Paris-Somers intergovernmental agreement seeks to set stage for I-94 development

paris-somers-iga-mapA proposed intergovernmental agreement being contemplated by Paris and Somers seeks to create an environment where development can occur along I-94 along the municipalities’ shared borders, benefiting both the town and the village, a draft version of the IGA obtained by suggests.

The agreement is substantively done, but continues to undergo refinements leading up to a public hearing on April 7, said Paris Plan Commission Chairman John Holloway. Public comment on the agreement will be received at the hearing, which will start at 7 p.m. in the hearing room of the Kenosha County Center, Highways 50 and 45 in Bristol. The location was chosen in anticipation of a large attendance, a public notice for the meeting says.

In broad terms, the agreement will have Paris transfer designated land in the town along I-94 into the village of Somers. Villages have easier access to some development tools, such as tax increment financing. Paris and Somers will share revenue from development in the area controlled by the agreement. A commission with representation from both municipalities will govern the development activities within the development corridor. The commission will have no tax powers.

The agreement says Paris will fund two loan pools:

  • “A $5 million ‘revolving loan fund’ to be utilized by the village for such lawful expenditures as the village deems appropriate and necessary.” Holloway explained (via email in response to a question from “The concept is that the money would be available for capital projects in the Village.  Some of them would be directly related to helping get utilities out to the Paris corridor – extending water mains etc. but Somers would have the flexibility to direct some of those funds to capital projects that need attention now – infrastructure maintenance and upgrades – sewer, roads etc.” The IGA includes a process for setting interest rates for this fund.
  • “The Town agrees to implement and fund a $3 million ‘zero interest loan fund’ to be utilized by the Village for (i) nonreimbursed costs incurred by the Village attributable to the 1-94 Planning Area, (ii) to be utilized when a TID that includes territory within the 1-94 Planning Area is not performing adequately to cover committed approved project costs of the TID, and/or (iii) for non-TID eligible costs arising out of the approval and implementation of this Agreement, and steps required to adequately serve the area transferred to the Village by the Town.”

Here is a copy of a current draft of the agreement, supplied by Paris. It may be further modified before the hearing, Holloway said.


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  1. Sl Goverment says:

    This is called working together for the people. This is how it should work. Great job.

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