Spring Election 2016: Silver Lake trustee results

A slate of Silver Lake village trustee candidates aligned with village President Bruce Nopenz have won seats on the Village Board.

The three candidates with the highest vote totals win the three available seats.

At 9:09 p.m. with the single poll reporting, unofficial results are:

  • Daniel Withers 503 (21%).
  • Laura Francart 476 (20%).
  • Bob Raymond 474 (20%).
  • Kimberly Gerber 322 (14%).
  • Roger W. Johnson 306 (13%).
  • Eldon E. J. Johnston 281 (12%).


  1. Brian Hopkins says:

    Fantastic! Wow a landslide victory for the candidates that will continue to move Silver Lake forward!!

  2. Greg Galich says:

    The people have spoken. They like the changes that the new board has made for the Village of Silver Lake. Police, Fire and EMS. They want more and they proved it with their votes. Silver Lake is moving forward with about 80% of the people supporting the new board. The other 20% just plain don’t understand and we have to move on without them.

  3. Soon to be Salem says:

    Now we can move on with the dismantling of Silver Lake. Now have more of the ‘dissolvers’ on the board. Maybe we won’t dissolve but we will somehow become a part of Salem, village or not.
    Does anybody really think these ‘dissolvers’ want to keep our Silver Lake intact?
    If they had gotten there way this would have already been a done deal.
    Salem wants to become a village. Our board does not want to be one. At least not on our own.

  4. Bernard Punsley says:

    Time for the “whiners & naysayers” to get on board and support our new board.
    These are exciting times for our village….we’ve come a long way, and have a long ways to go, but we are making steady progress, to the delight of most, the chagrin of a few! Congratulations to our new board members.

  5. Sl Goverment says:

    This is for Soon to be Salem. You have no idea what it takes to make a community operate. You are just a whiner. Sit back and watch the new professions do their job. They will take care of you and your in interests even if you don’t support them.

  6. Some progress Bernie... says:

    Bernie and Greggy love to point to how great it is having Kenosha County patrol our Village now. I’m not sure how effective our two officers are when every time I see them they are parked next to each other talking. Today for example they sat parked next to each other from 11am until almost 1pm. Maybe there is a ton of illegal activity going on over by the park next to the railroad tracks, but I doubt it. Another example of wasting taxpayers dollars by our current “dissolve now” board.

  7. Sit back indeed SL Government says:

    Watching Bruce Nopenz and the other puppets on the board jump whenever hey are told to do so , is to good not to enjoy. I don’t know what’s better, reading Greg Galich’s posts, or listening to Albrecht, Francart, and the others gossip while eating at Scullys.

  8. SL Resident says:

    Well some progress. Look at the crime rate in Silver Lake. It is so low you could say its none. I am glad to see our PD talking with each other. They are in the Village and ready to respond. Quit your crying you lost and that is your issue.

  9. Welcome to the New Age says:

    Soon to be Salem, and Some progress Bernie. You people and your constant negitivity needs to stop. You have no ideas what’s coming. You don’t like it here, pack up and get out. You are the reasons you lost again.

  10. Crime rate? says:

    Hard to make arrest or do any real police work when all the two Kenosha County officers do is sit and write speeding tickets all day. The two officers spend almost as much time talking to each other or people at the gas station as Greg Galich. Useless.

  11. Toney stone says:

    It’s really a shame that the truth about what this village once was is being altered by an imposter named Bernard a former biker gang member and a slick Wilie from Illinois welcome to the outer limits!!!

  12. Greg Galich says:

    I am sorry you are not happy cowboy. We cant wait for you to catch up. We are moving on without you. When you grow up let me know. Then we may have an intelligent conversation. Until then keep whining. I find it entertaining.

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