Answers to common questions about Paris-Somers IGA

Part of the audience at Thursday's public hearing on the Somers-Paris intergovernmental agreement. This people were inside the hearing room at the Kenosha County Center in Bristol. Other seating was provided outside the room with audio fed in.

Part of the audience at Thursday’s public hearing on the Somers-Paris intergovernmental agreement. This people were inside the hearing room at the Kenosha County Center in Bristol. Other seating was provided outside the room with audio fed in.

Part of the presentation at a meeting Thursday on the Paris-Somers intergovernmental agreement on a development corridor along I-94 focused on answering common question from residents about the contract.

At a joint meeting Thursday, the Paris Town Baord and the Somers Village Board approved the IGA, which will be effective April 15. The agreement will have Paris transfer designated land in the town along I-94 into the village of Somers. Villages have easier access to some development tools, such as tax increment financing. Paris and Somers will share revenue from development in the area controlled by the agreement. A commission with representation from both municipalities will govern the development activities within the development corridor. The commission will have no tax powers. The agreement says Paris also will fund two loan pools for Somers to spur development. The agreement also has the effect of creating a permanent border for the town to the east.

Paris Plan Commission Chairman John Holloway’s comments at Thursday’s meeting regarding common questions included the following information:

  • The agreement does not change school district borders.
  • Somers does collect a municipal property tax, which Paris does not. Somers rate is currently about $5 per $1,000 of assessed value.
  • Somers will eventually provide curbside recycling and garbage collection to the newly annexed area.
  • The intent is to bring sewer and water service to the corridor. That preseumably will come from Kenosha. (City officials at Thursday meeting said that is greatly complicated by Kenosha not being a part of this agreement). However, Somers officials are committed to no forced sewer and water hook-ups in the corridor for existing residences and businesses.
  • Fire and rescue service within the corridor will remain with Paris Fire and Rescue for at least five years.
  • Existing permits will stay in place. Renewals will be done by Somers within the corridor.
  • Somers land planning is provided by Kenosha County.
  • Paris will remain part of the oversight of ongoing activity within the corridor, even though the land will be in Somers.
  • Paris will continue to to pay part of the county property taxes for current property owners within the corridor for at least 10 years. Paris does not levy a town tax and pays county taxes for all property owners.
  • Paris intends to compile and distribute information about other changes those in the corridor will face, such as voting information, who to contact with problems, etc.

Here is a copy of the final draft agreement.



  1. Perplexed in Paris says:

    Read the article again folks….Sewer and water will “presumably come from Kenosha”. PRESUMBLY?? I have to think that is a pretty big ASSUMPTION, given how the city was purposely EXCLUDED from any of the “negotiations”. I dont’ fault either Paris or Somers for not wanting to include the city in the deal, but folks, this project is DEAD in the WATER(at least the projected future tax income to be generated by development) without sewer and water. In the interim, Paris residents will continue to enjoy our “rural” community, we just have to pay Somers for that privilege. I suggest it might be time to get “back to the table”.

  2. Resident says:

    According to what was said at the meeting, Paris will continue to pay 80% of the County taxes, BUT, in the agreement it says that “If a property owner tries to amend the proposed boundary, then, they’re payment will cease immediately”. How can it be said that the Town will pay, but in the agreement it says they’ll pay unless the property owner disputes the new boundary? People in the affected area really need to read the fine print.

  3. Perplexed in Paris says:

    Well, Somers has got to be laughing all the way to the bank!!!!Read it again, folks!!!

  4. Affected Resident says:

    I believe the section you are referring to is section VII, paragraph F –

    “If, prior to the expiration of the Term of this Agreement, any Affected Owner conveys, divides, develops, changes the current use, rezones, or seeks an amendment to the comprehensive plan designation for parcel(s) in the I-94 Planning Area, all payments made by the Town under this paragraph with respect to such parcel(s), or part(s) thereof, shall cease. The Town Board shall adopt a resolution further defining the criteria for continued payments to Affected Owners under this section, as well as exceptions to the listing of triggers set forth above that will cause payments to cease”

    Based on this section, you are free to fight for a referendum, and vote to shut down the entire Paris-Somers IGA without your payment by the town ceasing.

  5. Paris Resident says:

    It came up at the public hearing, but did not get very much attention. Per the Paris Board “no resident or property owner has ever been forced to join Kenosha.” It’s a blatant attempt of fear mongering by the Boards of Paris and Somers to lead people to believe their choices are join Somers or get gobbled up by Kenosha. For those in the corridor your taxes will indeed go up by $5.06 per $1000 of assessed home value, and in ten years your county taxes with quadruple. A 400% increase in county taxes, plus a 5% increase in Village taxes will certainly have a negative impact on your property value.

    The residents of Paris deserve better than this.

  6. Perplexed in Paris says:

    So we Paris residents get to pay Somers a $1.25 million “fee” up front, provide $5 million annually as a revolving “loan”….on TOP of the municipal tax those in the “twilight zone” will have to pay to Somers. That begins as soon as the “agreement” is signed, which apparently has been done. When will the tax funds generated by the development start coming back to us? Without sewer and water, there will be no development. If the intent was to maintain our “rural indentity” and stop the city of Kenosha from “gobbling us up”, I guess we could live with this agreement. Somers is thrilled by it. Why are Paris residents not sharing their glee? The newly annexed area will be provided(eventually)with curbside garbage and recyling pickup, so they go that going for them!!!!

  7. Twilight Zone Resident says:

    Based on my $200,000 tax assessed value of my home, I will pay $1,000 to Somers this year. For $1,000, the only thing I get in return is garbage pickup. I’m not looking forward to rolling bins down 500 feet to the end of my driveway when I can just toss it my truck every 4 weeks or so. That is some expensive garbage pickup. Or is that an additional fee on my tax bill next year? Another thing I didn’t sign up for.

    For less than a $1,000 dollars a year, I could pay Advanced Disposal for a large garbage bin that they pick up every week. And I don’t even have to roll any garbage bins or worry that I will have to much garbage at Christmas time.

    Then in 10 years, what do I get for the additional $1000 in taxes when Paris stops paying my portion of the county taxes?

    Paris Board did not look out for anyone in the Twilight Zone. If Paris Board was smart, they should have looked out for the residents in the Twilight Zone as they have all the power to revoke this agreement. Did the Paris and Somers Board even calculate the cost to have no impact on the residents of the Twilight Zone as far as taxes go? I bet it is small compared to all the money Somers is getting and all the “potential” revenue. Their selfishness will end this deal. I’m ready to sign the Petition.

  8. Resident says:

    One really needs to ask – Which of the board members has family/friends in the Twilight Zone that will be benefiting from this agreement – who’s got development land for sale in the twilight zone? With the City not providing sewer or water, there really will be no development. How far has Uline developed? Paris residents will be giving “free money” to Somers for quite some time. If, as the Town Board said “no resident has ever been forced to join Kenosha”, then, why force the people in the twilight zone to join Somers? Please get an email or a website for the petition. Many people are ready to sign.

  9. Zoned out says:

    Where are all those silver lake commenters telling us this is what communities working together looks like!?!?!

  10. Nothing new in Paris says:

    Now they are going to hire a high priced attorney with the town money and without the consent of the town residents. This board thinks it can do as it pleases. Not anymore.

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