:

Our general advice is for children to walk to and from school with others and do exactly as this child did, run and tell a parent or teacher/responsible adult, providing a good description of the suspect and vehicle, and call the police.  Also, never get into a vehicle or go with a stranger and report anything like this immediately.”



  1. Where are the Police? says:

    It’s a shame we got rid of all our local police force who patrolled the neighborhoods and actually knew the residents. Funny how when something like this happens, saving a couple dollars a year doesn’t matter as much?

  2. Jeff Albrecht says:

    To “where are the police”: I can recall at least two incidents of child enticement when Silver Lake Police was patrolling our streets. Unfortunately there are plenty of other municipalities where these things also happen. To try to make this incident some political message is pretty sad. The Sheriff’s Deputies are just as aware of predators as SLPD was. Kids, parents, teachers and neighbors need to be on the look out for shady characters and put up another layer of protection around our kids.
    Leave the politics at home and put your energy into assisting in the protection of our kids would be a whole lot more productive than politicizing a scary incident.

  3. max says:

    Local PD is not the answer. The problem is the building of industrial parks, subdivisions, apartment buildings & the greedy politicians wanting to turn the county into Kenosha or Racine.

  4. Toney stone says:

    Hey cowboy and Bernie or is Bernard the imposter how’s that no local police department looking now? This is just the beginning but maybe Sgt punsley could patrol the school area since he’s such a man of many hats and disguise, let’s all thank the lord the child got home safe, officers kerwin and Schneider are truly missed!!!!!

  5. Sam posey says:

    Hey Jeff it’s not up to the citizens to protect the children its up to the tax paying authorities to protect the citizen what don’t you get about that notion

  6. Don't worry about it says:

    It is absolutely up to citizens to keep a watchful eye on their community. Wheather there is local law enforcement present or not. It is the duty of the members of the community to keep their eyes and ears open. Doesn’t Silverlake boast a neighborhood watch?
    As a child I once missed my bus if it had not been for a kind stranger, and knowing my phone number, who knows what would have become of me.
    This woman happened to live by the bus stop. She didn’t close her blinds and hope the local PD would come help me she took action.
    Do likewise. Stop bellyaching about what is done and gone and work together towards protecting and preserving our simple County life.
    Thank you.

  7. max says:

    Well folks I guess Sam carry’s a cop around with him 24/7. The whole when seconds matter the police are only a few minutes away fact escapes him. By the way who does not watch out for their neighbors kids?

  8. Idiocracy says:

    First off it is absolutely everybody in a communities job to look out for the children in the community! That’s one of many qualities of a great community. Silver Lake has proven to become a selfish pass the buck community! They have people who don’t want to look out for others they have people that are willing to force retirements and close departments putting there fellow neighbors out of work all while claiming attack on public sector work! If someone wants to bring up the police issue it is most certainly there right Jeff! You are not the boss of what someone can say or not say (Darren is lol). And this is absolutely a where were the police issue! As someone who actually grew up in Silver Lake and went to Riverview I rode my bike or walked to school every single day and I can’t remember one single time there wasn’t an SLPD car going up and down school street and usually a second up and down second and prosser! So I too question where was the county cops? Were they out on main St writing speeding tickets? One thing you’ve proven to be great at Jeff is deflecting any issues that may expose your personal agenda by starting a new fire in the opposite corner and making everyone look away from the real issues!

  9. Sherry says:

    Sams comment about citizens not looking out for each other is crazy! Thats what neighbors do! Most neighborhoods even have a “Watch Program”. Ideas like that are as ludacris as those who believe they dont need a gun to protect themselves and their families….wait for the police to do it. Time is of the essence!

  10. Luke Hamilton says:

    I can’t believe that people are actually trying to use this incident to score political points on a message board. These types of attempts happen every day in communities with hundreds of police officers who are stationed locally. It can happen anytime, anywhere.

    We should be thankful that this kid had the wherewithal to say “no” and to provide the police with a detailed description of this loser, instead of trying to rehash political battles which have already been emphatically decided.

  11. To Jeff Albrecht says:

    You stated, “The Sheriff’s Deputies are just as aware of predators as SLPD was”. Do you really believe two Kenosha County officers who do nothing but sit and write tickets all day long are aware of anything in this Village? Have you seen them anywhere near school in the mornings or after school when cars are flying down school street? This is a safety issue and not a political issue. But the facts are the facts. The current level of police coverage we are getting is not the same as what we had, period. It’s a shame that you would jeopardize the safety of our children just to save a couple dollars and get back at those who voted you out of office.

  12. Parent of a Riverview student says:

    I just wanted to make one comment. There are comments being made that Kenosha County is just writing tickets and that is the only thing they’re doing in this community however I do recall getting pulled over by Silver Lake PD on at least more than one occasion before my license plates got switched from Illinois to Wisconsin. Silverlake certainly knew how to write tickets as well!

  13. To Parent says:

    I agree that SLPD also wrote tickets. But u also saw them patrol the neighborhoods and talk to people. They new what was going on in the area. what we have now is basically two robots writing tickets and
    doing zero police work.

  14. Sheriff Does a Better Job says:

    Silver Lake Police never had a training program. When the Sheriff hired them all. He had to retrain them and teach them how the real world operates. Our Sheriff responses to calls in Silver Lake 24/7. They are always here. Silver Lake pays for extra coverage. Please know what you are talking about before you open your mouth and put your foot in it.

  15. Toney stone says:

    Jeff people have the right to express there opinion and this is certainly a POLICE issue and the gentleman that said he remembers a day when the police we’re down by the school when it was let out time is absolutely right about that !

  16. Sheriff does a better job for who? says:

    Sheriff Beth trained the officers on County procedures and protocol, period. Maybe when our Sheriff did all this “real world training” he could have impressed upon the county officers that children’s safety might be more important then writing tickets?

  17. Greg Galich says:

    Today the Sherriff did danger stranger all day at Riverview Grade School. This is the second time they did this this year. The person that had contact with a stranger followed what they were taught. This most likely saved them. Silver Lake police never did these programs. When the school asked them they said they were not comfortable doing them. They did do a finger printing class once. The Sherriff does a much better job. Thanks Sherriff Beth.

  18. Bernard Punsley says:

    As usual, Mr. Galich is right on the money with his assessment. The “whiners and naysayers” took advantage of this incident to once more try to “turn back the clock’.
    And while they tried to drag me into it, I am much more relieved that the young child is safe and had the fortitude to resist the abduction attempt. Thank goodness. And Bless our fine Kenosha County Sheriff Department!

  19. Poor Greggy says:

    Still can’t see the forest through all the trees Greg? I would rather have officers who payroll the streets vs having Kenosha County provide “training” .

  20. WOW! What a crazy string of comments…I used to equate this village feud to Hatfields and McCoys – it sounds more like Dumb and Dumber now…
    Kenosha Co now patrols our village – Silver Lake officer/s are part of that team – there surely were incidents of this type long before this change – Funny how the biggest complaint about SL cops was that all they did was write tickets and chase after drunks leaving the bars.
    It is disrespectful and inappropriate to make any statement that remotely puts the blame on a police force for the attempt to entice a child — Also – it IS UP TO the citizens of every town to watch out for the children. This was a 7 yr old!? Alone? Wow, great job with details about the ‘bad guy’.

    I am not saying that you have to always agree with the changes our village experiences, but at this point isn’t more productive and more helpful to lend a hand rather than slinging insults. It just sickens me when anyone disrespects law enforcement agents.

  21. Really? says:

    Please tell me which former Silver Lake Officers are patrolling Silver Lake? I’ve only seen two former Paddock Lake officers. Nobody is disrespecting law enforcement officers, just saying our Village and residents were in much better shape when we had dedicated officers who know the residents. The only one dumb or dumber is the person who calls names and talks about issues they don’t understand.

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