Citizen calls for Salem supervisor’s resignation over email remark

Salem resident Chris Skrzynecki called for Salem town Supervisor Dennis Faber to resign during citizens comments at Monday’s regular Town Board meeting.

Skrzynecki said he felt a comment Faber made in an April 15, 2105 email to other Salem Town Board members and town administrator Patrick Casey disqualified Faber from holding office.

Faber wrote:

“Thanks Dave for the heads up. I will be willing to get certified because I want to be able to use a GUN to straighten out a few people who tell lie and mistruths that P$%% me off. Better run for cover V.”

Dennis Faber

Dennis Faber

“It’s not something … I want a supervisor of my town to be able to say,” Skrzynecki said, “to threaten anyone …. I think that calls for some kind of a sanction.” He called on Faber to resign.

The email surfaced recently in a piece of anti-Faber campaign literature. Skrzynecki supplied a copy of the literature to

Faber initially said in response to Skrzynecki that he had no comment, but later added about his email statement “It’s obvious that it’s not serious.”

Skrzynecki also challenged the other board members about what they had done about the situation.

Town Chairman Diann Tesar said she and Faber did talk about the situation and that Faber met with a Kenosha County Sheriff’s deputy about the email.

“This was taken care of in my eyes and Dennis didn’t mean anything,” Tesar said.

Supervisors Dan Campion and Ted Kmiec likewise said they were satisfied with the fact that the sheriff’s department did not feel further action was needed after the discussion.

As Skrzynecki continued to challenge board members, town attorney Richard Scholze pointed out to the board that they did not have to engage in debate during citizens comments and that they should not on matters of action that have not been put on the agenda.

Skrzynecki then asked for the board to place the item on a future agenda so it could get further discussion. Scholze said agenda items are at the board’s discretion. Tesar told Skrzynecki she would let him know what was decided on his request.

One other citizen, saying she was appalled at Faber’s comment, supported Skrzynecki’s call for a resignation. Another woman, who said she has known Faber since fourth grade, said Faber has always been a kidder, that he has done a lot of good for the town and she supports him.



  1. mike says:

    Hey Skrzynecki move back to IL we don’t need your kind out in the county

  2. Patty says:

    Really this is from 1 year ago and the Board handled it correctly 1 year ago.

    Why don’t you bring some more important items to the table like the possibility of having the train crossings changed and the tax payers having to pay a small fortune to not hear the trains don’t like the noise move away from the tracks.

    In this day an age of Social Media you can’t say anything out of context

  3. Interesting says:

    I thought only silver lake had these problems and Salem was the greener pastures lol

  4. Chris Skrzynecki says:

    While its true this is a problem from last year, its new to me and I’m sure to a few others. You may recall at the meeting I asked Mr. Faber to explain this E-Mail. I offered him an opportunity to speak to it and he chose to say ” No Comment” Why would he not want to clear the air? If it was harmless than say so and explain who he was talking about and why.

    I then asked the board if they had anything to say and I was told it was handled by the Sherriff’s department. How? All that could mean is that there were no charges filed. And all that means is that they didn’t feel they could win a case, not that it was just a joke!

    So taking only the information I was given I took his statement without any explanation at face value. A threat is a threat. And it was on the town E Mail system. So this is not a personal issue, its a town issue. And as a town issue, I asked Mr. Faber to resign.

    If Mr. Faber in the future would like to explain who he was referring to, and who is “V”, I would be more that willing to listen. And if he would like to apologize to the town as a whole, I would listen. Until then, he holds no confidence from me.

    And as for other issues in the Town, I have spoken up in the past and I do have things to say about the trains and the C & 83 roundabout. One issue at a time.

    BTW I have been a resident in Salem Township for 29 years this July. When do I lose the Illinois history?

  5. Social media?? says:

    This was not a comment on Facebook. This was an e mail sent to other officials and an employee of the town. And nothing is out of context. Words mean things.
    Get a clue.

  6. kevin says:

    If this was from a year ago, why is it news now? It was hardly news then.

  7. Julie says:

    If this were a high school student they’d be charged. Seems like a double standard

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